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  1. Hey Red Ochre! I feel it is my duty to thank you for creating this Blur. I'm a beginner in graphics design and digital art and I wanted to make something for my girlfriend. Bottom line being that, it wouldn't have been possible without your help. While the picture can sure use a lot more work, I don't really know how to go about it. Hopefully Ill get better with time. However, until then, this is my art and thank you for your massive contribution to making this possible. Link to the full image
  2. Hey Ash! This is from 2019, and I must say that your tutorial has certainly helped a Beginning Graphics Designer like make his art. Or at least the Grass in it. I tried the same technique for the Wolf and the Bunny, but it didn't work out as I had hoped for it to. So I simply went ahead and used Red Ochre's Fur Blue Instead. It isn't as realistic as yours but it was giving me better results with my limited knowledge of rendering realistic stuff. Link to the Image
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