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Found 3 results

  1. ::keywords::gear|cog|pulley|sprocket|chainwheel|nut|washer|wheel|bearing|involute|teeth ::Menu::Effects/Iterative lines ::Original release date:: 22nd of August 2014 ::Author:: Red ochre (John Robbins) ::dll name:: Gears An easy way to render a wide variety of gear and wheel shapes. Works well with 'clipwarp' - simply use 'overblur' on the gear object created and copy a metallic image to the clipboard then run clipwarp. Two examples below (with rotate/zoom & Pyro's 'Trail' added too). Red ochre v10 plugin pack Enjoy! -
  2. ::keywords::Crystals|pyramids|extrude ::Menu::Effects/Iterative lines ::Original release date:: 4th October 2014 ::Author:: Red ochre (John Robbins) helped by TechnoRobbo (Rob Tauler) ::dll name:: Facet Should work on both Pdn3.5.11 and Pdn4.0.3+ Facet turns an image into various crystal/pyramid like shapes. Hopefully the images below explain better! Now in my pack:Red ochre v10 plugin pack Many thanks to TechnoRobbo for his help getting this one to work correctly. Please post any images you create using it, in this thread. I'd love to see what you can all come up with!
  3. Helix Draws a range of helical, and spiral shapes with many choices of shapes and colours. keywords: helix, spiral, D.N.A, screwthread, twist, spiral staircase, dwarves. I have taken the liberty of creating a new menu name for this. It is found under Effects/Iterative lines. (I intend to update 'Slinky' to the same menu name and also some others in a similar style). The User interface is quite large but on my screen (1440 by 900 pix) it can easily be resized to fit without needing to scroll. I have removed some control titles to make the U.I. smaller - but it should still be clear what they do. The effect makes everything other than the helix transparent, so best use on a new layer each time. The colour option 'from source image' uses that layer's colours - so try running it on a duplicated layer for best results. (Thanks Technorobbo for help with 'paths'). Helix is in my latest plugin pack here: Red ochre plugin pack 10 Below are some examples, enjoy!