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  1. Bolt, how is this different from the gradient plug-in from KrisVDM's pack?
  2. Another tip is to create an alpha mask. Make two layers. Make the bottom layers black, and then on the 2nd layer, draw a rectangular selection with desired dimension, and fill in the selection with white. Flatten the image and save it as a mask.png file. Now all you need to do "cropping" the picture is to run alpha mask and load the mask.png file. Hope this tip might help.
  3. "Violet" added to 1st page, and added a link to a much larger version. It's a big 'un as well. Software used - Apophysis 7X with random Foci as the only variation of the fractal, MyPaint to add color, lights, and shadow, and finally, PDN for the planet, layers blending, and some post production work. Enjoy.
  4. You have some real nice stuff going on. By the way, I added you to my dA watch list so I can see your fine works.
  5. I believe something called Conditional Hue/Saturation might do the trick. Not sure as I have never done that way using the plug-in. Look for it in the Plug-in Index.
  6. Or just using two tone of grey (dark and light), and make two layers (Dodge and Burn) respectively, and use the paint brush. May have to use Gaussian blur a bit to soften up the edge.
  7. Unfortunately, PDN doesn't have those tools available. Workaround is available here.
  8. Actually, Goon, I found that using Highlight plug-in works. I think I didn't run the brightness/contrast to increase the brightness of the "flare." Thanks for the tips on the planet. Delpart was saying the same thing with the planet's scale. I'll be keeping those tips in mind. Another thing, I did try to switch between GIMP and PDN, but no dice. Finally, I decided to kick GIMP off my computer permanently. I do have MyPaint, and I think I'll try to use the brush system in that software to do some work.
  9. I forgot to mention I had a much larger work. I reduced the original size so I could have it hosted on Photobucket, but the much larger piece actually contained more details, and it's available at dA. However, being generous sort I am (I know some are snorting at that thought), I'm going to link to it - take a peek. WARNING: The size is 3500x1500. You have been warned. The flare is actually created with the Highlight plug-in, it took me some tinkering with the setting and using a grey color (for some reason grey works the best) I think I got close to how the tutorial had it. No blending mode was used since the color took care of it. I also neglected to mention that there is a fractal inside the color of the nebula and it was created with Apophysis 7X. I am actually inspired to create another space scene. It's starting to become addictive!
  10. I forgot to mention that this tutorial was the inspiration behind this piece. I largely followed his tutorial until it got to the planet portion, and I just went off on a tangent and created my own. Thanks for your comments though. If PDN had better Flare I would be more than happy with it, but it is what it is.
  11. For some reason, red flag is waving in my mind, and I just have to ask this question - do you legally own this eBook you are attempting (or have attempted) to change?
  12. Have you tried the Perspective plug-in from dpy's pack? Or you could use Layer>Rotate/Zoom command, and move the ball to the left. Warning: be careful not to tweak with the ball too much, or it'll make the picture look distorted.
  13. I had learned the same thing you did when I started out. That's why I passed on what I learned. Also, when you click on the Help menu, it'll take you to a Help section of the PDN website. That section have plently of useful information, including keyboard shortcut keys to master. By the way, the only right-click thing available in PDN is rotating selection, and that's it. I'm not sure if Rick is planning more right-clicking feature, I'll have to look around, but off the top of my head, that's the only right-click thing. Best of luck in PDNing!
  14. 1 - There was a workaround offered by an artist. I think if you used BoltBait's feather's tool (the selection feather one) it would work in theory. 2- Either rectangle or ellipse select your layer, and use the move tool. When the nubs appear, right-click on one of the handle, and drag it. It would rotate the selection. Holding down the shift key would rotate in 15 degree increments. 3 - dpy has a plug-in that will shrink the selection slightly and it's called AA Assistant. Look in his plug-in pack. 4- If you had bothered to look at the Edit menu, you'd see there's a command to paste info into new layer or learn the keyboard shortcut key CTRL+ALT+V.
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