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Tournesol (Sun flower seeds) texture (ymd:171002)


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Edit for those who are not as fast as @Seerose

4 hours ago, Seerose said:

@MadJik! I'm waiting... :lol:


To have the correct link to the forum inside my plugin, I create an empty thread like:


Coming in few minutes...

Once I have the post number, I have to update the plugin and upload it.

Then I write the full version of the plugin introduction.


And in the mean time Seerose was waiting... lol


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@MadJik....you keep churning out the plugins!!  :D    Will try this when I get home from work.  Thank you..........<3    (rep later)

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Again...WOW!!   :star::star::star:    I combined your updated Lightrays with your new plugin, Tournesol, and got this.


I have a color scheme going on.....I can see there are literally thousands of possible combinations!   Excellent!!!   <3  :)



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