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@ Tilo , thanks for the comment . The dragon is a render , I have no talent to draw :lol:

@ theonlychad , I'm thankful that you think so . I hardly ever get comments on my signatures .

@ DarkShock , thanks for your comment .

Now here's something new finally , it's supposed to be a octopus :lol: :?: Made with dents .

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@ theonlychad , thanks for the comment :wink:

@ Wayne , thanks for stopping by . As for the pink star ; there's another that I made I think it's on page 8 it's a blue one anyways that's how I got the pink star by duplicating and color tinting . But to first make it , you have to :

Create new image - 800x600

:PaintBucketTool: Paintbucket black

Change your primary color to blue

Go to the effects menu > Renders - Roses

With Q factor - around 135 , A factor 200.00 , K factor 99.45

Quantity of vortex 400 I think the rest is default

And with that it would give you a star shaped thing :lol:

The rest is up to you , you can then duplicate the layer :DuplicateLayer:

Flip verticle , then open layer properties and play around with the blend modes to see what you come up with ?? I do hope this is the right steps .. :wink:

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Thanks everyone , but I cannot take credit for this avatararagorn.gif

I did not make it and I don't want to be silent and pretend that I did , it was my mistake in not stating so in the first place . My deepest apologies , I did however create my current avatar and my signature is my own creation .

@Midgetalien thanks for the comment .

You can check out my new signatures , I cleared away all the crappy ones .. Thank you and once again I'm very sorry any confusion this may have caused , and the fellow name is Aragorn from Lord Of The rings :P

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@ Nemo , thanks for the comment . I still have the first version :)

@ DarkShock , it is huh ? I got the idea from our Military service and once I've seen this person had a bumper sticker on their car that read " Support our troops " so I said hey why not , after all they too are troopers , are they not ? :lol: Here's something new now , getting back to abstracts :


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I'm sorry I haven't commented in your gallery.

I really love the red weaved clouds. It somewhat looks like a rose and tunnel at the same time. It looks really nice. I hope you find something else to work on soon. :wink:

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