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    Making 3D Abstract Metal Art

    Making 3D Abstract Metal Art . Chromium Steel The Lords of Metal, Required Plugins TR's Third Dimension ,Martin Osieka's Parallel Lines and Patterns and TR's IntensityWarp Public domain Time Square image Music by TechnoRobbo
  2. TechnoRobbo's SplineMaster ver. 1.4.2+ Free-form (Cardinal) Splines. Draw on an image, on empty layer or use an image as a guide. Menu: Effects->Render The Tutorial Part I - The Basics (best watched full-screen) Music by TechnoRobbo The Tutorial Part II - Advanced Topics (best watched full-screen) Music by TechnoRobbo The Tutorial Part III - Mask Transparency (best watched full-screen) Updates 1.4.2 includes a Auto-Add Mode check box - uncheck it to avoid accidently adding a node while trying to move a node v1.4.1+ adjusted for tablets and different DPI V1.3.4 Minor Change - Replaced rotation instruction that was missing Version 1.3.3 adds Mask transparency Version 1.3.1 fixes Cloning Version 1.3.0 - Save , Load and Edit Groups of Spline. Version 1.1.1 saves settings in between uses during a a session. Version 1.1.0 [Line Caps (arrows etc.) Line styles (Dashes & Dots) Opacity (transparency backwards.) OK Button applies current spline fixes "delete background" that I mucked up with last change.] Version 1.0.3 Fixed the Undo Bug Version 1.0.1 & 1.0.2 -color picker lets you edit existing color Checkbox (Closed & Filled) functionality adjusted (Thanks Red Ochre) Nicole Nicole2 Not Nicole The VS Source Code The Plugin
  3. TechnoRobbo's Monolithic (3D Text Generator) Version 1.0.5 Special thanks to the Dwarf Horde for their advice and support Version 1.0.5 Bug fixes and optimizations Version 1.0.4+ Removes the need to press the Enter Key to affect a change in the number boxes Version 1.0.3+ adds some code to avoid a potential crash version 1.0.2+ improves anti-aliasing Menu: Effects -> Text Formations Instructional Video
  4. TechnoRobbo

    PixelCounter 2

    A Book Folding Plug-in Menu: Effects->Object This plugin is for folding books into decorative designs. This is not an image effect. It generates an Excel Spreadsheet for Book Folding These Links may explain
  5. TR's Scatter Plugin A Directional Pixel Scattering filter designed to work with Layers and Transparency. Menu: Effects->Noise Version 1.3 Expanded Features Features include - longer spread distance - up to 10 layers of particles. Here's a simple tutorial on YouTube: The Code Hidden Content: // Submenu: Noise // Name: TR's Scatter // Title: TR's Scatter - v1.3 // Author: TechnoRobbo // URL: http://www.technorobbo #region UICode int Amount1 = 50; // [10,1000] Distance double Amount2 = 45; // [-180,180] Direction int Amount3 = 10; // [1,20] Spread double Amount4 = 50; // [0,100] Threshold int Amount5 = 1; // [1,20] Layers byte Amount6 = 0; // [255] Re-Generate #endregion void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { dst.CopySurface(src,rect.Location,rect); double spread = Amount3 * Math.PI /180; double direction = Amount2 * Math.PI /180; double distance = Amount1; Random rndm = new Random((int)Guid.NewGuid().GetHashCode()); ColorBgra CP; double tmp; double tmp2; for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { for (int i=0;i<Amount5;i++){ tmp= rndm.NextDouble() * spread + direction; tmp2=Math.Pow(rndm.NextDouble(),4) * distance; double nx = x + -Math.Cos(tmp) * tmp2; double ny = y + Math.Sin(tmp) * tmp2; CP = src.GetBilinearSampleClamped((float)nx,(float)ny); HsvColor hsv = HsvColor.FromColor(CP.ToColor()); if (hsv.Value > Amount4 && CP.A > 0){ dst[x,y] = CP; } } } } } TRs
