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  1. cristi4ever & null54, thanks for the info ... so we'll only be allowed MS malware
  2. I think a setting to pick a custom U.I. background colour would be useful. What does that mean?
  3. Another beauty! You'll need a longer shelf now
  4. Informative tutorial - thank you! (and apologies for not commenting on your excellent gallery thread yet) Some thoughts (not criticisms!) 1. Do use the reseed button in Dryad at stage 1 to get a tree of approximately the right shape. Reducing the deviation angles can also help with low hanging branches. 2. If you leave the tree as an 'object' (on a transparent background) you could use my Object Bevel plugin to help with the shading. If that shading is too abrupt, 'OverBlur' can soften it whilst retaining the object edges. 3. Personally I always avoid merging objects down onto opaque layers. Your shading technique should still work by selecting the transparent areas and inverting the selection. ... Just thoughts. Clearly written tutorial with great results as is!
  5. Good work! Where does glossary stop and encyclopaedia begin?... I think you've struck a good balance! I see kilobytes have shrunk - I'm sure they used to have 1024 bytes in the old days. Possible additions? completely at your discretion. Height map: A way of encoding height information into the pixels of one image. Used to distort or shade another image. Sampling rate/Quality?Antialiasing*: Processing extra points 'between' pixels and averaging to get smoother results? Clipboard: Where 'copied' things are temporarily stored. Sprite sheet: Multiple images in one layer often used for animations. RAW file type: Unprocessed image data from high-end cameras? - *Antialiasing with a slightly different meaning to the edge antialiasing around objects.
  6. Hi Joshua! Well done on starting a gallery, cool images, especially 'Water Avatar' - great imagination! I agree that hand drawing and scanning is a great way to start an image. I'm also very impressed by your Brush factory plugin! (Now you've changed your forum name I will keep thinking of you as 'Anthony Joshua' - the heavy-weight boxing champ!)
  7. You could try my Alpha-threshold plugin after the first image. Easier than tweaking pixel by pixel, hopefully.
  8. Glossary: Place to keep very shiny paint. E.E.R: Definition of altruism. ---------------------------------------- Alpha: Opacity value of a pixel between 0 and 255, often referred to as transparency, its inverse. Bezier curve: type of curve used by the line tool. Spline curve: the other type of line used by the line tool. B.G.R.A: Blue,Green,Red,Alpha - the four values that define a pixel in G.U.I: Graphical User Interface (see U.I.) ARGB: See B.G.R.A Bit map: '.bmp', image file format. CMYK:Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black - Ink colors commonly used in printing H,S,V: Hue,Saturation,Value Hue: as a seperate definition, clock-wise angle around the color wheel from red? Saturation:as a seperate definition,distance from the gray middle of the color wheel? Value: the apparent lightness of a color. Tone: the apparent lightness of a color, calculated in a different way. Lightness: also the apparent lightness of a color, calculated in yet another way. Chroma: Nobody really knows. Just some ideas, perhaps Bezier and Spline are relevant? Btw the table shown is half grey lines and half black?
  9. Good to see how you developed your idea!
  10. Hello 357mag, Perhaps this tutorial would be a starting point picture side by side Basically make the Canvas size twice as big as each of the images then put the images on different layers and move to the correct position, much as Iron67 says.
  11. Pirate sites (criminals) steal safe plugins from this forum, add nasty things either to the effect or installer and illegally redistribute them. Now, if Norton or any AV software picks these up, presumably it cannot (or doesn't bother to) distinguish the different versions and the .dll name will be added to their 'unsafe' list? In the past there were some misleading advert links for possibly risky software on the download page (not Rick's fault as I understand). Perhaps that has caused a bad reputation for the site too? Having said all that, I too think Norton is useless! 1. 'Crying wolf'/false positives too often means genuine threats will be ignored by the user. 2. Besmirching safe software as a trojan is libellous but I, for one, cannot afford to take legal action. I can, however, ask who better to write new malware than those running the protection racket/ writing the AV software? 3. When I did use Norton, my computer performance was terrible. For users generally always be cautious about what you download and from where. NEVER download plugins from anywhere but this site or ones linked to by the author on this site.
  12. I believe the Effects window taking ages to open for some is a different issue Pixey. The hang when there is an image from Firefox on the clipboard is discussed here Paste and File->New problem. Sorry you too are having problems John86 ... but at least I know it's not just me!
  13. Wouldn't cat's like Jack the Kipper? Inventive image, well done!
  14. If you have selected the whole image then it is already cropped to the selection and hence the option is not available. Change the selected area using this tool and it will become available.
  15. Many thanks for taking a look MJW. My Mistake! Somehow I have been working on an early prototype version of Vanishing Point in Visual studio. The published version in my pack does NOT crash. (Phew!)... the published version uses much simpler rules. Sorry for the panic. Now to try and find the correct source code and update Woodsy's version.
  16. Problem resolved I recently created a customized version of my Vanishing Point effect for user 'Woodsy'. He noticed a strange crash which also applies to the published version. The plugin runs and renders fine BUT crashes on re-opening, Crashing Pdn (both 3.5.11 and 4.0.16) - relevant part of the report below. Now, If I disable the propRules, (particularly the one that greys out a DoubleVector control from a Boolean control), then no crashes. The strange thing is that with the rules active it runs perfectly first time and only crashes when re-opened. To recreate the problem run the current version of my Vanishing Point plugin, uncheck the 'Draw line 2' box, and render.No crash at this point. Now, re-open the plugin and it crashes Pdn. Is this a problem with my code or Pdn's? Either way I guess I'll have to update my pack again :-( Here is my PropertyCollection code. The idea is to grey out irrelevant controls if the 2nd line is not required... which it does. Here is the crash
  17. Well done & Congrats!
  18. I don't have Paint shop pro. I too don't really understand what you are asking for that cannot already be achieved with the standard gradient tool? Shaped gradients are already possible with the 'shaped gradient' plugin by N.D. using the selection.shaped gradient Alternatively copy the selection and paste it into a new transparent layer so it becomes an 'Object'. Then you can use plugins like my Object Bevel plugin (in my pack), TR's contour or MJW's version of my Edge shader plugin.MJW's version of edge shader The Plugin index is very useful too.
  19. Very creative book covers. Well done!
  20. Thank you ingwer! That's a very well produced video. Excellent work. Danke schon!