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Very good work sokagirl. You are improving all the time. I concur with barbie on the galaxy ball tut. You could possibly put those inside one :D.


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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@ barbieq , thank you for commenting . I am pondering Helen's tutorial I would love to make orbs and stuff ..

@ YY10 , You know the avatar would show better if this forum's background was black :P but thanks for the comment . The signature was fairly easy to make , all that was used is the hexigrid , duplicate layer and flip vertical to get the cubes , then blend layer mode was multiply it I think , add the twist one the left side and mirror left over right , play around with the color tint to give you the color you want . Duplicate the layer again and flip it to vertical and make it look like a flower ..

@ theonlychad , thank you . I just added dents to it forgot say that :oops: anyways I'll keep your tip in mind as well as barbieq's :mrgreen:

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Thanks Helen , I have Madjik to thank for that , I used the tutorial he/she created only I played around with other effects to get that look .. Okay so I wasn't going to add anything But I decided to just post this piece since I already had in the abstract pictorium and not everyone goes there often they may have missed it plus I added some glow to it :lol:

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@ DarkShock , heh heh :lol:

@ Helen , thanks for the comments .

@ barbieq25 , thanks I'm glad you liked it .

@ welshblue , many thanks to you .. I'm only happy to plant ideas :mrgreen: I will be looking forward in seeing what you may come up with .

Well guys I do appreciate you all for stopping by and leaving me nice comments .. I do have more surprises but I'll wait for now :wink: Once again I thank you very much .

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