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  1. No problem - not urgent for me. I think it is closely related to the problem here? Not Enough Memory
  2. beta 4.16.6315.33981 Firefox copy image (same image as before) File/new is fine, creates 800 * 600 image as expected.(It previously seized up at this point). Unfortunately Edit/Paste or Edit/Paste into new layer still caused a 'not responding' hang. Didn't seem to be any C.P.U. usage. Edge copy File/New = fine. Edit/Paste fine. No crashes or hangs. Chrome copy image File/New = fine Edit/Paste fine. No crashes or hangs.
  3. Thanks for sharing Drew! Good to see (and hear) you. Jools is on again tonight ... later
  4. I just tried using Chrome and that works perfectly, I then tried Edge and it crashed Pdn - Crashlog below.
  5. I took a look at the Reliability monitor and noticed some problems with the MS update on the 12th and have just performed a full Kaspersky scan (no threats found). Here are links to screenshots that may help - most of it is meaningless to me! I'm not familiar with Windows Performance Recorder but if it will help, let me know what you need.
  6. You could try my 'Facet' plugin - or 'Cuboids' both square based not hexagonal unfortunately. Facet Cuboids
  7. O.K. that's weird. After the problem reproduced many times yesterday and earlier, now it Pastes fine BUT creating a new image causes a not responding message. Windows 10 is fully up to date. C.P.U around 5% see screen shot here I had task manager running before attempting paste, the spike is when I tried File/new, I think.
  8. System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Edition: Windows 10 Home Version: 1607 (last updates installed 12/04/2017 - NO Creators update yet) OS Build: 14393.1066 Firefox is version 52.0.2 (32-bit)
  9. Using Firefox 52.0.2 (32bit), Windows 10 up to date. If I right click on my recent image here problem image select copy image. Then if I go into Pdn and use Edit/Paste it hangs and says not responding. However, if I choose 'Paste into new layer' it works ok (a little slower than expected but no hang). My image is hosted on Imgur. Reproduced same behaviour every time for me. If I try the same thing on E.E.R's map image in the post below, the right click context menu is different but copy image followed by paste in Pdn works as expected. I hope that helps track down the problem. Edit: Additionally, just having the image on the clip board means File/ new image sends Pdn into a not responding state.
  10. Congratulations on the Galleria award and well done Pixey for nominating. It's high time you started a gallery too! Really good suite of height map effects. Thanks. (Just realised I'm using the original version of texture shader.) Some of my experiments:
  11. Thank you for the v4.0.15 update. I like the new non-anti-aliased brush (and eraser) behaviour at big sizes! But should the Hardness slider be greyed-out when non-anti-aliased is selected? (as it has no affect). Just a thought - I'm not that pedantic.
  12. With a relatively small number of entries for most of the comps it would be a shame to have even fewer. Perhaps if someone wins two in a row the prize/penalty should be publishing a tutorial! Glad you're back Woodsy.
  13. ^Not at all and I hope my comment didn't offend Pixey, AndrewDavid or dipstick either. The voting in Pdn comps generally (probably all 'art' comps), is very subjective. There seem to be plenty of guidelines for entry rules, but little instructions for the voters. Generally should we: 1. Vote purely on the image as if we do not know who has created it? (styles are easily recognisable) 2. Consider the normal 'style' of the entrant - if a someone produces something far better than they previously have, should they be encouraged? 3. If someone wins regularly should they be less favoured because they always win or more favoured because they contribute so much to the forum? 4. Are we voting for technical ability, appeal of the image, creativity etc. etc.? 5. Should newbies get an encouraging vote? 6. How many votes are sensible for the number of entrants. Should we have PR - and which system? 7. Will there be drugs testing? Additionally, the voting went a bit awry this time (No blame toe_head, computers are baffling for me too ;-)). I voted the first time but not the second, I only intended to cast one vote. Hope that made some sense, didn't offend everyone and sorry it should have been in discussions somewhere , I guess. Bottom line is thanks to all that competed, voted and t_h for running things.
  14. Ever decreasing circles! Can we relax rule 27 - please? (just kidding rcoombs)
  15. But they are actual light! - try the additive blend mode. (I'd like a way of mixing that mimicked real pigments! - but that's too complex for me - real pigments behave both as filters (additive) and subtractively). Raw Umber is a weird one: - with solvent it is a dark yellow, with white pigment added it tends towards purple? lovely stuff! Big difference between light red and pink too? ... Are you unhappy about the red/green transition?... yellows too dark?... I've tried the previously suggested squaring algorithm with little benefit. Computer screens just seem a bit weak on vibrant yellows, but all colour is relative. I cannot see anything wrong in the way pdn handles colour but you are welcome to experiment via codelab.
  16. Curiously, I found that video recently while looking for the tab. Very impressive musicianship, however, for me the original is the only one that expresses the feeling. (disagree and I'll hex you!;-)). We all need more snorts and tusks. Chuck Berry - king of R&R has gone! - I still can't play most of his 'simple' licks and his metronomic timing is hypnotic. Unsurpassed. Guess it won't be long for Little Richard or the Killer, ah well, most of the best are dead. Gilmour/Townsend. I've got this on a stretched cassette tape. So the internet has some advantages. Great album (About face)btw.
  17. Congrats all! Good to see all the different approaches... all successful, in my opinion! Not so many entries, or voters this time (probably guilty, sorry) but a good theme. Great textures Beta0! - inspiring. Special congrats and thanks Pixey.
  18. Hi Remake, If you change the Secondary 'Color' opacity to zero, it will extend the canvas with a transparent area. Personally I would prefer it to use transparent white as the default though.
  19. I slightly prefer the first version. There's a touch too much blur on the glass in the second one for me. Just my personal taste. I do admire your use of line. Very skilful to portray a cat in just a few lines like that!