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  1. I'm sure there's no need to click Apply.
  2. How would you feel if it had crossed your mind that I made a Milhouse picture while someone else made a Bart picture?
  3. How would someone obtain Liquify for v3.36?
  4. Sakana Oji

    Wooden Barrel

    I'm sure that's just the same texture, but with a different colour.
  5. Sakana Oji

    Wooden Barrel

    I'm surprised at how much you like wood, considering your name is Woodsy. Edit: Nice tut, by the way!
  6. I want to install Rainbow palette, but it's not installing, no matter what I do.😢
  7. Created PDF version: Cross Stitch Text and Canvas.pdf
  8. Nevermind, it just needs some time to work. It's all fine
  9. I tried to use G'Mic but the whole program froze and did nothing. What?!