  6. TechnoRobbo's Dodge and Burn (Adjustment Brush) DPI at V 1.4.0+ A Photo Retouching Tool This is a Plugin that was requested by Pratyush This simulates the classic photographic printing effect and adds a color aspect. It has plenty of "undo's" but a simple interface. Use Left Click to Apply and Right Click to Move around. Brush Designs , Blur and Sharpen suggestion by Eli. Full Screen and others suggested by Red Ochre Deasuration suggested by racerx Color Blend , Luminosity, Saturation and Contrast suggested by Pratyush Version 1.4.0+ includes changes by AnthonyScoffler Fix: removed pre-multiplying of alpha channel in output image Easier to read color button CTRL+Z for undo Hold Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to change the brush size Take a bow Anthony! Hidden Content: Version 1.3.28++ Bug Fix Custom Brush Version 1.3.23 - Turning off Shade Lock takes on new settings Version 1.3.22 - Each Shader retains it's individual Exposure & Intensity Settings Version 1.3.20 - ShadeLock is now persistent Version 1.3.18+ tested to 192 DPI 1920 x 1080 Version 1.3.17+ Fixes Luminosity and Add Mouse Wheel Control Version 1.3.15+ ColorBlend and Luminosity Modes suggested by Pratyush Version 1.3.14+ New Brush Designs by Eli, Enhanced Zoom (Zoom Out) Version 1.3.13+ adds a Contrast brush, fixes Red & Blue Checkbox switch Version 1.3.12+ Streamlines the Panning Version 1.3.11+ LockShade bug fix Version 1.3.10+ applies Color Checkbox to All Modes Version 1.3.9+ Hue Rotation + Preview v 1.3.8+ adds Saturation (and an Alpha Channel bug fix) v 1.3.7+ adds Desaturation Version 1.3.5+ Stippling, ClipBoard for Bachground Reference,Double-Click on Title to see menu. Version 1.3.4+ Opens to full screen Version 1.3.3+ Fixes a clamping issue at Left Border Version 1.3.2+ adds Blur and Sharpen Version 1.2.1 Zoom feature and Shade Lock Version 1.1.2+ fixes Hard Brush Version 1.1.1+ Different Brush patterns - Load a custom brush Menu: Effects->Photo
  7. TechnoRobbo's Contour Filler V1.5.2 A gradient fill plugin that follows the contour of the Alpha Channel Make sure to deselect before using. Larger images take longer to render. Choose from smooth (zero slices) and stepped gradient Version 1.5.2 minor code cleanup Version 1.5.1 My apologies uploaded wrong version Version 1.5 has a smoothing component and new high speed code. Version 1.1 Updated for 4.0 Menu: Effects -> Color Text Demo Quick Example on you Tube music by TechnoRobbo CHAPLIN Bogey1 The VS Source Code The Plug-In
  8. TechnoRobbo's Custom Palette Matcher v1.0.5 Conforms your image colors to your custom palette by finding the nearest color match. Version 1.0.5 Fixes Crash When No Palette Directory Exists Version 1.0.4 Browser system lets you sample palettes quickly. Version 1.03 add instant preview and interpolate option Update Version 1.0.2 Shows Transparency correctly in Palette Preview. Update Version 1.0.1 Allows manually created palettes(with errors) to be parsed and used. Manually created palettes should be loaded into PDN then saved again to correct the format. TR's Custom Palette Matcher will warn you of a bad palette but will try it's best to uses what it's given.. Menu: Effects->Color Video includes palettes posted by artists on this forum topic Video Tutorial : New Browser The VS Source Code The Plugin
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    ShapeMaker Tutorials

    ShapeMaker Tutorial Part I ShapeMaker Tutorial Part II
  10. TechnoRobbo

    TR's HDR-ish

    TechnoRobbo's HDR-ish HDR style results - smooths out the transitions between light and dark. makes a dull picture less dull PDN 3.5 compatible (updated) Menu: Effects->Colors The Codelab Code Hidden Content: // Submenu: Color // Name: TR's HDR-ish // Title: TR's HDR-ish- v1.0 // Author: TechnoRobbo // URL: http://www.technorobbo #region UICode int Amount1 = 2; // [1,5] Intensity double Amount2 = 0; // [0,20] High Limit #endregion void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { ColorBgra CP; int tmp =0; for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { double accum = 0; double divider = 0; for (int i = 1 - Amount1 ;i <Amount1; i++) { for (int j = 1 - Amount1 ;j <Amount1; j++) { CP = src.GetBilinearSampleClamped(x + j,y + i); HsvColor hsv = HsvColor.FromColor(CP.ToColor()); accum += hsv.Value; divider++; } } CP = src[x,y]; HsvColor hsv2 = HsvColor.FromColor(CP.ToColor()); divider += Amount2; divider = (divider <= 1) ? 1 : divider; double newV = accum / divider; newV -= (1-hsv2.Value); newV = (newV < 0) ? 0 : (newV > 100) ? 100: newV; hsv2 = new HsvColor(hsv2.Hue,hsv2.Saturation,(int)newV); ColorBgra NP = ColorBgra.FromColor(hsv2.ToColor()); dst[x,y] = NP; } } }
