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Cuboids - new (21/3/2015)

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I hadn't written it earlier! :lol:


Trying to make an image for that comp convinced me that this was worth writing! - I'm glad it was not available for the comp though, as there are some excellent imaginative entries with a more classically cubist look.


Thanks for posting the image too ;)


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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After a member posted a question on how to produce dot-like photos, it suddenly dawned on me that this fantastic plugin can produce some cool dot-like or grid-like results. Here come my very first tries together with a few procedures I followed.


For the following pic I duplicate the layer and set the blend mode to Multiply, then run Cuboids twice on the higher layer at defaults, except for Face opacity set to 255 and Number of cuboids set to 4582:




And for the next image I duplicate the layer and set the blend mode to Color Burn, then run Cuboids only once on the higher layer at defaults, except for Face opacity set to 0 and Number of cuboids also set to 4582 like before:




Those are the settings I liked best for the dark photo above, but then I wanted to try something like glazed tiles on a lightly colored photo and here's what I got after a somewhat longer procedure that resulted in moderately beveled tiles (if anyone is interested I can provide the steps in detail):




The possibilities are endless and fun to play with if we consider the variability of results after trying different settings, playing with blend modes, and maybe adding further effects here and there (the experienced Paint.NET user won't need this comment, but I say it in case a newbie takes a peek and wants to play with this effect :)).


This is the first time I thank you for one of your plugins, Red. Super many thanks, Red! You're too good at being good! Laie_82.gif

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