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  1. Nice ncfan! Sometime it feels that way does'nt it! Maybe a little paint by numbers would help him out as well! Not much time taken with this one at all...maybe 5 minutes but I could'nt resisit havin fun with my doggie daisy! original The Devil Dog!
  2. First off forgive me if this has been asked but I could not find a post about it and I also did not see anything about this in the freq requests...but I was wondering if there are plans to make or if there is a plugin for having more than four control points for the line tool? The reason I ask is because I use the line tool more than any other tool there is in paint.net for car graphics and what not and having only four controll ponits increases the amount of time spent making your lines. For instance making flames requires you to have to use multiple layers using both the line tool and the ci
  3. If you click the youtube link in my first post it will show you in ripoffshop...err photoshop what I am trying to accomplish. It's around the 2min 10 sec mark.
  4. Here in lies the problem...using another program I can access a channel dialog box that lets me view the active and inactive alpha channels. I can't seem to do this in paint.net or don't know how to. I have to turn on an alpha channel that is by default off. So first step would be how do I access the hidden alpha channels in paint.net or is this not possible?
  5. Have it...The issue is not that I can't open it...I don't know how to alter the alpha channel
  6. The eaisest way for me to explain to you the help I am looking for is this...I am using a template for a sim-racing game that there is a alpha channel that I need to access. The template is a multilayered .psd. Here is a link...Thank you very much if you actually take the time to watch it because it will explain it way more than I can. - Basically the "paint" schemes are comming out way to shiny and I need to alter the alpha channel so that it will remove this affect. I just don't know how to accomplish this with paint.net and or if I even can? Thank You for any help you can offer me!
  7. great...so other than that it looks good? I just want somthing that is not going to lag, will run what I want, and is a point-click-open without the 10 sec wait I have now on my 6 year old machine that has started having over-heating issues and has system dumps all the time.
  8. groovy! Like I said..I am computer dumb..so When I was first interested I asked a few guys and one person mention what you did and said that I would need the 64 bit os to utilize all the ram...is 64 bit os compatibale with paint.net?
  9. I was told that was true of a 32 bit os but that it would be different for a 64 bit os....this is not true?
  10. The computer will only be used for 3 games, Nascar Racing 2003 Season, Arca Sim Racing and RFactor as well as it will only be used for creating the paint schemes via paint.net and school work (MSword) but what is a slave drive and why do you think HD space will be an issue?
  11. I need to know if these specs look good? I have said it before and I am saying it again, I am not computer savy, but it was time to upgrade to somthing that will handle my on-line sim racing needs. Any feedback would be great. The operating system is Windows XP 64bit - not vista because of too many compatibility problems with the games I run. I was told it might be a little overboard, but that does not bother me in the least. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz FSB 1066, 2x4MB Quad Core CPU 8GB DDR II 667 Memory 240 Pin (Kingston) ASUS P5N-E SLI nVidia 650i Motherboard
  12. thank you for the explanation......so when is 4.0 coming out?...lol or would anyone care to loan me 10 g's so I can buy me one of them top-o-the-line dells that go for about 14 g's? nah...j/k...I pretty much got it figured to open the file in gimp (booooo) and then remove all the layers that I don't need, merge the ones I don't need to edit, re-save as a different .psd, open in paint.net and then have my way with it. But thank you again for all your help, this was driving me batty.
  13. probably about 30-40 layers. I don't have this issue when the file is 1024x1024 in size...it takes about 30 seconds to load and may drag a little when I throw a command at it and reduce the number of layers but that was before I upgraded to 1GB of ram, so I have a feeling that this has something to do with the programming itself...because I hate to be a traitor here, because I prefer paint.net to any other imaging/painting program I have, but gimp opens it with no problems or issues and opens the 2048x2048 image with all the layers in about 5 seconds. I know that the programming in Paint.net i
  14. So I have upgraded to 1 GB of ram and I am still getting the same message? any suggestions?
  15. one more...resident evil style original shows too much.
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