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  1. CSM: 1 CT: 2 Sorry CSM, but I'm a Firefox fan CT's sig is much more interesting, to me, than a bar graph and it has more of a "feel" to it. CT, it could have used some more time, but I think it turned out pretty good. -wes615 Until I make a signature...
  2. I'm glad you liked it :) I'll add more later.


    I could help you if you have any problems or questions.

  3. Nice profile! I enjoyed reading it.


    Nice to find out you like doing HTML too, I have been learning.

  4. Is loving the Vitamin String Quartet!

  5. Well that was a cool little drama
  6. Hey Mike, welcome to Paint.NET! I suggest you do this with layers (a layer for each thing on the label). When you have your bottle on the canvas, open a new layer to post the label. Open layers for your images and text too. Change the opacity of the layers as needed (press F4 for layer properties). To shade the edges, you have two choices: 1. You can make more layers, paint a dark color for shadows, then change the opacity. Then repeat for a realistic look. 2. Or you can merge all of the layers used for the label, then use a 3D illusion plug-in, such as Shape3D to make the shadows for you. Let me know if I didn't answer you right or you need more info. -wes615
  7. I can't make anything until I have something that just really inspires me or something comes to mind from past graphics. Usually the themes and wanted stocks just come to me somehow, and I almost always get great feedback, but sometime I just can't help but draw a blank, and that means it's time to search. I find inspiration by looking at my old graphics (the themes usually lead me to another), looking at my friend's (I try not to copy, but when I find something that inspires me, the graphic is almost always based off of that one), Thinking of a random thing and Google Image searching it (I can find something I like, or something that leads me to another). Try doing that and let me know if you get inspired so I know I'm not weird
  8. My new subject is Wallpaper. What do you think of my first ever? P.S. It somehow looks better when it's on your desktop. Or is that just me?
  9. Love the effects on the car. Nice background selection. However, the Mustang logo, the long neon light, the lights on the left, and the smoke takes away from the sig. 7.7/10
  10. Don't take this as an insult please, but in my opinion, it's a little plain. The boxes were original, and the colors and textures are very soothing, but the picture in a whole is a little plain. -wes615, sorry
  11. I see you're point. I'll do better next time. Thanks!
  12. New sig Feedback please!
  13. Beautiful! It's an awesome (an in the inspiring awe) combination of water, light, and an explosion of fire. It's the best one so far, I think! Great job!
  14. It's not my favorite of yours, but it looks good
  15. Hey everyone! So I made a new anime sig, but it's plain and I don't have anime experience. Can I have some tips of how to improve? Here's the sig: