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  1. How can i make a texture like this? i have been trying to make it but can not seem to get it right... This is the best image of what im trying to do i could find
  2. Looks good Soka, like all the colors you put into the images. I would like to try to make something like this, But yea these look amazing great job
  3. Thanks. And yea i plan to change the font, and maybe add some more color to the sphere... but when i have an update i will post it... And thanks Sokagirl... Thanks for the feedback
  4. Well this is my first project its just to test out some of the plug-ins i got and fonts... since i learned how to make a metallic flake texture i added that to the sphere, then with the font i added bevel effect... but here is a picture of it, hope you guys like it.. note this is my first time making something like this so some feedback would be much appreciated
  5. This looks pretty good. I'm gonna use this since I like to take pictures of my dog and cat... Thanks for this dude
  6. Yes guys this is exactly what I'm trying to do. Thanks guys
  7. Hello I have been trying to make Red metallic flake texture not an image just flat red, I have tried the metalize plugin but it didn't work and I haven't been able to figure it out. So if someone could make a tutorial on how to do so I would be extremly greatfull...
  8. Thanks. Yeah i downloaded that plug-in but I'm not sure how to use it, I will play around with it a little I will add blur to my red then try the metallic and see how that turns out, but still un sure how to make the flakes for it...
  9. How can I make a metallic flake texture? cause I want to make a Red Metallic Flake texture for skinning but i don't know how to do so. So can someone please help me with this???
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