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Found 10 results

  1. ::keywords::Cubes|cubism|extrude|cuboid|3D|buildings|perspective|isometric|oblique|box|frame ::Menu::Effects/Iterative lines ::Original release date::21st March 2015 ::Author::Red ochre (John Robbins) ::dll name:: Cuboids Works on Pdn 3.5.11 and should work on Pdn4+ 'Cuboids' - you can get an ointment for them! A counterpart to 'Facets', turns an image into rectangular areas with added depth. The effect is adjustable between simple pixelating and one point perspective images resembling tower blocks. With the nadir control at the edge of its range it can produce isometric or
  2. keywords: Fractal,Tree,Plant,Flower,Branching,Lsystem Dryad - (it's a tree 'spirit' from Greek mythology ) Creates a variety of tree-like branching patterns. Found under: Effects/ Iterative lines A new version is in my plugin pack here Red ochre v10 plugin pack Note that some sliders do different things for positive and negative values. If using the randomness slider do keep clicking the Reseed button till you get something you like. (I used Null54's example code for Furblur as a template - thanks again! ) (If active plugin writers would like V
  3. TechnoRobbo's Filaments A Simulation of Time Lapse of Writing with Light. TR's Strange Attractors captured chaos theory algorithm's in a motion. TR's Filaments attempts to do the same but in a user controlled fashion. Results can be blended into and existing image or used as a solid compositional element. Version 1.0.15+ includes Color Themes A fragmentation slider (from Super Fine/ slow renders to Coarse/ faster Renders) A Re-Draw button to restart a render after you push Stop and make changes to Color Mix. Also some minor bug fixes. [hide][/hide] Version1.0.13+ Preview (
  4. ::keywords::gear|cog|pulley|sprocket|chainwheel|nut|washer|wheel|bearing|involute|teeth ::Menu::Effects/Iterative lines ::Original release date:: 22nd of August 2014 ::Author:: Red ochre (John Robbins) ::dll name:: Gears An easy way to render a wide variety of gear and wheel shapes. Works well with 'clipwarp' - simply use 'overblur' on the gear object created and copy a metallic image to the clipboard then run clipwarp. Two examples below (with rotate/zoom & Pyro's 'Trail' added too). Red ochre v10 plugin pack Enjoy! -
  5. ::keywords::Crystals|pyramids|extrude ::Menu::Effects/Iterative lines ::Original release date:: 4th October 2014 ::Author:: Red ochre (John Robbins) helped by TechnoRobbo (Rob Tauler) ::dll name:: Facet Should work on both Pdn3.5.11 and Pdn4.0.3+ http://i.imgur.com/nEfemXJ.png Facet turns an image into various crystal/pyramid like shapes. Hopefully the images below explain better! Now in my pack:Red ochre v10 plugin pack Many thanks to TechnoRobbo for his help getting this one to work correctly. Please post any images you create using it, in this thread. I'd love to s
  6. Helix Draws a range of helical, and spiral shapes with many choices of shapes and colours. keywords: helix, spiral, D.N.A, screwthread, twist, spiral staircase, dwarves. I have taken the liberty of creating a new menu name for this. It is found under Effects/Iterative lines. (I intend to update 'Slinky' to the same menu name and also some others in a similar style). The User interface is quite large but on my screen (1440 by 900 pix) it can easily be resized to fit without needing to scroll. I have removed some control titles to make the U.I. smaller - but it should still be c
  7. ::keywords::edges|shading|halo|gossamer|cobwebs|outlines ::Menu::Effects/Iterative lines ::Original release date:: 10th of February 2015 ::Author:: Red ochre (John Robbins) ::dll name:: Gossamer Works on both Pdn 3.5.11 (old) & Pdn 4.0.5(current). Firstly, thank you to my fellow dwarves, TechnoRobbo and Ego Eram Reputo, for their help testing and useful suggestions. This effect works in two stages. Step 1: shows the 'edge' pixels it has found as red dots on a black background. Step 2: Draws lines from one edge pixel to another, with a choice of distance, colour and op
  8. TechnoRobbo's TreeMaker This plugin came out of a conversation between Red Ochre and myself on different approaches of the algorithm that could be used on Red Ochre's Dryad. This was an example I offered up and I was not going to publish it since Dryad did the job in a much more creative way. Red urged me to post it,since it presented the users with an alternative. So here it is. Update v1.0.3 increased adjustment range Update v1.0.2 Thicker base for realism Menu: Effects -> Iterative Lines The Plugin TRsTreeMaker.zip The VS Source
  9. Name: MultiSpline Description: Draws close spaced splines randomly or from the source image. Menu: Effects/Iterative lines Original release date: 20th June 2015, first update 16th July 2015 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) .dll name: MultiSpline Compatibilty: tested on Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn 4+ This can render a range of 'splines' (a smooth curve through points) using either random displacement or the layer image's tone. I am attaching some examples of things it can make below. I have only just started exploring what it can can do, so please do post any images of what you can
  10. Technorobbo's iPollock Abstract Art Generator inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock Version 1.0.3.+ New Drizzle v Solid Slider Version 1.0.2.+ has 3 types off objects Drips Drizzles and Solids (more Pollockosity) Version 1.0.1.+ More realistic drizzles Menu : Effects -> Iterative lines Quote See, it's a word. Special Thanks to my fellow Dwarf Horde (Red Ochre and Ego Eram Reputo) for their assistance TRsIPollock.zip
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