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  1. Great tut! My example isn't as nice as yours, but it's a start..........
  2. No harm carrying it out another week or so, I like the diversity of the entrants. The more, the merrier. Bummer that Pixey ain't here though...............
  3. I made this Flag animation video tut. It is all done in PDN: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/32480-flag-animation/ I tend to make tutorial on complex things that many have a hard time following.
  4. Some forums I've posted on require you to wait a day or two before posting. I assume this is to stop spammers, they tend to be inpatient.
  5. Outstanding work Lydia. The double flames on the candles look especially cool. Here is a simple B-day gif.
  6. OK, let me start by saying that I really do appreciate and like your PDN plugins very much. I also have tested a few "Content aware resize filters" in various programs, to be truthful, I'm not sold on the merits of this type of filter. This one is a real head scratcher though. Is it not possible to just enter a horizontal and vertical resize dimension and be done with it?
  7. Pixey I hope your leave is just temporary, this forum will have a huge loss without you and your talent. What ever you choose, I wish you all the best.
  8. Here's a simple shot sequence animation of some pics I shot the other day.
  9. A cute doggie like that needs to have his tail waging........
  10. That was F'n cool. I liked it so much, I downloaded the 1080p version. It reminds me of a "Myth Buster's" episode where they were able to levitate a car using a very large speaker and a heavy base beat. It proves everything we see and hear is governed by light and sound waves.
  11. Very well done Lynx. With so many talented people like you making shapes, It really ups the creativity power of the general PDN user.
  12. Cool!!!! The 1st one reminds me of a time porthole from the original Dr Who way back when.........
  13. One thing I noticed is that everyone was thin back then. Today most people are over-weight. Times have changed, but not for the better............. I also remember wearing a hippie vest like that bongo player had, only it was brown in color. Those were the days.
  14. Wait a minute, this shape wasn't created with ShapeMaker. It uses a different format that ShapeMaker can't load. How did you make this shape?
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