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  1. Thank you so much! that will work fine. I'm not sure what the difference between the two algorithms are but the median cut will do the trick nicely. Thanks again.
  2. Hi. I recently saw a youtube video showing a program on photoshop that breaks down a photograph into color values. It could be set for however many values you wanted to see. Does paint.net have a similar plugin and if so, could you point me to it? Thanks for your help.
  3. I can't say thank you enough, both of you! I LOVE them!
  4. Hi again. I've had the speech bubbles for some time now and use them every day, but I'm in need of thought bubbles now. Just like a speech bubble but with puffy little cotton balls if you know what I mean. lol Does anyone know of a plugin for thought bubbles. Thank you so much.
  5. Edit to add: Oh my gosh! I had the brush size set as low as it could go and when I increased the size of the brush, I could see it just fine lol. But I'm going to keep it in dark mode. I like it!
  6. Thank you, I like the dark mode. It's much better. I bet the cursor has always been that small and I just never took notice of it.
  7. Just one more thing please. After I fixed my problem, my cursor became very tiny in PDN. So small that I lose track of it. Has it always been like that, or did I inadvertently cause it to happen by changing the PDN properties? If so, do you know where to restore the cursor? lol Thank you.
  8. That did it! Everything's working perfectly now. Thank you all once again. I'm so happy!
  9. I think I can do this with your well written reply, but I can't seem to find the PDN install folder. All I find is effects and pallets and things like that. Could you tell me where to find that specific install folder? I think I could take it from there once I find that folder. Thank you.
  10. It looks like you've answered both my questions. Thank you all, I really appreciate your help! P.S. Yes, the pressure adjustment was what I was referring to. Thanks again.
  11. Hi. The Liquefy plugin is one of my favorite plugins, but I'm having the same problem as some of you with the controls being partially covered and hard to access. I recently changed to a new monitor and from what I've read, that's probably the problem. Everything still work but I have two questions about it. 1: It seems like I remember a power setting, or sensitivity setting for Liquefy, but I can't find it now. Am I mistaken about that, or is it just hidden due to this problem with the controls being covered up? If a power setting does exist, where's it located? 2: I used the automatic installer to redownload the plugin this morning, thinking it might overwrite the plugin and fix the problem. It didn't fix it of course, and now I have two sets of these plugins under the effects tab. Then I went to the PDN effects folder to try and delete one set, but I seem to have only one set in the effects folder anyway. Is there a way to get rid of one of these sets of plugins under the effects tab? It's no big deal if I can't, but it would be nice if I can. Thank you.
  12. Thank you all so much. I added the shadow effect plug mentioned by Maximilian and it works great. I'll miss the old plug but this will do for now.
  13. Hi. I'm looking for a plugin I once had that was like a drop shadow, except you could lay the shadow along the floor by manipulating a round globe and move the shadow almost anywhere on the picture. Does anyone know the name of that plugin and where it's found? (effects?) Thank you.
  14. Edit to add. I did it Ms. Pixey!!! That worked and without winzip! Thank you again.
  15. Okay, I will read that Ms. Pixey. Thank you. And Ego, thank you as well.
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