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  1. This Moshyfawn idiot is redistributing without permission.☹️ He (I assume the user is male), is redistributing my own effects. I have just downloaded one (Aardvark). It appears to be virus free and the same size as the original but I cannot be sure. However that's not the point! He is not collaborating and not creating anything - just stealing! @AndrewDavid & HyRez - if I take something of yours and redistribute it without your permission or knowledge how would you feel? Let's hope E.E.R's notice will change things.
  2. Hi Lynxster, What a colourful frog - Love it! - Many thanks for posting the image. Yes it seems to work well after Artything, Scribble, TGM and TGA. A subtle TGA layer on top (eg. overlay) can work well too.
  3. Good work Vagabondi! Thanks for posting the example images. I'm pleased you are experimenting with what it can do.
  4. That's the glitch! - good thinking & thanks πŸ˜‰ Now, how to get two links into that image?... I know it's possible... half joking/sigs don't show if not logged in so just me be O.C.D. - must stop washing my hands🀧
  5. Sorry - I know the forum accepts 'web.p' images but just testing and this uploaded image doesn't show either? Do we have to use links only??? Apologies for the triple posts - I'm just trying to get my 'sig' to work - without success!...Grrrrrr Admin please delete these superfluous posts πŸ˜‡
  6. Name: Grow .dll name: Grow Description: Iteratively compares each pixel to the surrounding ones and takes their values, depending on the mode and threshold chosen. Similar to the built-in 'Median' effect but with more options. Keywords: median, mean, grow, shrink, erode, dilate, dots, circles, squares, diamonds, smooth edge, bokeh, watercolour, outline Menu: Artistic Original release date: March 2020 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) Compatibility: Pdn 4+ only. Will NOT work on Pdn 3. Installation: For the free (classic) version of paint.net, download the '.zip' file. Righ
  7. Always good to see your latest creations! Love the flaming Sun/Star texture. (Does anyone know the difference between an upvote and a like? ... I don't πŸ™„)
  8. Pdn v 4.2.9 - Rotation of selection around the selection centre works as expected for me. Are you 100% certain you don't have a stray pixel selected unnoticed that could be skewing where the centre is? Does it work correctly if you deselect all then make a rectangular selection?
  9. If using LionsDragon's method, holding down shift while resizing may help to maintain aspect ratio. Or... Open the 4032*3024 image, go to Image/resize and reduce it to 512px and save with a different name. You can then select all and easily paste into another 512px image.
  10. Return of the Gypsy king!... Bravo😊... and respect to Wilder too.
  11. The instructions for the store version are here (near the bottom of the page). https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html Good luck ... and welcome to the forum!
  12. Am I barking up the wrong tree?... or just barking! relevant to the image above but irrelevant if that's not what you want
  13. Adjustments πŸ˜‰ Just select the area you intend to change... or add a frame subsequently. Rectangle select is very useful!
  14. Alpha Threshold worth a try! - Sorry the images have been sabotaged by the terrible image hosts.
  15. A kind and well meant offer but it does not solve the problem of people forgetting the settings of, often a succession, of effects. Personally I don't find this a great problem but if it needs solving then a 'global' solution seems best. What about the 99% of effects without a save settings option?
  16. Very impressive marble images from all this comp!
  17. Adding a save option to a default U.I. effect means rewriting it - a ton of extra work for a very minor benefit. Only a few plug-ins have this option (including my 'Scribble'...Null54 did the difficult bits!). Personally I never use the option and I don't think newer users would either... or would forget to save or where they saved it! An ability to record and save effects and adjustments used, with settings used in 'history' order, would be extremely useful. I suspect this could be done via a plugin but is way beyond me. The ideal solution would be for Rick to create an o
  18. Very likely to be 'Helix' I.M.O. - Could take a lifetime to get the same settings so it could be easier just to remove the logo and add lines in the gaps?
  19. Hi Vagabondi, Glad to see you making good use of Two-tone threshold! Impressive snow effect achieved in the first one. Many thanks for posting the example images and thanks for saying thanks!πŸ™‚
  20. What? Red - surely you jest πŸ˜„ ShapeMaker has the close path feature and as many nodes as you like. Curing the mis-match between the shape created and what appears on the layer would be appreciated!... I meant to back-up my reasoning on the 7th of the 16th! ... but thought you'd think it was just sour grapes. A line width adjustment within the the effect will also be very useful if drawing to the current layer (or default to line-width 1px if you don't want to add to the U.I.) and when re-opening the effect, ideally the bitmap backgroun
  21. So I sign in to quote this thread in relevance to the shapemaker thread and it asks me to do the CAPTCHA ordeal and squashes my post?☹️ Draw on canvas is currently broken (position mis-match) and needs a line width adjustment within the effect. I'm pleased TH has posted that he will address the issue.πŸ˜‰
  22. Thanks for posting the puffin, Vagabondi!πŸ˜‰ Great to see you exploring 'Scribble's' possibilities.
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