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  1. The image is 800 by 600 - standard new canvas then 'Image/rotate 90degs'. 2a. - Two ways to cure the tiny gaps which are noticeable on the outside curves:- Either run Gaussian blur followed by my 'Alpha threshold' plugin with the sliders to the left to make pixels more opaque. Or... install MJW's 'Object expander'* plugin and use at minimum settings to get a solid shape. Probably best to run the 'AA assistant'* plugin to smooth the edges after too. 2b. Once I had the base shape (in rainbow colours) I changed it to grey using 'Object2colour' 3. I just showed the effect of motion blu
  2. I half expected my flame OOTW to be disqualified immediately. (I was primarily testing how to link an image from a my website). @WB - I do think waiting a week, till just before the deadline to complain was very petty and frankly unkind. Having said that, I have NOT private messaged you and have NOT wished you or your family dead.
  3. Tom - You did well to get the base shape! Here are some ideas on ways to shade it. Do practice using layers, objects and selections... and do experiment with what plugin settings do. Pressing'F1' whilst in paint.net leads to the documentation if you are unsure. Good luck.😉
  4. A flame is NOT an object - unless in the programming sense that it belongs in the class of living things. It eats, breathes oxygen and moves. A flame without a spirit is dead! Thanks for waiting till the last minute to become so pedantic Timothy, no gamesmanship there. 🤣
  5. So they do!... so what is Ctrl+A for? Ye olde graphics programme!😄
  6. Is 'Select all' superfluous? Can 'Copy' use the active layer when no user selection has been made? When running an effect or adjustment it applies to the whole layer, even when 'nothing' is selected. This is because Pdn assumes the whole active layer to be the selection if there is no user selection. (I guess Rick knows this 😉). Please could the 'Copy' and 'Copy merged' instructions behave in the same way? ('Copy merged' is wonderfully useful b.t.w.) Reasons for: 1. It would save so many unnecessary mouse clicks! 2. The greying-out of the copy options is no
  7. ~deleted by @Pixey as it had object other than a flame. I do apologize @Red ochre I failed to be more specific and not allow anything BUT a flame~
  8. My condolences. He produced some great images and contributed a lot to the forum.
  9. Hi charliex! I really like this effect, thanks for sharing. Interesting the way the smaller circles tend towards squares... adds interest to the effect. It compliments DavidF's 'stipple' plugin and combines well with other artistic effects too. I accidentally ran it on a transparent (new) layer and it locked up. Cancel brings up the cancel message but then just hangs.(Try it). I had to stop Pdn using the task manager. Not good but I wasn't making anything of value at the time, so not tragic. Happy debugging!
  10. Mainly 'Slinky' and 'Aardvark' and use of layers. If you want to create 'sacred' shapes to re-use, you could explore the 'Shape-maker' plugin.😉
  11. I could not get 'Print-it' to work in either Pdn 4.16 (W10) nor 3.5.11(Vista!) - it just hangs,(sorry Martin). It does, however, show the printable area, which I found useful. The only viable way I have found to print at the correct size is to use MS 'Word 2007'(then paste the image in and adjust the position etc.). Even so, printers, well my printer (old drivers not w10 happy), does not accurately position the paper, additionally pre-cut paper is inaccurately stamped out (referring to pre-cut business cards). When creating a small number of differing business cards I found it eas
  12. 3D star: (Perhaps not 100% relevant to SZDXN's question but I'm not too clear about the bevel effect they require) 1. File/New image 800 by 800px. 2. Effects/Render/Gradients Galore:Shape = 6 petal flower, Dither = 0 or 1 for a more for a textured metal. 3. New layer. Set primary colour to red (for visabilty). Select shape tool six sided start. Set brush width to 1px. press & hold shift button then drag out a star shape from the top left corner and align to the gradient on layer 1. 4. Magic wand select outside the star on the shape layer. move to the gradient layer and
  13. Try 'Bez n curve' for 6 control points? (crude but still works in a very limited way). It was written as a 'stop-gap' but I realize Rick has plenty on the 'to do' list!😱 Midora's 'Path tools' didn't make a full release unfortunately. Shape-maker isn't really the ideal solution either.
  14. Possibly add an offset angle chooser and a '% of Max distance offset slider. Use the offset angle added to the angle to the edge pixel (sine ... or cosine) to multiply the % distance (so always smaller than max dist) and subtract/add that from the max distance divisor for the shading? ... Just thinking out loud ... quite possible that approach wouldn't work with the fast algorithm! Hope that made some sense? Good luck MJW. Was thinking about multiplying all distances by 255 then adding the object edge pixel alpha before dividing by 255, to get smoother results too? Just ideas
  15. Apologies Xod - my mistake! Thanks E.E.R. for making Xod's post clearer.😎 I did not know it was possible to link directly to that download without access to the forum HTML (id attribute?). M.J.W. - Feel free to release your version of 'edge shader' with the super-quick code. (The original idea would have been to detect the distance to the nearest edge AND the distance to an edge in the opposite direction. The idea being that this would automatically set the 'distance' between edges for the shading. That's just too complicated!... and cannot use your much quicker cod
  16. Hello 'Xod', Thank you for your Align plugin. I didn't see the need for a plugin like this but since you (& MJW) created it, I have found it very useful. Well done & thank you!😎 May I ask you, please, to remove the direct download of my plugin pack from the Object Bevel thread. I note that my pack currently has 22,900 downloads and yet another 9,000 in your downloaded then re-uploaded version on the Bevel object thread. I'm sure you were only trying to help but a simple link to my plugin pack download page would have sufficed. Please consider how you would
  17. Happy New Year HyRez - no better training than E.E.R's Documentation (F1 while in Pdn) in my opinion but always useful to see other interpretations... but if they are happy to promote stolen virus infected sites they might not be the best teachers??? Yes my Commodore 64 still works! ... but too much work to flip out the low res and write fun stuff.
  18. You're probably going to have to decide on on black (or whatever colour you want) and magenta (deemed as transparent), that means the edges will look jagged but, unless I'm wrong - could well be, the only option is to divide the image into opaque or transparent?
  19. It looks unlikely that the Garmin bmp/magenta hack has levels of transparency? - binary...either opaque or clear(signalled by magenta)? If that is the case? (ToeHead will know) then few options. Possibly, set Secondary 'color' to magenta and use 'Two tone threshold', with the sliders together to get the best outcome? There are probably many other ways - but it seems unlikely you will get smooth edges - but it's a 32px icon - no-one notices!;-) ... There is probably a better answer waiting.
  20. For <No cursing.>'s sake HyReZ!... they link to the MEGALO pack? Sorry for the bad language and happy new year everyone ... I'm sure users will be more offended by downloading a virus than by me using a naughty word!
  21. Thank you very much for remembering me ReMake - very kind of you and greatly appreciated. E.E.R., Eli, Seerose, Lynxster, Pixey and Maximilian, many thanks for the good wishes, images and Gifs.
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