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Scratch Art Style in Paint.NET


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

BoltBait proposed the idea for creating a picture in Scratch Art style.


Let's try. Open any image.



Apply the Pencil Sketch effect (Effects -> Artistic -> Pencil Sketch).



Invert the image (keys Ctrl+Shift+I) and apply the Eliminate Dark/Light effect (Effects-> Color-> Eliminate Dark/Light).



Add new layer (Layer 2) and move it down. Fill this layer by yellow color. Set the blending mode to Darken for the Background layer. Merge both layers.



And we are done! Try to apply the Radial Prism effect for this image (Effects-> Color-> Radial Prism)




and enjoy the result!


Also see: Scratch Art effect.

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2 minutes ago, Eli said:

... instead of Radial Prism I used the colors from the original picture which I modified with median noise effect and increasing the saturation.


Interesting idea worth thinking about it. Thanks for sharing.

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This is a very interesting technique, ReMake!






The first one is a windows wallpaper.  The second is one of my own photos of Frank Lloyd Wright's house 'Fallingwater' here in Pennsylvania.

Frank's house may be a bit 'too busy' though.


I used 'Conditional Hue/Saturation' effect for my coloring.  The Radial Prism wasn't working for me.


Thank you!   :pizza:   :beer:    :)

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4 hours ago, Seerose said:

Thank you so much for sharing your work.


2 minutes ago, Pixey said:

Very nice @Remake...


Eli, lynxster4, barbieq25, Seerose, and Pixey! Thanks for your kind words and your works.


8 minutes ago, Pixey said:

... and what lovely results from everyone


Yes, it is wonderful!

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This looks awesome! Thank you for sharing your brain trust. All of you!

I'm back from a time shift break and just updated to 4.1.6    I'm sure it's under by nose but can't find " (Effects-> Color-> Radial Prism)"  Can you help please and thank you! 

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