  11. MODERATORS NOTE: this plugin has been superseded by a newer version: TechnoRobbo's DistortThis! V2.7.5+ This is a distortion plugin (duh). Version 2.7.0+ adds manual value input and Persistent Data during session. Version 2.6.6 Adds X & Y Symmetry Option (Suggested by Pratyush) Version 2.6.5 Updated Render routine - to avoid potential issues Version 2.6.3 adds more control to Forced Perspective Version 2.6.2 -better preview. - select work area to distort. - better forced perspective Hidden Content: Version 2.5.3 Faster Version 2.5.1 will work with selections Version 2.5.0 Larger interface -Click and Drag Handles - single pixel accuracy Version 2.2 release fixes the full frame bug - allows more free form shapes Version 2.0 for PDN 4.0 Alpha Transparency for Concave Shapes also Faster - Streamlined Hit-Test Algorithm Controls default to Full Screen and Transparency Version 1.5 adds AlphaTransparency to Convex Shapes Version 1.7 allows you to create accurate perspective distortion Normally DistortThis! warps images as if your pulling stretching then corners. When Perspective is on the image is distorted as if it were 3D!!!! Menu: Effects->Distort The controls: V2.6.3 Forced Perspective Forced Perspective works by assuming that the short edge of the target polygon is closer to the vanishing point and the longer edge is closer to the viewer. Sometimes this may not be the case so 2.6.3 introduces the ability to adjust the amount of forced perspective to compensate.. Photo by Dan Petreikis http://commons.wikim..._Stoplights.JPG V 2.5.0 New Interface Video Music by TechnoRobbo The old instructions at you tube: AlphaTransparency Setting the Checkbox adds Alpha Transparency to any shape. Youtube Instructions for Alpha Transparency: Perspective How it works: Distort This! is a texture mapping algorithm that takes a quadrilateral created by the control sliders, subdivides it into polygons, and use a cross product algorithm to find their relative area. The results are used to UV map the image. The VS Source Code for Programmer The Plug-In v2.7.5 (bug-fix release by @toe_head2001) (v2.7.5)
  12. TechnoRobbo's Edge Fader Extreme v 5.3.5 (Now called TR's EFX in the menu) I set out to write the fastest, most accurate edge fader out there. It is not a selection tool - it feathers the alpha inwards from the edges. (do not use with a selection) Check out the code! Learn how to increase the speed of your plugins. 5.3.5 Address Small Image Bug 5.1.0 Fade Curves - Plugin Browser Compatible Hidden Content: 5.07 Fixes aspect ratio on preview 5.0.6 diminishes border 5.0.5 Works on very large images 5.0.4 reduced memory usage by 4X 5.0.3 - unbelieveably fast 5.0.1 - 4 Times Faster 5.0.0 Same Algorithm - New Interface with Preview Thumbnail. 4.52 Updated for 4.0 4.51 Finer Edges 4.4 Speed, Real Speed 4.3 Edges refined preview turned back 4.2 Enhancement - Adjusts for pre-existing alpha. 4.1 Bug Fix - Large Pictures Selections with no Alpha cause crash. - fixed. 4.0 Re-write - The Need for Speed forced me to write new code to work around the ROI. 3.0 Bug Fix - New Menu -Faster - Adapts to existing Alpha Channel - Resolution Control for Higher Rezimages 2.1 Bug Fix - Streamlined Code More 2.0 Bug Fix - Faster Code 1.4 Bug Fix - Small artifact left at Bottom of selection eliminated. 1.3 Bug Fix - Small artifact left at Top of selection eliminated. Menu: Effects -> Object ->TR's EFX Fade Curves YouTube Tutorial C2ShiningC The VS Source Code The Plugin
