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Textures/Patterns: Make hair/fur/grass.(Easy)


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I love it how you leave us with an unfinished product; something far from being either grass or fur.


Ahem.....Texture/Pattern tut?? :idea:

Can you explain how you make the tiger ore some other figures

Use the patches of fur you now have after finishing the tut, and just piece whatever animal you want together.

This is, after all a tut on making the textures, not "how to draw a tiger" :lol:

Everyone should try making something different with the texture, not everyone drawing a tiger.

Like the Grass in the 1st post ^^^^^.


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lol That's awsome Topezia :D

Thanks Maugan Ra :D but I still got a lot to learn! yours is neat too, it is full of colours and different textures and patterns and some of them resemble wool threads!

Anyhow this is a fantastic tutorial for people like me where you can learn a lot on how to make different textures, patterns etc.


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Changed the eyes. They're not that good, but I think it's better than the other pic.

Now it looks all sad :cry:


Just wanted to let you know that I could kill to make an hedgehog like yours :mrgreen: !

Thanks :) Must admit it was much luck that it turned out as it did, as I had no clue about what i was making in the beginning. I just kind of went with it.

I like your pic too :) It made me smile :lol:

Continue experimenting and making stuff. you're headed the right direction :wink:

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I dont know if some one has said this already so please forgive me if they have. :oops: But if you set the edge behaviour to clamp adn add eyes you can get an owl looking thing. Even more animals+. :mrgreen:

"Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity." -Michaul Gelb

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