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  1. Sakana Oji

    Glitterific Plugin

    I'm sorry, dude. It just uses a Lighten blend mode. Don't get angry, I'm trying to be nice.
  2. Sakana Oji

    Glitterific Plugin

    Oh, I spelled "default" wrong on the first image too! D'oh!
  3. Sakana Oji

    Glitterific Plugin

    I have recently created another plugin called "Glitterific"! It adds a lovely glittery effect to your picture. Below is an example to show what the plugin looks like: Below is the plugin GUI: "Translucent to Solid" determines how see-through or opaque the glitter is; in other words, it controls the noise intensity. "Vividness" controls the saturation of the glitter's color. "Glue Ratio" is just another word I made up for "Coverage". (I've been trying to give some unique fancy names to the noise settings, don't give me the look!) It determines how much glitter there is stuck to the picture. Here are more examples using the plugin at different settings: (Oops, I spelled "default" wrong! Sorry about that) Download the plugin here: Let's see what you think of my plugin - I think it's pretty neat, huh?
  4. Sakana Oji

    Night Vision Text Effect

    Thank you for reviving this!
  5. Sakana Oji

    Night Vision Text Effect

    I know, but it doesn't have any pictures, even though it's written well. I just wanted to know if someone could rewrite it, please?
  6. Sakana Oji

    Night Vision Text Effect

    Not sure if this is better than the original or not, but there may need to be a tutorial on it... ; )
  7. Sakana Oji

    Starry image with glassy text

    Here is my try using a font I created on FontStruct: You can download my font here:
  8. Sakana Oji

    Starry image with glassy text

    Thank you so much guys!
  9. Sakana Oji

    Storm / Vortex Tutorial (recreated)

    You think you could rewrite this Night Vision Text tutorial, complete with brand new screenshots?
  10. Sakana Oji

    Plugin development by Sakana Oji

    Okay, none taken
  11. Sakana Oji

    Plugin development by Sakana Oji

    Okay here's my real actual code that I first worked on (not recreated): // Name: Crayon // Submenu: Artistic // Author: Sakana Oji // Title: Crayon // Desc: Gives the image a crayon effect // Keywords: crayon artistic // URL: // Help: #region UICode DoubleSliderControl Amount1 = 3; // [0,10] Thickness DoubleSliderControl Amount2 = 0; // [0,200] Minimum Scatter Radius IntSliderControl Amount3 = 2; // [1,8] Quality IntSliderControl Amount4=1; // [1,5] Radius IntSliderControl Amount5=10; // [0,100] Percentile #endregion // Here is the main render loop function void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { // Setup for calling the Frosted Glass effect FrostedGlassEffect frostedEffect = new FrostedGlassEffect(); PropertyCollection frostedProps; // Call the Frosted Glass function frostedEffect.Render(new Rectangle[1] { rect }, 0, 1); // Adjust median MedianEffect medianEffect = new MedianEffect(); PropertyCollection medianProps = medianEffect.CreatePropertyCollection(); PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken medianParameters = new PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken(medianProps); medianParameters.SetPropertyValue(MedianEffect.PropertyNames.Radius, Amount4); medianParameters.SetPropertyValue(MedianEffect.PropertyNames.Percentile, Amount5); medianEffect.SetRenderInfo(medianParameters, new RenderArgs(dst), new RenderArgs(dst)); // Call the Median function medianEffect.Render(new Rectangle[1] {rect},0,1); }
  12. Sakana Oji

    LiteBrite(TM) Effect

    What if one needed to decrease or increase the grid size?
  13. Sakana Oji


    Dead download link
  14. Sakana Oji

    Air Bubble Stained Glass

    Okay thanks
  15. Sakana Oji

    Scratch Art Style in Paint.NET

    Okay, but why the background?