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  1. Welshblue, I like the smoothness of The Emporer's ne clothes. Your textures are all amazing. Since I haven't been on in a while, I'll comment on some of the others too. I really like the wrench under “Aceeeed.” The textures and the lines are great, and the shadowing, and attention to detail are amazing. I also think your landscapes are stunning, and especially like the ones you have done with water. I enjoy seeing all of your layering and details. Thanks for your art. Even if you aren't the one with the "art qualifications?"
  2. barkbark00 super cute effect! I'll be trying this one when I get a chance.
  3. Zieon Eslador, sorry about your friend. My closest friend moved overseas, she came back to visit for Christmas, and I just saw her off to the airport Thursday. It can be hard to say goodbye, but with technology being amazing these days there's no real reason geographic distance should really mean goodbye. RANT: I made brownies, pretty sure now I used too much water. After putting them back in several times they are still liquidy. I tried them anyways. The chocolate chunks that were in them are burnt. So I have goopy burnt brownies, and that's all the chocolate in the house.
  4. barbieq25 Looking at your gallery I think there are a lot of new things since I was here last, and your gallery is amazing! If I told you everything I like about all of them it would take forever, but I need to come here more often, (I really need to stay up to date)! In Jewels I love you “ Precious Time Flies.” The colors, shape, flow and lines are all perfect with an overall stunning effect. I also really like the effect and depth of MB Series Glass Swirl. In the Abstracts section there were too many to pick a favorite, but I really like “Ice and Fire.” The shape inside the especially t
  5. Well Oma! I don't really like my outcome and I got lazy with the background, but I really enjoyed the tutorial, and I think I learned a lot from it. You are VERY detailed (it took me 4 hours to complete, of course I was chatting online with friends while I was doing it.) Thanks for the great tutorial! (I was a little confused on the bevel step, and ended up using the same technique for the arms that you ahd for the carrot.)
  6. This is an amazingly helpful tool, thanks EER!
  7. Soka I agree (and I really like your new avatar btw.)
  8. Possum, thanks and Hi! I love the picture, the use of colors, and blurring. It is also very interesting how starkly the hummingbirds eye stands out, probably b/c of the lack of rays coming out of it. Looks great.
  9. @ Oma both your Christmas Card picture, and your 3 ball snowman are great! I really like the second snowman, any chance you'll finish it and post the results? @ Falken that's a great picture. I'm not sure if we have an post listing all of the starscape/planet tutorials, but I think it might be a great resource with all of the different techniques so many people are coming up with. @ Gigabyte, I like your flashy snowman, it's really cute!
  10. That's pretty much the same problem for all artists everywhere. It's nice to know that we're not the only ones It does make me feel a little better. Thanks.
  11. Kemaru I hope you feel beter soon! Rant: My art never looks like it does in my head, wether it's on canvas, clay or paint.net. :oops: My hands just don't work like my mind does.
  12. I've had that happen, though in my case it had been delivered -- to my neighbor. Thankfully, they didn't have much use for a Kia Sportage exhaust pipe. Rant: Not understanding what's going on because you don't get the abbreviations (QFT?)
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