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  1. 1. Update to version 4.0.13 2. How many plugins do you have installed - try temporarily removing them and see if the start up time reduces.
  2. If each shape is an object on a separate layer then you could try my Aardvark plugin Set the Tiling to 'none' and the centre of tile to the centre of the object. This will at least give you more control over the resize values and a higher quality resize due to the higher sampling.
  3. Good results Pomegranate! - useful screenshots for the next time this question is asked too.
  4. Well done Shochi! (I love taking photos of clouds... I guess people think I'm eccentric)
  5. Thanks for publishing the codelab code MJW. Potentially (when I understand it) very useful ideas.
  6. Here's a link to some Lalique images that may inspire. Lalique images
  7. Cool animation Rickhum. 180 frames! - you must have the patience of a saint.
  8. Version 4.0+ won't work on XP?. Version 3.5.11 should do (but XP is obsolete really).
  9. dpyplugins8.1 is shown in your screenshot as a folder. You need the '.dll' files within that folder to be directly in Effects. You can open folders but NOT the '.dll' files. 1. Double-click the dpyplugins8.1 folder and select all files within. 2. Right click and select 'Cut' from the drop-down list. 3. Select the Effects folder, right click and select 'Paste'. 4. Now when the dpyplugins8.1 folder is selected it should say it is empty - if so, it can be deleted. 5. Restart and check the new effects are working. Good luck.
  10. 0. If an image has layers you can either use the magic wand on just that layer or on the whole combined image. 1. Try MJW's Edge Expander plugin. (Note the selection will need to be bigger than the object.) Edge Expander 2. Select something then remove parts of the selection by changing to the 'subtract' mode. Press the F1 key when Pdn is open and it will take you to the documentation.
  11. Very clever U.I. and functionality. Thanks for sharing! If only real plumbing was that easy! New central heating boiler fitted now. I'm warmer but considerably poorer.
  12. I just realized that! Sorry - at least we know it will be appreciated.
  13. Ooops - another comp I forgot to vote on. Well done Woodsy, Pixey and MJW - some mouth-watering images. Well hosted toe_head.
  14. Hi IIko, Have you tried the maximize (full screen) U.I. button at the very top right of the window and increasing the zoom level, right at the bottom?
  15. Thanks for this! - impressive U.I. You'll have to write an OptionBased UI tutorial.
  16. My sympathies on the loss of your father. Lovely images of him and Aaron.
  17. Yes, well done Pixey, Scooter and all who entered... a very tricky theme!
  18. (I think) I understand what you are saying - that 'Save As' should create and save a seperate flattened copy of the active image without changing the layered .pdn file? That can be done: 1. Edit/Select all 2. Edit/Copy Merged 3. Edit/Paste into new image 4. File/Save As 5. Close flattened version and re-select original .pdn file. A one click way to do this could be useful (possibly 'Export png' ?) but whether it is worth the developement time is up to the author Rick Brewster, who effectively works on this project for free.
  19. You're very good at these Woodsy! Some tricky shapes to wrap the veneer texture around - very successfully done! (I think there is a small problem with the direction of the reflections of the pearlescent knobs? - try duplicating the 'real' knobs and moving them down, without flipping vertically)
  20. That is bad news - I hope all goes as well as it can with your recuperation and re-adjustment.
  21. Off-topic: The angular measurements degrees, minutes and seconds always seemed odd to me. I read last night that 1 hour = 15 degrees, which kind of makes sense on a 24 hour clock face.(360/24 = 15). Of course I will still set my alarm clock in radians.