  13. TechnoRobbo's Paste Frame V1.3.20+ Uses a clipboard image to frame your picture Based on a request from Member @Eli PDN 3.5 Compatible v1.3.20+ math fix v1.3.10+ Greater Adjustment - Smooth Offset v1.3.9+ Some Eli inspired changes (expanded range,Solid Tiling) v1.3.8+ adds offset from edge v1.3.7+ Introduces alignment options Hidden Content: v1.3.6+ Region Bug fix v1.3.5+ Border width bug fixed v1.3.0.+ add selection contouring v1.2.2+ fixes a Re-entrant Token bug. v1.2.1+ fixes artifact in PDN 3.5 Version 1.2.0.+ wrapping control and load a frame file as well as clipboard V1.1 corrects symmetry Menu : Effects -> Selection A few tips When using copy disable antialising selection Paste to it's own image and copy again to avoid any fringing The frame image continuity works best if the frame size and the image have a common divisor 800X600 works great with 10,50,100 Select the graphic at the targetted corner point - in this example, from middle of the heart to the middle of the heart Example of proper alignment (Click to view) Example of common divisor (Click to view) . . VS Source Code for Programmers Only Plugin
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    TR's Paste Warp

    TechnoRobbo's Paste Warp Warps the images into the contour of random selection. It's based on a requests from Skullbonz, Ratty Redemption and refined with great suggestions from Red Ochre. Menu Effect -> Selection If your image has Alpha use my "TR's Copy with Alpha" plugin and PasteWarp into image. Plasma Wall Using TR's Plasmatics and TR's EFX - pastwarped into new layer Music by TechnoRobbo and Dirty Dan VS Source Code for Programmers Plugin (3.5 Compatible)
  15. TechnoRobbo's Custom Random Filler (AKA Custom Shape Filler) (This one was a request) Fills your image with a png in varying sizes and rotation V1.5.1 has a surrender mode In regular mode it will not place an image that does not fit the settings but it will make 10000 attempts per image clone to try fit the image. In Surrender Mode if the plugin is required use settings that limit it's options for image placement it will make 3000 attempts then surrender and place the image in a random location. v1.5.0.+ New "No Overlap" option Hidden Content: v 1.4.7 sort by size for depth effect v 1.4.5 Ability to use SpriteSheets v1.4.3 boxes manually input parameters v1.4.1 Constrain to Selection Progress Bar Plugin Browser Compatible v1.3 fixes selection region bug V1.2 Rotation Limits and Truly random distribution V1.1 - shadows Menu: Effect ->Render Sprite Sheets VS Source Code for Programmers Hidden Content:
  16. TechnoRobbo's PanoPDN Panoramic Viewer Menu: Effects- > Photo This plugin converts equirectangular images into a texture map and renders them in direct3d. Download images Equirectangular images are also known as spherical images spherical projections plate carree 360X180 Panorama Equirectangular Projection Search under those names. Equirectangular Images can be downloaded on Google Images or here Or Create Your Own If you want to create your own panoramics download Microsoft ICE http://research.micr...groups/ivm/ice/ It will stitch multiple photos into a spherical panoramic. music by TechnoRobbo image by Alexandre Duret-Lutz *I'm sorry it is not known as Mercator Projection Only images with 2:1 aspect ratios are processed. If it's a true Spherical image but it's been stretched then resize it to 2:1 The higher the resolution the better tested up at 12000X6000 pixels Install the TRsPanoPDN & TRPANOVIEW Plugin in Effects folder If the viewer does not start , It may be necessary to update your Direct-X Source Code for Programmers converter: viewer:
