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  1. I made a Korean version: As you may have noticed, I didn't do steps 25 to 31 because I didn't know how to align the bevel shading. Some help would be appreciated.
  2. I'm sure there's no need to click Apply.
  3. I'm sure that's just the same texture, but with a different colour.
  4. I'm surprised at how much you like wood, considering your name is Woodsy. Edit: Nice tut, by the way!
  5. The video has some immensely subtle Creepypasta vibes
  6. They don't call you "Woodsy" for nothing.
  7. I don't mean the colors of the layers and/or the background, I mean the primary and secondary colors
  8. So do I keep the green and black colors for the Halftone effect or is that just for Seismograph?
  9. I'd like to know why the embossed layer should be set to Overlay. The whole text there is pure grey so it'll just be completely transparent.
  10. I noticed that first. I think I could do with a Darken version...
  11. I'm sorry, dude. It just uses a Lighten blend mode. Don't get angry, I'm trying to be nice.
  12. Oh, I spelled "default" wrong on the first image too! D'oh!
  13. I have recently created another plugin called "Glitterific"! It adds a lovely glittery effect to your picture. Below is an example to show what the plugin looks like: Below is the plugin GUI: "Translucent to Solid" determines how see-through or opaque the glitter is; in other words, it controls the noise intensity. "Vividness" controls the saturation of the glitter's color. "Glue Ratio" is just another word I made up for "Coverage". (I've been trying to give some unique fancy names to the noise settings, don't give me the look!) It determines how much glitter there is stuck to the picture. Here are more examples using the plugin at different settings: (Oops, I spelled "default" wrong! Sorry about that) Download the plugin here: Glitterific.zip Let's see what you think of my plugin - I think it's pretty neat, huh?
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