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@ Helen , thank you for the comments . I do my best to create things that are far different from everyone else I admire but I don't like to copy I believe it's better to some how develop your own style it's what makes your work unique ..

This one I'm calling Tribal Prayer because the center it looks like an Indian praying :P

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I saw the spider straight off in Bug hidden in pastel, but i can also see the faces that Welsh mentions, out of the Abyss is a great work that really hits you when you look at it, i really love that work. Tribal Prayer is what i would call a soft work where all the colours blend and it has a gentle feel and i can definitely see the hands together in prayer :)

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I think you're pics are to big, you should make them smaller before a mod sees...

Who are you talking to? I see no too-large images.

I was talking to Soka. I'm new to the rules, so I may be wrong. I just read about sizes must be 500X150.

[url=http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=33782]My gallery[/url]

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@ Chrisco , thank you . No worries ; I should've said Kachina :lol:

@ Helen , museum ? That would be awesome , thanks dear :P

@ DarkShock , heh heh . Thanks

@ barbieq , thanks . I was hoping people would focus on the center figure . :D

@ Wes615 , not a problem .

@ Pyrochild :lol:

@ Fulgor3 , thank you . Give it your best and you'll see some amazing pieces .

@ A Fleeting Glimpse , many thanks to you .. Glad you liked them . I knew you'd see the spider and prayer :mrgreen:

@ Oma , thanks so much sweetie . I try my best :wink:

Whew , that was a lot of thanking to do . :lol: Now onto the next new piece , this one reminds me of macrame beads sewn together , hope you like it .


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Firstly i really like this work, now i don't want to sound all arty farty because i most definitely am not ( I'm the sort of guy who gets asked to leave art shows because they think i have just wandered in off the street to get a free glass of wine and a heat :lol: ) but the two words that came to mind when i looked at it were 'anger' and 'frustration', the combination of the dark colours and the main image spiraling into what looks like vortexes makes me think that way, i love looking at work i find thought provoking ( even if it is only by my way of thinking :lol: ) :)

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sokagirl I like this one as well, and I'm not usually into dark art.

I have a feeling that this one would really take on another life if you made those reflective spheres like sargon showed us on the other forum. The reflections would really jump off the page if you converted this over. Give you even more mileage out of an outstanding abstract.

ciao OMA

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Thanks guys , oh Welsh it never crossed my mind . There is only one Oma , I don't want to be her , I admire her work yes ; greatly I know I can never hold a candle to her . I don't even try to , I'm hoping to be my own person with my own style ^_^ anyways this is something thrown together .. What can you see in this one ?


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Wow! This one is so mysterious. I love how it looks 3D. Your use of Dents is fantastic. And like Welshblue said and like I mentioned before, I think your style is very similar to oma's. I bet you she wouldn't mind. Keep it up! :wink:

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