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  1. Alright, I'm not sure if I fully figured out the problem, because I am still getting a different box, but I did get it to work. Thanks Sarkut for the help. Thanks Yellowman for the great tut! My first attempt.
  2. I'm having trouble downloading Octagonal/quad reshape/matte, by evanolds. The Original URL given The Updated URL (I downloaded both, I don't know if that might have caused problems?) Here's what I'm getting but it's wrong: Sarkut suggested I check Utilities/Plugin Load Errors, here's a pic: I do seem to be having trouble with one but it doesn't seem to be that one? Generally I extract the dll files to effects, but since there was only 1 dll file, and I downloaded into the Effects folder, and didn't see the "Extract to here" option, I didn't do it this time... Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
  3. I'm having the same trouble but I tried what sarkut said and it's not helping. any ideas? (and I do have the most recent version of paint.net)
  4. Yellowman, amazing tut! I saw the vase in your gallery and loved it! This will be my next attempt. EDIT: Comlex tut! And I'm learning a lot. I'll do the ther 1/2 this weekend.
  5. Dark Zarosia! I really like some of your work, but have a hard time telling you exactly what and which ones. I'd love to see titles on your different pieces.
  6. Agreed, lava lamps are my favorite above. Very outside the box. I lik different and interesting. Good job! I'll check back in.
  7. barkbark00 super cute effect! I'll be trying this one when I get a chance.
  8. A Fleeting Glimpse, I really like Moon Dance! It has a very unique and fun feeling to it. The lighting and shadows are really good, and the whole thing is just fun. I also really like Rock Pool. Nice textures. I'm till working on how to make textures in PDN.
  9. LibbyH

    Oma's gallery

    Oma! For Myth and Magic, I think the tree looks amazing since you took the boulders out. Love the texture and lighting on the trunk. I also really like the perspective and contrast the bridge adds, and I like the trees in front of the bridge. I'm excited to see what else you do to it. And I would also like a dragon tut!
  10. Zieon Eslador, sorry about your friend. My closest friend moved overseas, she came back to visit for Christmas, and I just saw her off to the airport Thursday. It can be hard to say goodbye, but with technology being amazing these days there's no real reason geographic distance should really mean goodbye. RANT: I made brownies, pretty sure now I used too much water. After putting them back in several times they are still liquidy. I tried them anyways. The chocolate chunks that were in them are burnt. So I have goopy burnt brownies, and that's all the chocolate in the house.
  11. LibbyH

    Oma's gallery

    Thanks for the response. I can see it works, because your art is amazing!
  12. LibbyH

    Oma's gallery

    I love the shoes! And I love that you take people's comments seriously, it's obviously not necessary that you change based on what people say, but it's still exciting. The hand is great! I really did love the image, I hope you got that from my previous comment as well, I didn't mean to sound critical. (And I liked the other show attempt back somewhere in the middle it was really cute.)
  13. LibbyH

    Oma's gallery

    Oma, I had been following the work in progress. The finished painting is breathtaking! I cannot believe the detail you put into it. I love the textures of her seat, the background, and table, and the details in the dress, and her beautiful hair! I am so impressed with the picture. And I'm glad you put the larger version on DA for us to see. If I was going to make one suggestion I would say it might help to increase the contrast between her hand and what it's resting on (jusr a little). Oh I also think the fruit bowl is beautiful with the fruit in it. It might be strange, but I think my two favorite elements in the painting are her hair and the bowl & fruit. Again I'm very impressed! Beautiful work.
  14. barbieq25 Looking at your gallery I think there are a lot of new things since I was here last, and your gallery is amazing! If I told you everything I like about all of them it would take forever, but I need to come here more often, (I really need to stay up to date)! In Jewels I love you β€œ Precious Time Flies.” The colors, shape, flow and lines are all perfect with an overall stunning effect. I also really like the effect and depth of MB Series Glass Swirl. In the Abstracts section there were too many to pick a favorite, but I really like β€œIce and Fire.” The shape inside the especially that looks like a dragon, and the use of colors and lighting. PS. I also really enjoy reading Anne McCaffery, and got the impression you might like that author?
  15. Well Oma! I don't really like my outcome and I got lazy with the background, but I really enjoyed the tutorial, and I think I learned a lot from it. You are VERY detailed (it took me 4 hours to complete, of course I was chatting online with friends while I was doing it.) Thanks for the great tutorial! (I was a little confused on the bevel step, and ended up using the same technique for the arms that you ahd for the carrot.)
  16. LibbyH

    Oma's gallery

    Oma I love Cameo and Cufflinks. Gorgeous use of colors, great depth, and I am also intrigued by the yellow. It stands out starkly and could be great depending on what you're going for. I also like your snowman, and plan on going through the tut as soon as I find it!
  17. @ Sarkut - You did say that, and I meant to and forgot! Thanks for the reminder. I fixed the broken link, but here it is as well so you don't have to go looking for it Stock Image @ TOChad - Yes please send me the tree! I've been looking at my picture and cannot figure out how I want to do it. I was thinking I may just have to take my camera outside and take pictures for a while to get some inspiration. @ barbieq25 - Thanks, I will work on some of that and see if I can get a better effect with perspective changes. @ Aislin - Thanks! I enjoyed making it and playing with some fun plugins.
  18. @ Soka, I'm still trying to figure out if I can get a tree in the picture and like it. @ TOChad thanks! If I can't figure out the tree, I'll just leave it, at least for now. @ Sarkut, thanks, and I've posted more. I'll hopefully be adding more images soon.
  19. I'm not sure if I've already said this, but I downloaded your pack a while back and it's great. And I really love dents so I thought I'd say it again (if I already have), Thanks!
  20. This is an amazingly helpful tool, thanks EER!
  21. Your newest picture is gorgeous. I'm unfamiliar with vue how does it work?
  22. Soka I agree (and I really like your new avatar btw.)
  23. Possum, thanks and Hi! I love the picture, the use of colors, and blurring. It is also very interesting how starkly the hummingbirds eye stands out, probably b/c of the lack of rays coming out of it. Looks great.
  24. @ Oma both your Christmas Card picture, and your 3 ball snowman are great! I really like the second snowman, any chance you'll finish it and post the results? @ Falken that's a great picture. I'm not sure if we have an post listing all of the starscape/planet tutorials, but I think it might be a great resource with all of the different techniques so many people are coming up with. @ Gigabyte, I like your flashy snowman, it's really cute!
  25. I have to admit I'm not familiar with Diablo, but your work is very visually interesting. I really like the first piece in the "Other" section. I think you should give it a Title.
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