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  1. New spacescape: http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w152/Wolfsbane_89/nebulaplanets.jpg
  2. heres the highlight/shadow stages incase anyone is intrested http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w152/Wolfsbane_89/ForestMonster.jpg http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w152/Wolfsbane_89/ForestMonster2wip.jpg http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w152/Wolfsbane_89/ForestMonster3.jpg
  3. Thanks I do have a tablet! But it wasnt used much in the creation of the forest monster. The forest monster was actually the manipulation of hundreds of pictures of tree roots! The reason it took nearly half a day to complete was because I had to cut out and manipulate those tree roots! " take a little bit of tree root from here, a litte bit from there" type of thing! Painful I know! but it was worth it. Then what i did was draw the basic shap of the creature and overlaid the tree roots in various sizes and shapes around the outline. The face was the hardest bit! The face itself is a mixtur
  4. I love your stuff! Your gallery gets more and more epic with each new picture. You have amazing skills, keep at it! For your awesomeness I award you the pizza of awesomeness: =MA=
  5. This picture is a total of 8 hours and 47 mins of work. Its a combination of Paint.net and Photoshop (about 90% paint.net and 10% photoshop.) I call it forest monster: I am quite pleased with the results but a bit annoyed i had to resort to Photoshop. I am going to aim to go back through the layers and remove the bits i did in photoshop and try to replecate them in PDN. The main reason for the this picture was for an idea i had. It was made to see if i could achieve this idea. Now that I have I am aiming to achieve it 100% PDN. The only stock images used were 3 forest images for the ba
  6. The second half of the season is living up to expectations, cant wait for next weeks episode!
  7. wow your abstracts are amazing! Nice work! Also I like your space scape with the asteroids. Any chance of a tutorial/point in the right direction into how you made that?
  8. been trying out some new techniques that i learnt when making the blue planet ( couple of posts up, the one also used in the "computer-tech future scan thingy) and I came up with this picture. Defo one of the most detailed I have made so far:
  9. sure. The bulk of the image was made from the glossy orb tutorial that can be found on these forums but the background I made myself. Its quite simple really but I guess I could work my hand at a tutorial
  10. Thanks guys did a reworking of the blue planet as though it was being "scanned" on a computer/telescope future thingy:
  11. Something I have been working on the last few days: Its no where near completion but its getting there.
  12. Hi guys! after a while of being away I am back heres a spacescape i made the other day: enjoy
  13. Thanks for the tutorial Oma ( Big Hugs ) heres what i came up with:
  14. Hi there, i was wondering is it possible to use the 3Dshape plugin to create a 3D heart? Or any other way with paint.net? I had a go myself but it all came out really badly. And i cant figure out how to use the 3D shape plugin to make other shapes :S thanks, =MA=
  15. I love the dragon!!!!! I would love to be able to do something like that. You'd have to share how one day Sorry to hear your not well =MA=
  16. great tutorial, we need a sun one. I have created a sun previously, (see my gallery for the picture) that was made in a completly diffrent way, however i have a feeling that if i combine this tutorial with the way i made my sun it could turn out pretty well. I am going to experiment and see what i can come up with. Once again, thanks for this tutorial, =MA=
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