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  1. You have some real nice stuff going on. By the way, I added you to my dA watch list so I can see your fine works.
  2. I once went in for a job interview with a guy who owned a graphic design business, and he told me he was color blind. So how did he get around that? By having his clients tell him the color values they want to use, and he did that. I was amazed. The reason why he told me about that was to see what I would do to get around my deafness in daily interaction with clients. Despite my best overture, it wasn't to be, but the fact that the guy had a business and was able to work around his blindness is amazing.
  3. File is not found on the link anymore. Can this be fixed?
  4. Appreciate the fix, Ed! Now I can take advantage of my 64-bit computer, unless it doesn't really matter here, and see how fast it whiz!
  5. One thing my wife often complains about is how cheap it's buy men's sized clothes for herself. Razors and stuff like that. It was funny listening to her rant, but after seeing the price, it just leaves me shaking my head. I don't care much for those graphic tees that's the rage these days, but I prefer a plain 100% cotton shirts in extra large and tall size, and blue jeans, I'm happy as a camper in the wood.
  6. That's a pimped truck all right. All it needs is one of those florescent light underneath like in "Fast and Furious" and you are golden. If there's anyone that actually did that to a rig like that, it's a disgrace to all thing truck, IMHO.
  7. I didn't cared for the Phantom Menace that much, but the third one with the Anakin/Darth Vader, it sort of tied together the whole original trilogy. One of the greatest irony out of Star Wars is George Lucas himself. He started out as an independent company and he detest corporations, yet look at how much power, influence, and clout Lucasfilm Ltd has had on Hollywood, especially his ILM branch. I also had a chance to take a sneak peek at a 3D TV while my wife and I browsed in Best Buy. While I was more impressed with the gaming aspect of it, I honestly wasn't too blown away, and I think it's
  8. delpart, you sound like the weather blogger of the local newspaper site. Tomorrow it's going to be 60! But, thankfully, there's a sense of normalcy on the horizon with a possible winter storm coming to Virginia. Oh how I dread driving in the snow and being stuck in traffic because some idiots think a car with front wheel drive can go anywhere in snow. Uh, no. I had an Elantra once, and barely could make it over a hill with thin sheen of ice. ailsin, I don't envy you at all. I had my wisdom teeth extraction years ago, and it wasn't that fun. The worse part was the nerves waking up, and it felt
  9. Strange weather we been having in the south. If it's supposed to be cold in the winter, then it's should be cold, but with how weird it has been, I haven't had much use of the wood stove to keep the house heated. Strange. I cannot remember a time when winter have been having swings in temperature. It's strange for me to rant about the winter, I loathe winter after having lived in the New England area for 8 years, being forced into child labor to shovel driveways clear of snow, and having a love/hate relationship with the wood stove. I love the warmth the wood stove gives off, but absolutely h
  10. I know a steampunk style when I see one, and this is one. I got confused when I saw text on the image, and realized it was your name watermarked. Are you planning on adding texture or leaving as it is? And I have never commented on your phonograph. That stuff rocked! I remember my first father having an old recorder...
  11. barbieq, I have often found that duplicating the fractal after removing the black increases the color and contrast. Sometime running Gaussian blur at default helps too. There's a lot of combination you could do with some of the color editing capabilities of PDN and fractal. They are addictive! But "Summer Love" is golden! I love the stained glass effect you have going.
  12. Weird...when I was scrolling through, I thought the ball moved, and had to go back to look at it again. I like how it has the ink swirls, like a squid squirting ink when it's threatened, and the darkness. Reminds me of the film of the deep sea exploration that was totally awesome.
  13. LOL. Just checked it out. That's pretty brilliant.
  14. Sounds like it's time for an exorcism. Care to voluntter, pryo? Isn't there any way to add some kind of CAPTCHA to the registration page that forces user to enter the code? On one forum, there was this video captcha that force user to wait for a bit before the "code" popped up on screen. It was annoying as heck, but I think it might warrant a look.
  15. It looks like the bill is going to die again. Second time Congress tried to pass a bill similar to this, and it died as well without some loud protest. The way technology is going these days, almost everything on the shelves in stores are obsolete. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, and YouTube are making DVD and music CD obsolete already. Soon, we won't even need a console to play Xbox, Playstation, or even Wii. Everything will be streamed these days. And to think that Star Trek's fantasy gave life to those technologies we are seeing...
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