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  1. Another great result on the gear-wheel animation D.S. Many thanks for posting it and the tips.
  2. Cool! - You should go for it. Image looks good D.S. - thanks for posting it.
  3. Thank you Sasha and Nitenurse... Good to see you both frequenting the forum. I look forward to seeing what you come up with Sasha. Dipstick - That's brilliant! Your animation skills always amaze, thank you for posting it.
  4. ^I love the wobbly reflected gold line motif too! Thanks Eli.
  5. Thanks for posting Pixey. The frame looks great and compliments the bird image. Thanks Andrew ... I was tempted.
  6. LionsDragon and barbieq25, thanks for saying thanks! Thanks for the image Eli ... but the gold paint isn't quite dry yet!
  7. Cool image Lynxster - thanks for posting it! Have you tried: 1. The opposite angle 2. The negation blend mode. 3. Inverting the 'map' before use? If none of those work I can P.M. you the code, so you can tweak it for your needs. The tone gradient is what it is - I'm simply applying shading based on adding an offset angle.
  8. Excellent images by all so far - makes me thirsty!
  9. Tone Gradient Angle (new July '17) Name: TGAngle (Tone Gradient Angle)* Description: Shows the relative angle of the tone gradient giving various emboss effects. Menu: Stylize Original release date: 10th July 2017 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) .dll name: TGAngle Compatibility: Tested on Pdn3.5.11 and latest Pdn4 version. Firstly let me thank MJW! - I used the super-sampling techniques he showed me when writing 'Aardvark'. There are already similar effects available but the AAsmoothing and colouring blend choices should make this useful too. Run this on a layer with an image that has some variation in tone. The built-in 'Clouds' is good to test on. So are photographs but you will get better results if you resize the image to a reasonable size - say less than 1000 pixels (max side). Do try the metallic colouring options too!(These were designed to work with the colouring slider at halfway but do experiment). Hopefully you should see some screen shots below (image hosts permitting) that should give you some ideas. Please show me what you can create with it! *(Tone Gradient Magnitude gives good outline effects too - but I haven't finished writing that yet).
  10. Always a pleasure to see your latest creations!
  11. Same from me - I moved most of images to Imgur a few years back but not sure how long those links will work here either. What is the point of an image hosting service that won't host images? Botophucket!
  12. Thanks for your efforts MJW, (though I will probably never use this plugin). I didn't even know it was possible to use structs in codelab!
  13. E.E.R has just posted. I had a slightly different interpretation of the problem: Try looking for the original Pdn file, possibly. 1. On your Windows computer, Recycle bin? I guess you haven't configured windows back-ups? 2. On the USB drive? 3. On the Mac somewhere? Did you actually delete the Pdn file and empty the recycle bin, each time you moved it? If you did, I'm afraid you may have to put it down to experience, remember to back up important files and make an even better version next time! Good luck!
  14. Thank you Madjik - great to see you writing and sharing new effects! Beautiful and very quick! (Have you checked out TechnoRobbo's Strange attractors?)
  15. Try my Overblur for a more extreme way (it too can be used repeatedly producing concentric 'halo' type effects). PolyGlitch may also be useful.
  16. I think Pyro's Gridwarp is probably your best bet?... or read up on BoltBait's codelab tutorials and post on the developers central thread.
  17. You could try TR's Dodge and Burn in Blur mode. ...Or do the same manually by duplicating the layer, blurring the bottom layer, selecting the top layer and using the eraser at maximum softness along the join. If you want to create a plugin to smooth contrast, tone, hue etc. perpendicular to a line, I'm sure you would get help from the forum should it be needed. You could also investigate the 'Wireworm' PS plugin run through the PSfilter, as suggested by Pixey in another topic here.
  18. It says on the page where the plugin was published that it cannot use fonts if the font doesn't support a 'regular' version. ... well, that's how I read it. Perhaps if you could find a 'regular' version or a font with the same spacing/size you could make a 'guide' layer using Circletext. Then copy/paste the fancy version of each character on top (in a new layer, one letter at a time)?
  19. Welcome back Madjik - your effects are always an inspiration!
  20. Thanks! Only had a quick try so far but looks good. Useful to be able to select only part of the current palette to use.
  21. Hello rauhski - welcome to the forum! doesn't open up new windows. There is a tutorial here that should show you how to place images side-by-side: