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  1. I'm making the video in Blender. I'm a beginner, but following the tutorial, my output is: xvid, format AVI, Codec Mpeg-4 (divx) and MP3 for something or other. Those are the settings I wrote down, which worked the last time I animated the pngs (and are a little different than shown in the tutorial). As explained in the tutorial, sometimes the settings will work and later the same settings will not work. A couple of noise reducer filters in Photoshop Elements worked on one image, but PSE can't apply filters to multiple images. I'll download InfanView since I read on the home page it sup
  2. I made a video clip which has hundreds of png images with little white dots (a lighting issue). Can paint.net apply an effect or filter to a multiple files to get rid of the dots in my video?
  3. I liked doing this tutorial. I couldn't get the stem to look like I wanted. Also, I had trouble getting the shadow on the perpindicular wall right. Still, it was a learning experience, which is what I like about doing tutorials like this. Thanks for making it.
  4. Do you apply Dents to just the tail or the whole comet? I don't have some of the options in my Dents. Probably an older version. I couldn't get the crecent either. I'm a beginner so it's all a learning process. Here's my attempt.
  5. I did your tut a few months ago and I can't recall why I thought at the time it was hard to follow. But as I said, others had no problem with it. So maybe it was a day I wasn't wearing my thinking cap.
  6. As a newbie, I don't understand why threads not following forum policies are allowed to remain, albeit "locked". It's especially annoying in the Tutorial subforum. I've clicked on several headings expecting to find tutorials and discovering that major parts of the turorials are missing (images, links, etc.) rendering them pretty useless as tutorials. These tutorials are closed or locked by Pyro or somebody, but why are they still sitting there taking up space? Pyro just locked a thread I had started and had forgotten about in the Pictorium subforum. Why not attach it to my new thread or d
  7. Day Two of linking my PDN images from Photobucket: This is from a video tut fhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRlVMoB7gpo It uses a couple of plugins I'd never used before. It uses the Seamless/Texture plugin (among others) to create the effect. A lot of different techniques in this tut. The shape of the gear is from a very good tut by Madjik called A Way to Design a Gear at getpaint.net. I learned a lot from this tut. The metal finish is from a tut Make Some Gears/Cogs by WelshBlue at getpaint.net. I made four different gears based on Madjik's tut. After I finish the other 3 images, I'
  8. I just noticed today your reply. Thanks for the explanation. When I try another one, I'll have to try using a transparent gradient, although I'm not sure exactly where it should be applied.
  9. Abstract Art? Sorry, I just discovered that it was Abstract Art you locked. I'm still trying to make sense of how all this works.
  10. Thanks Helen. The tut's author, Sargon (aka Yellowman?), had some very interesting steps to produce the flower. And that's what I particularly liked about the tut. I'm trying to learn PDN by doing tuts, but it's been slow-going.
  11. Anyway, I'm pretty confused as to how this image posting works here. But what the heck...I think I'll include the original descriptions of PDN images that I wrote and saved on Photobucket.com. I'll leave out images that I already posted in the tutorial section if I can recall. I'm always looking for new, good tutorials to do and learn from. Any recommendations would be welcome. They were getting scarce, so I started doing Photoshop Elements tutorials. I won't post those images here, though. Ella's tut Glass Text With Filling at forums.getpaint.net. Once I read in one of the posts you
  12. I didn't see the squareness of the flower until you pointed it out. The one in the tut is squarish too. I still like it, though.
  13. It's been a few months since I've done any PDN tuts. But I just did a great YouTube PDN tut " ." (The author wasn't listed.) I plan to post to this thread the images I make following other PDN tuts I do. I may go through my older Photobucket PDN images and post them here too if I can figure out how to do it. Although not perfect, I'm glad I was able to follow this tut.
  14. I followed your directions about the hue change, but although the results were an improvement, it still was not that good. Then I followed your directions again, but applied the black Drop Shadow before the white Drop Shadow. I like this result much better. Maybe I just prefer a black shadow over a white one. I wondered what would happen if I skipped your directions about the hue change but just applied the black Drop Shadow before the white one. Not good. Gray circles around the stones. Anyway, thanks for the tip about the hue change.
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