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Don't be overly concerned. There's not a lot of activity in the galleries at the moment. Same people commenting...you know how it goes.

Oma will love it. I do!

Newest piece reminds me of easter eggs & cellophane. I love cellophane. Don't see that being used as much anymore. Guess it brings back happy childhood memories.

I really like it! A lot! It never ceases to amaze me how you create these glittery, shiney works. It cheered me up from the frustration I am feeling with the study.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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You are so right barbie , it was just a thought but it's okay .. It's either they like it or they don't I won't be worried anymore . I'm happy to cheer you up :mrgreen: I'm sure you'll do great with your studies :D as for the shimmer things well they just come up with a lot of blending and duplicating .. mostly glassy things would do it .. ** Big Hugs ** :wink:

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@ Chrisco , what do you mean the legendary ? This piece is not to your liking ?? I want to be able to create other types of abstracts rather than doing the same stuff over and over it gets pretty stale . :lol:

@ Welsh , thanks .. Glad you liked it , I know it looks really messy but hey maybe I can come up with something better next time .

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True, it has a grungy look to it, which is cool. The circles contrast the overall image. Love it, sokagirl. I would also like to mention how the circles have a slight glow. I think it's the beautiful and correct color you chose. Nice!

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@ chrisco , don't worry I understand .. I do my best and well not everyone will enjoy it and that's why we all have our own opinions . B)

@ Axle , thank you . That sounds so cool :mtdew:

@ barbie , thanks sweetie :mrgreen: that is so true I am stretching my horizons I always have something in mind , like I want to do something different once in awhile .

@ Helen , thank you dear :cake: glad you liked it and the glow look came about with Boltbait's enhance details , ha ha .. Give him a cookie :cookie:

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Hi Sokagirl. just found your gallery..WOW..

love the "newest" one and "spacepods" but my absolute favourite has to be the "basket"

OMG.you will have to let me know how you did that..its amazing!!

regards j.d.

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@ j.d hey thanks for stopping by , glad you liked the basket . If I can remember I made it with the checkerboard which I then beveled the squares , shape3d cylinder [ play around with the nubs ] try and keep it flat and not a ball . Use the twist for one end then mirror left to right that should connect the ends together in which will end up a basket . Hope this helps ?

@ Helen , thank you sweetie 6_6 will be working on something better soon .

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