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  1. http://tinyurl.com/yc4c356
  2. Well-written...completely different way to create it versus the diamond plate tutorial which used to be on here (I believe it was cjmcguiness who made the other) His was easier to line up, positive of that, but without having david.atwell reinstate the other tutorial, I couldn't remember how the process went. Do you have the tutorial images in jpg form instead of png? with this stupid dsl service I've got now, it was taking too long to load
  3. have you ever tried the Clouds plugin by Sepcot? http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2105 IMHO, this produces a much more realistic looking cloud
  4. Relative newbie to Paint.net, so hope someone can help me - apologies if I'm being really stupid too. I can manage fine with this tut up the first point above. Following the tutorial to the letter, it says to create a new layer, and then use the magic wand in global mode to select the text. When I do this, it selects the whole layer rather than just the text. Should I reselect the text layer before doing this? (presumably by highlighting that layer in the layers box). Presumably the next stage of drawing the ellipse should be on the new layer I created? When I try step 4, even if selecting
  5. .need the help A.S.A.P like it says...click duplicate layer button :DuplicateLayer: then make sure the top of the two layers is selected, so the layer is highlighted in blue in the layers window
  6. Using the image from the tutorial and running it through This website looks like it's Frankfurter font
  7. Using the image from the tutorial and running it through This website looks like it's Frankfurter font
  8. Without knowing what software you used to create the animation, it's hard to give you an intelligent answer. If you are using UnFREEz, in the bottom right of the interface you should see "Frame delay"...if you increase the number beside it it will increase the amount of time each frame is displayed.
  9. I finally got a bit of time to try this one out...pretty fun little tutorial. The clouds settings were too over the top for my taste, so I changed the clouds settings as well as using height field to normal mapping instead of the edge detect. Then pasted it over some cropped water photo, et voilĂ , it's a spring thaw
  10. First, you'd have to find a fairly large image of the shield, since you can scale an image down without distorting it too much, however scaling it up distorts it quite a bit... Then, I'd make several copies of the shield image and use image> resize (by percentage) to scale them down...up to you how much, but for a smooth looking zoom in/out, I'd set it at 95%, then 90%, then 85%, and so forth until it's as small as you want it to get. Save each sized shield as a separate image. Open up your background, then create a new layer, and paste a shield on that layer, and merge it down. Then sa
  11. I think it's been done a few times in the past, but since the legacy tutorials are going bye-bye soon, that's not an issue. But I also think: The glossy layer you add almost completely negates any effect you get from the transparent gradient You should tell them to use filled shape :ShapeBoth: for the ellipse, otherwise they'll get just an ellipse :ShapeOutline: instead I think you should explain to select the text layer and globally select outside their text, otherwise it won't select inside the letters if needed I think the Curves, adjustment to all white and then invert colors was u
  12. magnetic lasso isn't much better, just faster best way would be to use an alpha mask...but if you really want to spend the money and use Photoshop, then go right ahead
  13. i think it is clear from above description. try to practice it.... This topic is over 2 years old...the person you replied to hasn't logged in for a very long time
  14. The sparkles plugin works great, not sure what problem you're having as "the sparkle plugin doesnt work.." doesn't say much about what type of problem you're having. if you create a new layer and place white dots on it (the smaller, the better for sizing...even white pencil works great), then run the plugin and try the different settings based on whether you want flares or flakes, random sizes or not, number of vertices, etc. to get shooting stars, set the number of flake vertices to 1 Check out the post dedicated to the sparkles plugin, and about 10 replies downward, he lists the settings
  15. Don't assume others are wrong just because you haven't experimented long enough... You can use either plugin to get the same effect, if you know what you're doing.
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