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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I just whipped something up

And just to say. If you answer to MY post, please quote :D. I dunno why, but quoting helps me see who's talking to whom.



Sig by CommanderSozo. Kiss him. Now. :D

*The above post is not to be taken seriously. The above post contains sarcasm, and if you were offended by the above post, it is purely coincidental

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If you use PdN, don't click this.

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You should google image search for Harrison Ford & Indiana Jones.

When trying to draw a real person.

Just looking at 1 pic is not enough, sometimes some part of the face is not showing correctly, not clear...etc.

Looking at more pic will allow you to understand that person's face much more.

Since you don't have the real Harrison Ford modeling for ya :P

Good luck.


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to give you all an idea of the type of grid I use. and I do not copy or trace a series of boxes onto the screen I do the same as the rest of you I look at the picture and draw it with the line curves tool.

3119174252.jpg click able.

very nice oma, that would be appectalbe in the contest, i want to apologize if you thought i was accusing you of tracing, i wants trying to, i jusgt was talking in general


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  1. [*:26g5qcn4]Started working on the Basic Contest
    [*:26g5qcn4]Uninstalled all my plugins to avoid accidental usage
    [*:26g5qcn4]Got bored with winter
    [*:26g5qcn4]Made this instead


That's pretty cool wither!

If you can create that without plugins, how good must you be at redoing that image with plugins?!

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require some input at standstill

this is how my picture is at the moment.

the face seems to me to be as long as the original inspiration piece up in the top left corner


and when I look at other pictures of Harrison Ford his face looks shorter.

this is a start of reworking that face it will require aditional shading to correct to shorter version but before I go further

which do you all think is better suited for original inspiration picture


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oma: I think you have the length just right, the top left picture, the one you are trying to imitate, is correct; the other photographs of Harrison Ford look a little out of proportion.


See? A lengthy face, not as short as the others you have. Keep to the Indiana Jones reference and you'll be fine. Looking great so far, by the way.

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