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  1. I have a star next to my tut on the icon thing... What does that mean?
  2. Hello, I am a total newbie so don't hate me for asking but.... Is it possible to make a plugin that allowes you to make an animation I was thinking something like if you made a seperate image on each layer and then kinda flattened it like a flipbook kinda... And yes I know about UnFreez and Gif animator, but it would be cool to do it on p.n because you could edit your images instantly if you find something you dont like, plus I hate those animators because they tick me off.... Also could it be for 3-d animations? Like modeling and that stuff
  3. well... I am a total n00b and im not really good but here are 2 things I made. I used the Shape 3-d tut for the eye to make this I was just messing around with pdn after looking at the clouded glass tut
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