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Make 3D-Stone Text


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Make 3D Grungy Stone Text

In this tutorial we are giving a text or an object this effects:

1 23

And we are going to make this example:


Plugins required for this tutorial are:

1-Alpha Mask, Effect>Alpha Mask

2-Trail, Effect>Object>Trail

3- AA’s_ assistant, Edit>object> AA’s_ assistant

4-Sepia 2, Adjustment>Sepia 2

5-Smudge, Effect>Tools>Smudge

6-Vignette, Effect>Photo>Vignette

7-Drop Shadow, Effect>Object>Drop Shadow

1-Open your texture image, by default the name will be Background (I am working here on a canvas size of 800 X 600, so if you would like to work on a different size, then you need to apply different setting for the effects and plugins)

Feel free to use either one of these textures if you don’t have one:

5 or 6

2-Add a new layer, and name it mask, type your text on this layer with black color, (bulky/thick font style works better with this technique, I am using here: Bold Pilsen Plakat font, then Gaussian Blurred it to about 10 then run AA’s-Assitant twice to 3 times to smooth out the sharp corners of the letters):


3-Duplicate both layers mask & Background and make both mask layers invisible, and rename the duplicated Background layer to text:


4-Select All: Edit>Select All, and copy any mask layer to clipboard, Edit>Copy

5-Apply Alpha Mask plugin on the text layer, with these settings:


6-Paste the mask layer under text layer (you should have it active in the clipboard if not then copy it again😞 Edit>Paste in to New Layer, then duplicate it twice (total 3 layers)

7-Rename them starting from lower one: highlight, shadow and shade respectively


8- Gaussian Blur shade layer to about 6-12 pix


9-Move shade layer few pixels to down/left using Move Selected Pixels tool.

10- Invert Colors of highlight layer: Adjustment>Invert Colors, and Gaussian Blur highlight layer with same amount and move it few pixels to up/right:


11-Give your word some sun shadow effect by using Trail Plugin on the shadow layer:


Then decrease the opacity of shadow layer, to get something like this:


You can stop to this step, but we will continue to give our text some rough edges and some additional effects:

12-Duplicate text layer and rename the top one notches1, and make one of mask layer visible and rename it to mask1, then distort the mask1 layer using Dents effect with these settings or as liking (don’t dents it to too heavy😞


13-Now align the dented black text on top of the notches1text using Move Selected Pixel tool, pick the Magic Wand with Global mode and Tolerance of about 60, click on any transparent area (outside of the black) in the mask1 layer and keeping the selection active move mask1 layer under notches1, then select notches1 layer and hit delete on your keyboard

14-Gaussian Blur mask1 layer to 1, duplicate it, invert colors of the lower one (for best result put the highlight under shade layer every time)


15-Move the black mask1 layer to down/left by 1 or 2 pixels, and move the other white mask1 layer (the inverted colors layer) also 1 to 2 pixels but to the up/right, then adjust the color to match the texture or just keep it white if you like it, I am using the Sepia 2 adjustment plugin to give it some orange tone:


16-Merege the 3 layers (notches1 and the two mask1), then (if you still having the mask active in the clipboard), apply Alpha Mask plugin with these setting to clean the rough edges:


17-Now let’s repeat steps 12 to 16 on top of last merged layer, but before applying the Dents, run Gaussian Blur on the mask layer to about 10-12, run AA’s_ assistant 3 -times on default then run Dents and continue the steps as flowing:




Then change the white color of highlight layer to yellow or orange or keep it white as liking, I am using Sepia 2 adjustment plugin:


18-Now to add the leak/erosion effect below the word, duplicate the text layer and rename the lower one erosion, and use Smudge tool to bleed the lower edge of the letters and click OK, like this:



19-Distort erosion layer it with Dents:


20-Add some shadow and highlight on erosion layer using Drop Shadow plugin use dark color on the right edges of the leaks and light color to the left side of the edges to give it some engraved look:



21-For better clear look, clean the top rough parts (behind the letters) keeping only the smudged parts, use Eraser or Transparent Gradient to do that:


22-Play with the Blend Mode and opacity of the erosion layer (I used Overlay then duplicated it and used Multiply on the second), then add some transparent gradient to the leaks you satisfied with the look:


23-Add some light Vignette effect to the Background layer:


To get this final image, (Bear in mind the steps outlined here are the minimum steps required to achieve this effect, it may need additional or different steps all depend on your own taste, think outside the box J😞


Same method used on these images:

32 33 34

I hope it is clear and you like it, please feel free to ask any question about any step.


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I sticky this.

Awesome tutorial. :star:

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@ Welshy, thanks mate, glad you found it useful

@ Helen, thanks, yes the power of layers, the best thing about PDN.

@ Minners, thanks mate, I know you can do much much nicer than this.

@ EER, thank you so much, I was so hesitant to post it, thought it is so simple, but I had some requests for a tute.

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Hi yellowman.

I get a little confused at steps 3&4, if I make both text mask's invisible how can i select one to copy to the clipboard?

I have not got beyond these steps as yet unless;

I untick all layers apart from one text mask, flatten it save it to my PC and then, after executing the unflatten/Undo method, run the

Alpha Mask plug-in, but browse for the mask I created. I am sure it is me that's missing or miss reading a step here :/





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NN a layer doesn't need to be visible for it to be copied, try it out ;) (as long as you still has it selected as the active layer when hitting ctrl+c )

Do you have the correct alphamask plugin. Under effects>Alpha Mask and it has 3 tick boxes Invert mask,mix alpha and copy from clip board.

Edited by minners71
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Thanks so much minners, I like to explain it furthermore,

@NN, Select All, here means an action under Edit tab, not to select all layers and flatten the file then copy it, Make sure you have the latest version of Alpha Mask ( see the picture) that supports the "Copy To Clipboard" feature, I provided the link to the plugin above.

if you read carefully step 4 is:

Step 4:

-Select All, is to open Edit tab and chose Select All :SelectAll:, the selection is now active on the whole canvas.

-Click on any mask layer in the Layers Window to highlight it (this didn't mean to make the mask layer visible, so you don't need to tick the box of the mask layer while highlighting it)

-Open Edit tab again and choose Copy :Copy:, this will copy to clipboard only the highlighted layer, which is here the mask layer

I hope this detailed explaination won't make you more confused.

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A really good tutorial, sadly I didn't get beyond step #16, because the screenshots on here didn't match what I had on my PDN work space, so I did an undo to step #12. I will try it again, when I get a little bit more advanced though. Here is an effort of mine at least :)






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You should be very pleased with that Kasadia. It's a really nice image.

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