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    Living a good life. Unwinding half a turn. Outdoor stuff and unfolding a more creative life.
    After 8 years we moved back to the awesome Pacific Northwest. Grateful for our blessings


    Whisicalel designs for adventurous spirits.

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  1. For this very simple only design graphic artist want to be ... This may be the BEST every present. I am so jazzed to watch the introduction a bit and such. Blown away. I know so many of you put in lots of time and brain trust around here and I am forever very grateful. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Now back to trying to finish a Xmas present ahhh New Year present for a dear one!
  2. Thank you ...rings a bell. Now to refresh my non geek memory from 2014 to add a plug in. Just found a you tube video on it. whew. Thank you so much!
  3. This looks awesome! Thank you for sharing your brain trust. All of you! I'm back from a time shift break and just updated to 4.1.6 I'm sure it's under by nose but can't find " (Effects-> Color-> Radial Prism)" Can you help please and thank you!
  4. Yeah got it added and it took 1 min instead hours and hours from a much earlier time. Thank you!
  5. Just back after a long absense from the forum and a break from working on new pdn stuff. Good news my holiday sales from things I started a year ago did surprising well. trying to find the donation link... :) hmmm can someone send me it. thx

  6. These sound like a good idea. I can;t believe I waited this long to ask. grrrr to me. Yeah to you! Thank you!!
  7. I make simple drawing then I outline them. Say a kayaker that has black lines running through it here and there. When I change the internal colors > "shift" "paint bucket" I always get left over pixel pollution along the edge with the old color. Is there any tricks that would prevent this or make it easy to fix? Is there a name for this issue? I have downloaded a number of plug ins (thank you) that I am slowly learning to use. I tried to search through the forum for others with this same issue ... but haven't located a answer and it's driving me nuts! Thank you for your help and pat
  8. I spent a long time finding that darn little check box too. This is an awesome plug in THANK YOUUUUUUUUU
  9. dpy ~ you are amazing! Thank you so much for this amazing plugin! The info you provided on how to use it gave me the help I needed especially after I read the word "clockwise". Each baby step I take feels like a miracle! Oh joy whoo whoo! Blessings, Marie
  10. So if you might sell your design than there can be copyright issues? Thanks
  11. It's probably here somewhere but I wasn't able to find it. I am so grateful for the braintrust here... I am currently trying to get up to speed on brushes... are there any copyright issues to be aware of when I use all your amazing brushes? Cheers!
  12. Thanks so much for this amazing plug in! It feels like a miracle ~ (actually it is a miracle) I did it!! The brushes are working now I just need to learn how to use them. Thank you so much for making the CustomMini and helping us all get it installed. Whew... .
  13. Now that's a GREAT Idea! I just did it...made the short cut and dragged in into my paint.net tool bar icon. Very nice indeed!
  14. Thanks for the thought. I have been doing that but sometimes have a brain hiccup and manage to end up working on a smaller sized old-habit image.
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