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  1. emmm... link 2 font is broken but i rly want to make this ~~pitos9~~
  2. wicked. this is what i got ~pitos9~
  3. what can i say... top form as ever madjik! im off school sick atm and stuff like this really cheers me up! this is what i got
  4. W00t 50th Post i am reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy angry when kids at school are big "Family friendly forum snip" also, spammers and stuff that mods are annoyed at im angry at too
  5. here is my try constructive critisism welcome
  6. here are a load of my sigs i dont really like making avatars i like my kermit one! i could use this as my avatar... ----> thats it any question about em feel free to ask
  7. @phrentic some AA (antialias) or feathering on the border will be a great improvement as it is a little rough
  8. Wicked! i love it cos its original!
  9. pitos9


    hey guys i love your sunset ash- i mde this for my mum and she absolutely loved it!
  10. HERES MY TRY... im a noob btw lol check my posts =P <--------- [imghttp]
  11. i think i got it acualy, change edge beaviour to wrap =P soz im new to this stuff see 3rd post =P
  12. i just wanted to know what the settings are for the new jitter the option i have are max. distance min. distance width spacing angle edge behaviour antialias( tick or no tick) who can help me? i believe i ahve the newestversion of paint.net and jitter
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