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Thanks you guys and once again I am very sorry :wink: I meant no harm by this even though I was ready to leave I don't think I can ever really stay away too long anyways .. And Welsh I do understand now , thanks for clarifying things . And Helen , I'm not worried about the Galleria anymore :D

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It was good to go back through your gallery again. Stunning pieces! The green starlight & the basket are really my favourites. I can see how much you have grown.

Vortex is pretty good but I so much miss your glossy/glassies!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Cool! You need to space everything out so it looks like this:



First things first , I am back to stay and my apologies for all the troubles I have caused . Anyways The Gallery is up and cleaned up . From now on all new items will be on page one in thumbnail form . Scroll down to and see some of your favorites and some you've never seen as they were posted only at the other forum .. thanks everyone for putting up with me :mrgreen:


Hidden Content:

Abstracts: Part 1:

Hidden Content:

Abstracts: Part 2



Anyway, this is my favorite signature:




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