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  1. OK, I have looked across all of the off-topic threads and can't find any such entry regarding what members on here do for a living outside of pdn. I'm a tube (underground) train driver for TFL (London)
  2. I'm still in the too young for a vaccine age group yet, but I do get racial abuse as been accused as one of those that -started it in Wuhan - Despite being from Japan and not China, the ignorance of racists never fails to stagger me.
  3. Is the clue not in the wording ? Christian IS a religion.
  4. SOTW#194 Christian Symbolism ? When did religion enter a competition? I am Shinto faith and would never think of using my (or anyone's) faith as a topic for a competition, would Islam or Judaism be accepted as comp themes ? I think not! I don't really care what the host or the person who thought of the topic thinks, Symbolism of any kind is religion. This comp is now seriously running out of ideas and to use religion as a topic is really low.
  5. Aw thanks guys, very kind of you (out of reps, will call back)
  6. First effect given was - List of Palettes -
  7. This plugin should be pinned. Great fun, thank you for this, here's my try.
  8. Nice new works Pixey. Great adaptations from PS to pdn. Very glossy too I hope the storm is not too severe for you
  9. SOTW is now every two weeks due to a low turn out, some folk even enter two sigs to top it up, paint job contest soon faded into history, logo / banner challenge went the same way, even sig battles and image battles are long drawn out comps now. Always good to have new ideas for competitions, all you need is members to actually enter and support it on a regular basis
  10. This looks very interesting Pixey. Thank you for making the tute
  11. Well done MJW. Great entries also from the runners up and fellow third placers. Nice entries all round. Thank you Drew for your hosting work.
  12. So when does the award show commence ? I have hired a limo and a sparkly dress for the occasion.
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