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Thanks Oma , not sure if it would ever make to a Gallery . I can't even get my stuff inside this boards Galleria ..

And Chrisco , glad you like it . Thanks

Thanks for the kind words barbieq , means a lot ^_^

Something a bit different ??


Nice! That is a cool 3D piece of art! I would like to see more of that...

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Why is it that every time I come to your gallery, I end up with a new favorite piece? It's because you do great abstracts !!!! Blue on Blue is now my new favorite, but you are going to have to outdo yourself to top that one. The colors are so pleasing, and the squares are so random. That takes a great deal of skill. I used to draw a design like this on paper back when I still sketched on paper. I would start in the middle with one square and fill the entire page. Beautiful piece!


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Thanks Helen , Axle and Possum .. You all are the last to witness my creation I am closing this Gallery I read what Welsh said about his and I am tired not ever making it into the Galleria so I'm saving all my goodies for fans . thanks everyone who had left me many nice comments it was great while it lasted .. So long and goodnight @_@ Yours truly , Sokagirl

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Sokagirl, you're leaving?

Is there something wrong? Your gallery has been so successful and its upsetting that you're leaving. :(

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I am tired not ever making it into the Galleria so I'm saving all my goodies for fans

Um, until the last batch I posted to the Galleria, we had a backlog of nominations going back to before you even joined the forum. And, in fact, a couple of your pieces had been nominated and would have made it in eventually.

Buuuuuut since you've decided to take the stance of "if they can't see my work in the Galleria, they can't see it at all!" and remove your work, it'll never make it in. I was looking forward to putting Blue on Blue in there, but now I just have to close the nomination report.

Such a shame that you're letting your own self-pity deprive others of seeing your excellent artwork.


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You know sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time updating my gallery. Last comment was 11 days ago.

@Skitzo, thanks for the visit. ("I wanna see your work" then you don't go to see it despite being directed to the link). Man this hould be in the rants section.

But every now & then I get a comment like this: "your artwork is nice. inspired me a lot." & "Nice new art, Barbieq! They all look wonderful! You should enter some competition outside this forum lol

Awesome work, as always. :D"

The first comment makes me KNOW that I should keep updating my gallery. The second post makes FEEL that I should keep updating it.

Do I have any nominations? I don't know & it doesn't matter. I create art for me. If I get nice comments good. If I get some whipper snapper having a go, then I'll bite back if I feel they are wrong. Ok, so I have seniority but I have waited a long time.

Sometimes I create a work that I think is marvellous & others don't share my views. Other times I create something that I am not quite happy with but others think it's great.

I enter competitions & of course, I hope that I will win. For me the best part about the comps is seeing how everyone interprets a theme quite differently.

This forum is not like Fans. It reflects more the big world & it isn't perfect. Fans is more like a circle of friends. Here you will feel the heat at times or lack of it.

I like to leave comments on people's galleries but the favour is not always returned. The quality of my work does NOT depend on people looking at it. A tree that falls in the forest & nobody hears it, still falls.

In the immortal words of Australian Bush Ranger & totally bad dude, prior to being hung:



Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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I'm not leaving .. My deepest apologies for everything , yes I was going to but I am staying and I have changed the whole thing , it was so messed up . I have it all organized so you can find everything on one page .. Once again I am very sorry everyone .

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