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Your work is very interesting. The one where it's called "Be careful where you tread" kind of made me think I was glad I was at my computer. Your have very interesting effects that could be used as backgrounds. Nice. :P

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Thanks theonlychad , you know this one came out of the " How to make insides " tutorial , I flipped it and duplicated the layers , played with the blend modes then added the droste which I again duplicated and came up with that .. You know I'm no good at making signatures so I try and play around with plug ins and other effects just to see what I can come away with sometimes nothing , and sometimes okay . :lol:

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Thanks DarkShock and Sharp , Oma's work inspired me to work more with the droste :D

Whatever it is you're doing. Keep doing it. :wink:

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looks nice but ill tell you what i like more, your current signature :shock:. Im not sure if they are meant to be there but on the 2 key drop down points there looks like a faint skull (can you see this?). Could just be me and my wacky eyes but i like it :lol:

EDIT: Lmao we crossed our pms again :lol:, im glad it wasnt just me seeing evil faces lol

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