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  1. I think this is a debate? But I can't find any debate zone in the search . I was having a survey at my school asking the same question to 20 students and here are the results Atheist President: 4 President: 16 Who would you vote?
  2. http://azurithil.deviantart.com/art/Simple-World-78101170 the colors for the background were made with the airbrush method
  3. Very well written. Steps are easy to follow and it has a nice finish. Can't wait to try this
  4. *still looking at stopwatch waiting to be commented on my fractal*
  5. Post in here how you got your username. Got my username by randomizing some names in World of Warcraft, Azor came up, then I changed it to Azurithil. Fear Azurithil, Female Blood Elf Paladinzorz! :3
  6. Cloverfield ALSO 10/10 I liked the whole movie here and there but as they say, I got motion sickness watching that movie The Eye remake 10/10 Movie was marvelous. It was scary enough to close me eyes and cover my ears.
  7. Does anyone know what effect/tool should I use to make an image of a fat person into a very thin person?
  8. can you please make a pixel art of this stick figure? Please make sure it has a purple shirt
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