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  1. Always a pleasure to see your latest creations!
  2. Same from me - I moved most of images to Imgur a few years back but not sure how long those links will work here either. What is the point of an image hosting service that won't host images? Botophucket!
  3. Thanks for your efforts MJW, (though I will probably never use this plugin). I didn't even know it was possible to use structs in codelab!
  4. E.E.R has just posted. I had a slightly different interpretation of the problem: Try looking for the original Pdn file, possibly. 1. On your Windows computer, Recycle bin? I guess you haven't configured windows back-ups? 2. On the USB drive? 3. On the Mac somewhere? Did you actually delete the Pdn file and empty the recycle bin, each time you moved it? If you did, I'm afraid you may have to put it down to experience, remember to back up important files and make an even better version next time! Good luck!
  5. Thank you Madjik - great to see you writing and sharing new effects! Beautiful and very quick! (Have you checked out TechnoRobbo's Strange attractors?)
  6. Try my Overblur for a more extreme way (it too can be used repeatedly producing concentric 'halo' type effects). PolyGlitch may also be useful.
  7. I think Pyro's Gridwarp is probably your best bet?... or read up on BoltBait's codelab tutorials and post on the developers central thread.
  8. You could try TR's Dodge and Burn in Blur mode. ...Or do the same manually by duplicating the layer, blurring the bottom layer, selecting the top layer and using the eraser at maximum softness along the join. If you want to create a plugin to smooth contrast, tone, hue etc. perpendicular to a line, I'm sure you would get help from the forum should it be needed. You could also investigate the 'Wireworm' PS plugin run through the PSfilter, as suggested by Pixey in another topic here.
  9. It says on the page where the plugin was published that it cannot use fonts if the font doesn't support a 'regular' version. ... well, that's how I read it. Perhaps if you could find a 'regular' version or a font with the same spacing/size you could make a 'guide' layer using Circletext. Then copy/paste the fancy version of each character on top (in a new layer, one letter at a time)?
  10. Welcome back Madjik - your effects are always an inspiration!
  11. Thanks! Only had a quick try so far but looks good. Useful to be able to select only part of the current palette to use.
  12. Hello rauhski - welcome to the forum! doesn't open up new windows. There is a tutorial here that should show you how to place images side-by-side:
  13. Interesting image Rickhum - some great textures and atmosphere. Like the opening scene of a sci-fi murder mystery.
  14. Great work Pixey - I like his (or her) cheeky little smile.
  15. Not sure if this may help
  16. circularthinking, please read this thread
  17. Happy Birthday Rick! May all your algorithms be fast and bug free.
  18. I meant that I especially like the scarf
  19. Clever pixel pictures Seerose! I like Pinguin's scarf.
  20. Xod - what OS are you using - if Windows 10, have you installed the 'creators update' yet?
  21. Bah - We've got to suffer for our art! You could try one of the many recolouring plugins. eg. Recolour choice Use the eye dropper tool to set the detection colour to the blue in the image. Run the effect. Set the replacement colour to white and transparency to zero (opacity really) and experiment with different tolerance levels and detection methods. I would think 'Hue only' should work. Increase 'blend edges' to get a smoother cut out. Good luck ... don't get eaten.
  22. I'm also using 4.0.17 (Beta 4.17.631831144). I don't get the vibrating image but the image does pan back to the middle when entering text. It doesn't seem to be related to cursor position on the image.