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  1. A Vettriano vibe perhaps... what's her secret?
  2. @E.E.R - I should have looked harder...who would expect it to be in a logical place!πŸ˜‰ @Old Banshee (Frank) You cannot select directly by shape but you could select all shape-A's, for instance, then save that selection for later use. (See E.E.R's links). Your method of colouring the selections as objects and saving on another layer my be just as good for one image.
  3. Great new images! - I particularly like the coloured tree 'texture' created in 'the bridge' image. Always enjoyable to see your latest creations.
  4. Additionally, selections can be copied (Edit/Copy Selection) then pasted into a text program such as 'notepad' and saved as an '.xml' '.json' (Edit by Rick: it's actually JSON, not XML) file. They can then be re-used at a later date by copying the .xml text in notepad then using 'Edit/Paste Selection'. They remain 'vectors' until committed to the canvas - as I understand. @E.E.R. - I couldn't find this in the documentation - but I didn't search for long ;-) @old banshee - well worth reading through the docs though (press F1 while Pdn is open).
  5. Cuboids Use on an opaque layer then reduce face opacity in the effect and play with the settings.
  6. Yes - just doubled checked? (running ABP ad-blocker plus too)
  7. Thanks! You know far more than I will ever know regarding web technology. That said, I've been using Kaspersky for years and if they wish they have access to everything on the computer ...as do Microsoft. There's not much I can do about it (without a much deeper knowledge). All I can do is trust them both, unfortunately. It's a Lenovo laptop too ... I'm sure there will be O.S. 'backdoors' from all software and hardware providers. I've long thought that the purveyers of AV could be the writers of malware... like the glazier's children breaking windows. The whole we
  8. Whenever I follow a thumbnail link to an image hosted on Postimg I get warnings from my Kaspersky anti-virus... It blocks what it thinks is malicious and still shows the images - so not a great problem for me. Just thought users should be aware... I assume it's no great danger?...what do others think? Here's the message:
  9. Thank you for the Galleria nomination Vagabondi - very much appreciated. Belated happy new year to all too.
  10. Thanks Remake! Thanks Welshblue! - Very reassuring comments... Glad to know traditional oil painting is still appreciated in a world where 'gaffer' taping a banana to a gallery wall is considered art!πŸ€ͺ More money than sense
  11. Hi Vagabondi, thanks for commenting. Time is always the problem. I must upload more recent ones, sometime. I've also got some more effects that need work. It took ages creating a website for my real paintings too: Here if you are curious. That sounds like I'm complaining - I'm not! (Learning to code in Paint.net has helped to learn html/CSS and may help when the computers finally take-over! πŸ™„) It was meant to be a driftwood tree stump btw but a dragon is more fun. Water, particularly rivers and seas do fascinate me... analogy of emotion? possibly.
  12. Very enjoyable, entertaining and well crafted new images! πŸ•·οΈπŸ•ΈοΈπŸŽ¨
  13. I know nothing about .DDS and I don't know what you want to do to the alpha channel? My 'Alpha Threshold' plugin can show alpha as a colour but is not intended for height map editing. Perhaps combined with Pyrochild's 'Curves+' on alpha setting? If you are writing stuff for games you clearly understand what an alpha channel is. Therefore, why not explore codelab to write exactly what you require? All code needed is there (currentpixel.A) and I'm sure you will be helped if you have problems (post in 'Plugin-developers-central')...by people who know what they are talking about
  14. Hi Vagabondi Thanks for posting the image.πŸ‘ Sorry I didn't get around to adding this one or Tone gradient Magnitude to my pack.
  15. Skilful additions to your gallery! Great imagination and humour.
  16. DavidF's 'Curly Lines' render effect has a seed input for repeatable randomness. There may be others too? However I doubt if this would help for slowly morphing an effect for animation, as tiny differences in the seed should produce very different results. TechnoRobbo's 'keyframe' and 'Morpher' might be useful for you? Curly lines Keyframe Morpher
  17. Well done Vagabondi (for both images).πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting WB.πŸ˜‰ The tutorial s quite old and 'Rotate and Zoom' might not be exactly as the tut' settings. A alternative would be to use my (& MJW's) 'Aardvark' plugin. Use the tilt angle control. It allows much higher sampling rates and 'quality' but can be slow because of that. Move the samples slider to 'quick' whilst getting the settings right then return to high quality before rendering. Experiment!
  18. A wolf shagging a rabbit! - bizarre - love it!😁 Thanks for saying thanks for the effect. I hope your girlfriend shares your sense of humour and appreciates the love put into creating the image. I'd like to see the wolf and rabbit smiling more. Kinky threesome with a goat?☺️ More seriously: You've done well getting the essence of the animal shapes and getting used to using paint.net. You have talent! - do keep practising real life drawing on paper - those skills, acquired when young, will always transfer to the latest technology.πŸ˜‰
  19. 2a. - Work at say 4 * 256 = 1024px by 1024px and resize when finished (round numbers are better for resizing). Most effects are designed to be used at around the standard canvas size. !!! - You're possibly not deselecting before running motion blur? - After you have filled the selected negative space around the object,(on it's own layer), deselect before running motion blur. (Effects cannot render to parts deemed as not selected. If nothing is selected everything is selected! - in some cases only - weird, I know.) 2b. Kind of irrelevant - I used that to produce a grey object before th
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