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  1. I think this is a debate? But I can't find any debate zone in the search . I was having a survey at my school asking the same question to 20 students and here are the results Atheist President: 4 President: 16 Who would you vote?
  2. http://azurithil.deviantart.com/art/Simple-World-78101170 the colors for the background were made with the airbrush method
  3. Very well written. Steps are easy to follow and it has a nice finish. Can't wait to try this
  4. *still looking at stopwatch waiting to be commented on my fractal*
  5. Post in here how you got your username. Got my username by randomizing some names in World of Warcraft, Azor came up, then I changed it to Azurithil. Fear Azurithil, Female Blood Elf Paladinzorz! :3
  6. Cloverfield ALSO 10/10 I liked the whole movie here and there but as they say, I got motion sickness watching that movie The Eye remake 10/10 Movie was marvelous. It was scary enough to close me eyes and cover my ears.
  7. Does anyone know what effect/tool should I use to make an image of a fat person into a very thin person?
  8. can you please make a pixel art of this stick figure? Please make sure it has a purple shirt
  9. 100% Paint.net. Polar inversion = win used a pre rendered fractal
  10. I got the basic shape from Chaoscope. Then I edited it with Paint.net (smoothening, twist, colours)
  11. Colors were Red and Blue only. So it naturally blended to make purple except the core. the Black and White function made this artwork great
  12. I'm gonna create another fractal art. First time using Chaoscope with Paint.net XD
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