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  1. Happy Birthday , Vista? , i love your creations

  2. I remember watching CNN in the hotel room I was whilst on holiday, it looked really bad and we soon left so I couldn't manage to find out the full extent of the damage although it seems New Zealanders were very lucky that no one was seriously hurt. It feels nice to be home again although to have only one day to rest after a holiday and then return to school is awkward although on the plus side, for once, my school starts at the later time of 11AM.
  3. Can you make a tut for your signature and avatar?

  4. Perhaps my best desktop yet: The visual style is the beautiful Baltimore VS Rainmeter is used and the config file set used is the brilliant Omnimo 2 + Bonus Pack
  5. @Welcome to the forums D3T0N4T0R (I'm sure I've seen you post before the time of that post) In other news, I'm going to get another free router to trial.
  6. When compared with the likes of Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape is as fast as an F1 car on my computer if you know what I mean! One day, I will get a new, faster computer...
  7. It's not the kind of sig you see everyday but it's certainly unique, I'll give you that. I like the design of the telephone box, that's a job nicely done and teh text isn't too bad although personally I'd prefer the drop shadow to be bit "lighter." To conclude, different but nonetheless, quite nice. 8/10
  8. A small step for mankind, a big step for me as I finally get Rainmeter working in a way I like and to top it all of, no desktop icons, the first of the quick launch icons is my replacement and when clicked, it will open my Desktop from Windows Explorer.
  9. I think it's time to update the homepage in some manner - it does look a bit "dry" in terms of design in my opinion. One could also argue that an updated homepage design gives the impression that there is always work being done on this software.
  10. One year's worth of Chemistry work, two exams worth of learning (one of which I did in May) - all gone. My Chemistry exercise book has been "misplaced" by my teacher because I was absent in the lesson he was returning our books from marking and I wasn't there (I was on some leadership course) so he put it somewhere he doesn't know either. That's just splendid.
  11. You mean someone actually kept a transcript of what was said between Hitler and the other men at the time?
  12. On the topic of craziness, I've just found a rather amusing Opera advert(?) which likens Hitler to Google Chrome. It is rather funny and it is family friendly. http://www.youtube.c...player_embedded
  13. Nice, big and shiny! Simple but it get's the point across in a rather elegant manner in my opinion. 8.5/10
  14. @j.d. There's only 21 days till schools out for 6 weeks for my school! Halfway through any holiday, my mum always does get a bit mad, perhaps it's due to us annoying her all the time. Apart from the academic year drawing to a close, I've also got barely any homework to do now and it's emerged that I could be promoted from middle set to top set science. If this were to happen, I'd be pretty "chuffed" with myself. It wasn't too long ago that I was moved from middle to top in Maths. It hasn't been easy and there are moments where I actually wish I didn't even bother revising for my Maths exam (I usually never did) and I only just got promoted by the skin of my teeth if teeth had skin. That being said, I have a great teacher for Maths now!
  15. This just made me laugh, a bunch of robbers who miscalulcated how much explosives they needed and ended up blowing up an entire bank in Germany!
  16. I see that there is no modern foreign language taken for GCSE. Nearly every French lesson, there's always somebody moaning about how they have to do a foreign language. For us, it was a choice between French or Mandarin (or for others French and German) although you could take on an additional language such as Italian or Spanish although you would have to start from scratch. Also, on our options form, there was the choice for Latin and it turns out that only 3 people in the entire year group selected Latin. At the very least, 6 were needed to make it a viable course so I'll let you guess what happened to those 3 who chose Latin.
  17. Having just filled in my options form, I had to decide between Additional Science (continue the core science with chapters 3 and 4) however that would mean picking 3 additional subjects for GCSE. I chose Triple Science B meaning that I would only need to choose 2 other subjects for GCSE. I chose AS Computing and GCSE Economics if you were wondering. Having read the "documentation" in the options booklet, as far as coursework is concerned, we have to Science In The News reports in all three sciences (essentially writing an essay on a question and stimulus material provided by OCR). As far as I'm aware, these will be done in class. The second part of our non-exam marked work is the "Can-Do Tasks" in which essentially all we have to do is carry out practicals. Whilst I'm not sure, I think we do the SITN in class rather than an exam hall. That's what we have done with the Chapter 1 SITNs. I don't really see why there would be so many questions on practicals aspects in Chapter 7 for an exam, that does seem rather difficult - does Science A feature any can do tasks or SITN? As for the mandatory GCSE courses, I'm having to French, Maths, English, RE, DT - Graphics (started already with an awful teacher) and I've done my IT ECDL.
  18. Is it really that bad? Usually, I got the higher marks in the Chemistry section of past Science exam papers. My Biology was weak and that could make me fall short of a few marks away from an A*. (You need 45-ish to get an A*) If it makes any difference, I'm doing OCR Science B.
  19. I just completed my first ever actual GCSE exam today on Science, I've got another in January before I finish this set. After this, I'll be studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics for separate exams. Based on my results on past papers, I'm hopeful of achieving an A* but I suppose now, all I can do is set the countdown for 27 August at 10 AM for my results. It feels so good to have such an immense weight off my shoulders! My other "piece of happiness:" A new home screen to fiddle about with on my Nokia 5530. Bless those modders.
  20. I just received free Gmail stickers from Google today!
  21. @Weylin: Very well done to you there! To some it may be regarded as sad but I've just got a copy of a 9 minute BBC News countdown remix. Second on my list, I can't wait for the final of Ashes to Ashes!
  22. You're right - it's horrible but for me, for a moment it's the fact that this has took British politics to a place where it hasn't gone before in over 3 decades. Yes, the indecisiveness will wreck Parliament, but just for a moment, it's truly fascinating to see what the current state of politics is in the hung parliamentary form. Also, the Electoral Commission are having to defend their actions after some were denied from voting and if what I heard was correct, a polling station in Liverpool ran out of ballot paper! That and the fact that allegedly a 14 year old went and voted undetected until now makes this a very exciting Election for me.
  23. Wow, things have got more intense as the Lib Dems who lost numerous seats are now left to decide whether to join forces with the Conservatives or if that fails, Labour, where Gordon Brown mentions electoral reform. This just gets more and more exciting!
  24. Bank Holiday Monday - No school which means no PE! That being said, PE isn't bad in the Spring but the weather right now isn't very Spring like.
  25. I like it - that's a very good paper texture you've got there and the overall concept of the sig is pretty good. It reminds me of the Word Clouds I've seen on Wordle. 9/10
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