  17. TechnoRobbo's Plugin Pak Download Click on the Plugin Title to go to the Original Posting TRs Displacement Map 3D TR's ZigZag TR's Tesla Coil Plugin TR's Star Filter (Glamour Shot Filter) TR's Scatter Plugin v1.0 TR's Cloud Control Plugin V1.2 Tessellation Combo V2.0 Noise Bleacher Line Tracer Plugin Layer Cake Plugin Full Spectrum Posterizer Plugin Fish Eye Plugin Distort This! - Plugin CMY Ghost and Cycle HSV TR's Halftone Plugin TR's Colorizer HMS Plugin TR's Tiled Pixels TR's Edge Fader Extreme (EFX) TR's Pixel Sharpener Plugin TR's B&W Photo TR's Bokeh Plugin TR's Pixel Pusher TR's Tilt-Shift Plugin TR's Contour Filler TR's Coquin Graduated Filter TR's Strobe Motion Plugin TR's Str8Edge Tool TR's Film Stock Plugin TR's Alpha Cutter - Making Masks Easier TR's Smudger TR's Pixel Puller TR's DoodleMatic TR's FreeWarp TR's SplineMaster TR's PseudoSnap TR's FireWorks TR's Custom Palette Matcher TR's Kaboom TR's Fuego (Fire Maker) TR's Reverse Fisheye TR's PanoPDN - Panoramic Viewer TR's Drum Skin TR's SphereCuber - Spherical View to Cube View Converter TR's KlumpNoiz TR's Plasmatics TR's Paste Warp TR's Glass Vignette TR's SelfEeZ WebCam Capture TR's Strange Attractors TR's TreeMaker TR's Color Reducer v1.0 TR's FilmStrip TR's Intensity Warp TR's Alpha Mapper TR's Export Selection (No Image) TR's Custom Random Filler(CRF) TR's Intense Filtration TR's Third Dimension TR's Paste Frame - custom frame maker TR's Snow Flake Maker TR's Brush Strokes TR's Color Wave TR's Filaments TR's iPollock TR's Radial Extruder TR's Croquis TR's Portrait Retoucher TR's KeyFrame TR's Dodge and Burn TR's Quick Outliner TR's Morpher v1.0 TR's Monolithic TechnoRobbo's Plugin Pak Download
  18. TechnoRobbo's Alpha Cutter V 3.0.4 with Auto EdgeFollower Need an easier way to make a mask? Well this plugin's for you. Update Log ------------------------------------------------------------ Menu: Effects->Object YouTube Tutorial Music byTechnoRobbo Island Bogey The VS Source Code for Programmers The Plugin
  19. These are Images created with my plugins TR's Morpher Examples from my new plugin Memorial , Melting Tiger Hidden Koala , vortex Soft Kitty , Horsing Around , Wet Stacked , Mona Liz , Selena Swift Anime Kiss , Haunted Hallway , Kit2Cat TR's Shape Pack SubAtomic Hardline Flower String Theory Chromium Steel The Lords of Metal, The Landing Pod Life Urban Inevitable Stay Gold PonyBoy Puzzles Flight on the Edge of Twilight Square Circle Hazy and Fuzzy Moon Shadow Moon Flower The Day the Earth Pooped in It's Pants (or Invaders from the Clown Universe) EZ Bake . Knights of Muybridge Tidal Wave Chroma Ripple Cinammon Desert The Uncanny Valley NASA Can U Hear Me? Asteroid Field in the Clown Universe Blood Rain Sparky This is not a Tree Pixey's Advice Exploring Intensity Warp Techno-Color Yawn Strange A Unleashed Demolous Plasma Wall Bye Bye Earthlings RayMillandia Count Tony Amsterdam Willkommen Time Flies Replic-Ants Eye on Mona Twisted Sister All Seeing Eye Death Ghetto Horse Ball Just Gelling Ice Ice Baby Distort This! 3 Skulls Some Dude Some Dudes Freedom Spreads Scatter Brain I'm Getting Nauseous Valley of the Gods A Lady's Wrath Eye See Dots More Mila Vertigo Vegas Baby! C2ShiningC Orwell Perth at Night Vanishing Point Chaplin Jabba the Hat [/b] Let's Blow Stuff Up 2 Genie Techno The Menagerie Calor Autumn Tiger Tiger
  20. Find the most recent version here: ShapeMaker SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Shapes Lines and Curves for PDN 4.0.6 + Version 1.2.3+ Fix for HDPI Zoom and UI scaling Change Log Hidden Content: Version 1.2.1+ adds Fix for Circle Macro Crash Version 1.2.1+ adds Updated Manuals New Grid for easier alignment. Cubic Spline Macro Button Close Individual Path & Close Contiguous Paths 2 new WYSIWYG handle markers: Triangle marker for contiguous lines link Box marker for Paths closure Path List prefixes: "Z" and "MZ" indications for Close Path Node (nub) and Path count in Status Bar 4X & 8X Zoom bug fixes (Special Thanks to Rick Brewster for the cubic spline code based on the works of Oleg V. Polikarpotchkin) Version 1.0.6+ adds 4X Zoom and more ToolTips Version 1.0.5+ Fixes Smooth Quadratic Bug Version 1.0.3+ HDPI Updated - Special Thanks to Midora for helping with the testing. The Dwarf Horde Rob Tauler (TechnoRobbo) - Code Lead, Design John Robbins (Red Ochre) - Graphics Lead, Design Scott Stringer (Ego Eram Reputo) - Documentation Lead, Design David Issel (BoltBait) - Beta Testing, Design Foreword The ShapeMaker plugin is a tool which facilitates the creation of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Shapes, Lines and Curves. The tool itself uses a WYSIWYG interface where Lines, Curves and entire Paths can be created and manipulated using just the mouse. Knowledge of the complex SVG structure is not required. ShapeMaker will create all that complex stuff for you and generate the Shape, code, or a complete reusable file. Why did we write this plugin? We wanted to create an easy-to-use click-and-drag interface which could create custom Shapes that itself could reuse via the new Shapes tool. That's right. 4.0.6+ allows the user to add their own Shapes to the Shapes tool set. Not only can ShapeMaker Shapes be reused, the valid SVG generated can be pasted into HTML documents for modern browsers to render. We hope you like ShapeMaker! Video Tutorials
  21. TechnoRobbo's Color Reducer (and palette maker) v1.0.2 Scale down the color count in your image. Greatly reduce file sizes. Use the selection to limit the area modified, If reduced to less than 1000 Colors you can edit the color table. If 96 colors or less you can save a Custom Palette!!! Menu: Effect -> Color version 1.02 small UI fix version 1.01 includes brightness control and preview for Plugin Browser Plugin was originally written to reduce the size of the help file in The Plugin Browser. The Plugin The VS Source Code for Programmers
  22. MODERATORS NOTE: this plugin has been superseded by a newer version: The Plugin Browser by The Dwarf Horde Rob Tauler, John Robbins, David Issel & Scott Stringer aka TechnoRobbo, Red Ochre, BoltBait and Ego Eram Reputo Version 1.0.4.+ The Plugin Browser plugin was designed to make plugins easier to locate and identify, especially when a large collection of plugins is installed. The Plugin Browser plugin does this by allowing the User to search alphabetically by plugin name, keyword(s), author or menu location. Included in these searches are the Plugin Title and Description. Once you find a plugin, you can run it right from inside of the Plugin Browser. Plugin Browser plugin gives the User the ability to Bookmark their favorite plugins and add their comments to bookmarked plugins so they can identify it and make notes about its use. As well as being a search tool, the Plugin Browser is capable of displaying an embedded image which we call the Preview Image. The idea of the Preview Image is to give the User a visual clue to the plugin’s function. In most cases the Preview Image will be an example of the effect or adjustment. The Plugin Browser will also suggest plugins that you don't have but may want to download. Once a month the Plugin Browser connects to the forum and downloads a copy of the Plugin Index. This file is used to match keyword searches against plugins by parsing the plugin descriptions from the Index. You will receive a prompt before the download goes ahead. Menu: Effects The Plugin Browser Plugin Plugin Browser User Guide Plugin Browser Visual Studio & CodeLab Tutorial for programmers Update History Hidden Content: v 1.0.3.+ Adjusted for Visual Styles v 1.0.2.+ Fixes New Year Bug preventing new Plugin Index data from being downloaded
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    PixelCounter 2

    can you post the image you are trying to process? sorry it took so long to respond - I've been very busy
  24. TechnoRobbo

    PixelCounter 2

    Pixelcounter converts images to csv file that can be opened with excel. It can't open an excel