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  1. Very impressive image Woodsy - well done! Great textures and lighting. I'm glad you found Vanishing Point useful.
  2. Object 2 colour Since the text is on its own transparent layer it is an 'object'. Forget that - it looks like you've put your text on an opaque white layer?
  3. Not you Pixey... (I wouldn't dare!) Personally, I've avoided having eye tests as I don't want glasses but find I'm holding books further and further away, so it'll be glasses soon ... or arm extensions.
  4. No idea how or why that happened I'm afraid. Hopefully the above image will make diagnosing the problem easier for those of us with older eyes.
  5. Seems unlikely. says this:
  6. Congrats on the well deserved Galleria acceptance. (The peacock brooch received more than one nomination!)
  7. To copy the src to the dst surface you can simply use - dst.CopySurface(src,rect.Location,rect); Instead of the y & x loops you have at "//replicate background". You could also use the method "Int32Util.ClampToByte()" instead of the 'Clamp2Byte()' method. Hope that helps.
  8. Pdn 4.0.13 Just copied MJW's sunflower image (latest firefox/right click/ copy image) - opened Pdn with a view to creating a new image and pasting. Didn't get that far as Pdn locked up. Cursor still moved but no controls worked - including minimize and close. Closed it using task manager. No 'program not responding message'. No error message, No crash report, just 'froze'? Tried a second time and I get the same out of memory error message as above. All these crash reports mention 'useEmbeddedColorManagement' but I thought Pdn didn't use that anyway? Solved (for me) Disabled the Pinterest Firefox plugin.
  9. Not enough control over your wayward moustache? Try new improved Flourish! (post 1)
  10. Hi Pixey, I can't help with the PrtSc key not working (looks like Remake has solved that) but you could create a shortcut to the built-in Windows 'snipping tool'. I find it useful for tutorial/plugin graphics. Mine is in Windows/system32/SnippingTool.exe but you should be able to search for it.
  11. I like to see a mixture of hand drawn and computer assisted images - best of both worlds! Great image - thanks for posting it... invert and stretch the moustache and it could be Dali!
  12. Beautiful images Iron67 - Bravo! I hope we see more in due course.
  13. I know using the default UI and a button to not show the control points is a bit of a hack but writing a custom UI means a ton of extra work. This was written as a 'stop gap' as positioning the native Beziers in Pdn is tricky. For advanced users the Shapemaker plugin is a better alternative now. Eli - I started work on a tapered Bezier plugin but ran into a few problems when the edges crossed at extreme settings. Might see if I can fix it, no promises though.
  14. User AndrewDavid kindly informed me that Bezncurve crashed Pdn 4.0.13. I have re-written it (and an option for dot dash lines). Download in post 1. Runs on Pdn 3.5.11 AND Pdn 4.0.13 (for me) - DO report any problems! I will update the v10 plugin pack as soon as I can.
  15. Digital images are just a collection of integer numbers between 0 and 255! Obviously they mean more to us than they do to the computer. For a 'bitmap' program like Pdn, it makes little difference to the computer if the image is a blank canvas or has had umpteen effects applied to it... just numbers. Well, not even that, just switches turned off or on (or undecided if the voltage is wrong)... as I understand it. In other words it shouldn't crash because you've applied too many effects to an image. It could crash if you're moving the controls too much and not letting it 'catch up'. (Installing too many effects can slow down the start time of Pdn - but only if you have hundreds) Yes, TechnoRobbo is much missed - a very bright and helpful person. I believe he is alive and well but understandably devoting less time to Pdn.
  16. Unfortunately TechnoRobbo hasn't been on the forum for ages, so it's unlikely to get fixed soon. I did a quick test and no crashes - can you remember exactly how you crashed it? Best to save your image before using this one then.
  17. High praise indeed Sasha! Thank you. I know there are many far more capable plugin writers here on the forum, so it is very flattering to be described as 'the master'. ... Or did you mean the Dr Who baddie? Looking forward to seeing what you can create using it. Thanks LionsDragon - drawing accurately using the mouse is always a challenge for me too.
  18. Lovely images Seerose - many thanks for posting them.
  19. Thanks Shochi and Pixey - glad you are exploring the shapes it can make and thanks for posting the image.
  20. Updated version uploaded. Ego Eram Reputo suggested changing the 'LineJoin' pen property to 'Round'. This solves the artifact problems with the outline! - many thanks E.E.R. I've also added the choice to fill the figure before (+ve) or after (-ve) outlining the shape, using the outline width slider. Apologies to those that have already downloaded - please update, this version is better.
  21. Name:Flourish Description:Renders double spiral shapes Keywords:Spirals, Archimedean spirals, Logarithmic spirals, f hole, treble clef, curve, calligraphy, tendril, leaf, swirls Menu: Render Original release date:5th February 2017 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) .dll name: Flourish Compatability:Tested on Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn 4.0.12 Now in my 10.1 pack Red ochre plugin pack V 10.1 Updated 12th Feb 2017 - added a control for how the width changes along the length - see screen shot below The examples below are probably better than any description I can give. There are some 'oddities' in the way Windows (G.D.I.+) fills and outlines shapes like this. If that is a problem reduce the width so that lines do not overlap and/or reduce the outline width. Please do post examples of images made using 'Flourish'.
  22. True - I like the colours in the second one. I always enjoy your latest images.