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  1. Thanks! Only had a quick try so far but looks good. Useful to be able to select only part of the current palette to use.
  2. Hello rauhski - welcome to the forum! doesn't open up new windows. There is a tutorial here that should show you how to place images side-by-side:
  3. Interesting image Rickhum - some great textures and atmosphere. Like the opening scene of a sci-fi murder mystery.
  4. Great work Pixey - I like his (or her) cheeky little smile.
  5. Not sure if this may help
  6. circularthinking, please read this thread
  7. Happy Birthday Rick! May all your algorithms be fast and bug free.
  8. I meant that I especially like the scarf
  9. Clever pixel pictures Seerose! I like Pinguin's scarf.
  10. Xod - what OS are you using - if Windows 10, have you installed the 'creators update' yet?
  11. Bah - We've got to suffer for our art! You could try one of the many recolouring plugins. eg. Recolour choice Use the eye dropper tool to set the detection colour to the blue in the image. Run the effect. Set the replacement colour to white and transparency to zero (opacity really) and experiment with different tolerance levels and detection methods. I would think 'Hue only' should work. Increase 'blend edges' to get a smoother cut out. Good luck ... don't get eaten.
  12. I'm also using 4.0.17 (Beta 4.17.631831144). I don't get the vibrating image but the image does pan back to the middle when entering text. It doesn't seem to be related to cursor position on the image.
  13. Hi Twist, This forum is for '' computer software not 'real' paint. However, I have painted in oils since I was a child, often in the same room as where I sleep. I'm still alive! If you must paint where you sleep. Do open up the windows and use minimal solvent (turpentine or mineral spirit). Good quality pigments are toxic too - don't eat them, or allow children or animals to either. Washing brushes uses the most solvent - do this outside. There are many forums on the net that do discuss oil paint (with dubious advice). Manufactures (eg Windsor & Newton) and online retailers (eg. Jackson's) have good information and advice about their products. Hope that helps - good luck and enjoy!
  14. I totally agree with the arguments given above but if any further effects were to be built-in, Pyro's 'Liquify' and 'Smudge' would be on my wish list! I remember as a new user thinking less of Pdn because it did not have (to my knowledge at that time) many of the Gimp or PS tools.
  15. Looks great Pixey, good composition and the 'rose hips' look succulent. The bird's glossy/glassy texture makes me wonder if their heads unscrew to put perfume inside? - I'm only being light-hearted!
  16. If the intended final image will be small then worrying about anti-aliasing could be overkill. However, it maybe worth first resizing the image larger (Image/Resize/use the % option & keep aspect ratio), then tile, then resize back to the intended size. Sounds more complex than it is!
  17. Another 'Wow' from me! - you keep raising the standard. Bravo
  18. What version of Word and how did you create it? (I don't have the latest office version so probably can't help! ) Do use the eye dropper tool to set Primary and Secondary 'colors'. Left click Primary, right click Secondary. It is clearly a repeating gradient, so E.E.R.'s suggestions are worth trying first. Or you could try Gradients Galore (in my plugin pack) with the settings shown to get close...ish. (I would add dithering though)
  19. Good work LionsDragon, thanks for posting the image! Looking forward to seeing what other uses you can put this technique to.
  20. ? It is still broken for me on 4.0.16. The discussion is here
  21. ^ I notice 'God' uses an (Adam's) Apple computer!
  22. Good work with the dragon image Andrew! I like the fiery spotlight/rainbow flare too. Thanks for posting the image. E.E.R - thank you! (The small dots layer can be coloured with Gradients Galore with the 'On objects only' button checked.)
  23. Scooter, The Model T ford - a design classic! Thanks for posting the image. Feel free to adapt and tweak the tutorial to get the best result for each image. The second version is easier to recognize. Enjoy that nap! Eli, great image! - perhaps I'm biased, being a Leo myself. And do I see some 'Highlight' for the stars? Thanks for posting the result.
  24. Would you have any images copied to the clipboard? Does it still crash if there is text copied to the clipboard? Just wondering if it is related to this
  25. Cool car Pixey! - Looks like something from the film 'Tron'.