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It somewhat resembles a icecube camera. Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? (Like nemo's). :P And also, I suggest that you add some highlights to the top of your glassy cubes to make them look glassier. It looks great, nonetheless.

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nice glass cubes that looks awesome. also i love your new sig delightfully evil. Also i keep wondering what the droste effect was and i finally found the plug-in lol. Pretty cool things it does indeed.


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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Thanks Nemo , although I am no good at highlighting anything I tried to make Yellowman's vase and I got lost in the process , I'm so retarded :lol:

@ theonlychad , thanks for the comment . Glad you found the droste plug in , now the possibilities are endless for you ..

Here's another glass item , perhaps it could be a plate ? Or an Ashtray ?? :lol:


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wow good idea there, that looks like a birds eye view of an ashtray. I think you should add a few bits to it such as a bit of shading around the edge so you would be able to see the base of the tray? and it could make it look really nice (even more than it already does :wink:)

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@ Tilo , thanks for the comment . The dragon is a render , I have no talent to draw :lol:

@ theonlychad , I'm thankful that you think so . I hardly ever get comments on my signatures .

@ DarkShock , thanks for your comment .

Now here's something new finally , it's supposed to be a octopus :lol: :?: Made with dents .

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@ theonlychad , thanks for the comment :wink:

@ Wayne , thanks for stopping by . As for the pink star ; there's another that I made I think it's on page 8 it's a blue one anyways that's how I got the pink star by duplicating and color tinting . But to first make it , you have to :

Create new image - 800x600

:PaintBucketTool: Paintbucket black

Change your primary color to blue

Go to the effects menu > Renders - Roses

With Q factor - around 135 , A factor 200.00 , K factor 99.45

Quantity of vortex 400 I think the rest is default

And with that it would give you a star shaped thing :lol:

The rest is up to you , you can then duplicate the layer :DuplicateLayer:

Flip verticle , then open layer properties and play around with the blend modes to see what you come up with ?? I do hope this is the right steps .. :wink:

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