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  1. Hey guys! Pitos here! I made this topic to ask if any of you talented folk out there could make me a cool couple of pictures? Like a background, a midground and a forground, and then one put together? I have an account on youtube, ps3pitos, and i wanted to make an intro to my gaming videos... something cool, and suave, preferably green and black! i will do the rest in vegas pro 9! thanks a lot, ~~Pitos~~
  2. emmm... link 2 font is broken but i rly want to make this ~~pitos9~~
  3. keep up the good work mate! also i like how u rip-protected ur images by putting the rippers suck, and no rip pl0x, etc. ~pitos9~
  4. wicked. this is what i got ~pitos9~
  5. lfc4eva: 9/10 10/10 if u made from scratch i love the calming horizon theme that you have. however... LIVERPOOL SUCKS! GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED! hehe anyway here r my sigs so far. and my current sig!! ~pitos9~
  6. what can i say... top form as ever madjik! im off school sick atm and stuff like this really cheers me up! this is what i got
  7. kinda lets see your try and i'll tell ya how to
  8. W00t 50th Post i am reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy angry when kids at school are big "Family friendly forum snip" also, spammers and stuff that mods are annoyed at im angry at too
  9. Goodbye Mike I will miss you and im sure im saying this on behalf of all players *salutes*
  10. lastest creation Gemstone-thanks Ash! time of creation-11:35 AM GMT+0
  11. @Helen thanks, do you want a tutorial? im not doing clickable sizes because i know how people are and if they are small they will just get the general amount and not the full quality! if i put it small, then people won't look at it as much
  12. here are a load of my sigs i dont really like making avatars i like my kermit one! i could use this as my avatar... ----> thats it any question about em feel free to ask
  13. lastest one- time of creation Muppets! 12th september 23:42 pm GMT+0
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