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  1. Hi again. I've done everything suggested to try to rectify the problem. Please see my post here
  2. I'd done everything suggested all to no avail! I downloaded the windows installer cleanup utility and used it to remove PDN successfully and completely. After having done that, I deleted the directory from C/drive/program files/Paint.net... and checked everywhere else to be sure that every trace of PDN was gone including checking control panel/add and remove programs.( It was no longer there) I then deleted the zipped file containing the install file and re-downloaded it. (probably unnecessarily) When I tried to install it.... I got exactly the same problem all over again. However, on a
  3. Update. I've followed every instruction and suggestion with the exception of the download cleanup utility (which I'm advised by Microsoft is is damaging) all to no avail. The upgraded version 3.5.5 is still installed according to my control panel (add or remove programs) and it will not uninstall or work because of the problem associated with the installer package mentioned in my original post. It's become obvious to me that I hadn't tried to use it since I carried out the upgrade and the problem is in the v3.5.5 installer package which won't either fully install or uninstall.
  4. I'm having similar problems. Fatal error etc. 1603. The only thing different was that I had an earlier version installed which would no longer function after I upgraded. I then tried to uninstall the original version but ran into problems. I've spent 2 extremely frustrating days trying to get v3.5.5 installed and followed every instruction provided and suggested...all to no avail. If microsoft has removed something claiming it's harmful I'm not willing to risk using it!
  5. Hi Pyrochild. Thanks for the prompt reply. In following your advice, the pdncrash.log is blank. I've read the stickys on this but haven't seen the same problem mentioned. Since I completely deleted the previous version, my problem now is more related to installing the latest version 3.5.5. When I try to do that from the Paint.net.3.5.5.Install.exe, the installation stalls and I get a box with the following: Paint.net Setup Front-End has encountered a problem and needs to close. Followed by the usual tell micro-soft about this etc. I'm running XPpro and service pack 3. and have automa
  6. I’ve been using paint.net for a couple of years without a problem. However when I tried to use it today, I got the “Paint.net has encountered a problem and needs to close” message. I tried several of the usual fixes to no avail including trying to un-install it with a view to reinstalling it. However when I try to uninstall it I’m getting a pop up saying: ” There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor” When I close that box, I get another box saying “Fatal err
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