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  1. I'm glad you are safe Seerose ... we were all worried about you!
  2. Great potential - thanks for sharing!
  3. Me too 😉 Interesting use of effects and some great results Vagabondi
  4. I'm glad you're finding it useful and thanks for saying thanks and posting the images... I like the sofa/picture regression concept!😉 Good luck with your website.
  5. Midora's unreleased 'peephole' lines tool
  6. I was writing some suggestions but I've clearly offended you both - sincerely not meant - I apologize! So not much point in giving feedback that will not be considered. Understandable, you have both invested a lot of time in codelab. Many thanks for your hard work.
  7. I very rarely use codelab these days (sorry!)... so my advice is very dated! (as are some of the tutorials I believe). I use VS19 as it can copy the output direct to Effects folder (when run as admin) - so no messing around with Bat files (I don't want Covid19!).😄 Also more control over the U.I. prop rules, intellisense refactoring suggestions, etc. I know you have put a lot work into making codelab more like VS but I wonder if it has become too complex for beginners? - perhaps consider a 'code lab light' for those with zero C# experience. It's easy to forget how da
  8. You will need to have read Boltbait's codelab tutorials first! I expect most of those errors are due to the controls and the values they pass into the Render method being declared and named slightly differently to the way codelab does it. ... or possibly you haven't deleted the correct things in the codelab window before pasting. It'll be good practice for you to solve these simple errors.😉 Hint 1: 'Curvetypes' will be replaced by 'byte' - see Drop-Down List Box https://boltbait.com/pdn/codelab/help/uielements.php
  9. I'm pretty sure zooming in would mean creating a custom U.I. - a ton of work (and lots I'd have to learn!). It was originally written using codelab so should be easy enough to get the VS version to run in codelab. (I converted it to Visual studio mainly to add a sample image - which wasn't possible in codelab at the time). Codelab has changed a lot since 2013 when I wrote the original and the 'G.D.I.+' stuff should be easier to look up on microsoft now. Here is the VS code - you can probably ignore all the stuff at the top and copy and paste (from line 279 downwards
  10. I could increase the accuracy of the coordinate input boxes. (this should be relatively easy as it's in visual studio). These currently work as a percentage of the selection size - so not a direct Cartesian coordinate. I could 'hard wire' two integer sliders (per control point) if you know the maximum selection size ... 1000px? These values could then be protected to limit them to within the given selection... so could lie, but not crash, if used on another sized selection? Zooming-in would be beyond my skills! I could try these changes for a one-o
  11. Hello Ketenks, You could try my 'Callicolour' effect using just one line (four points) or 'Bezncurve' (six points). Both in my plug-in pack. ... A bit clunky I know but may save you the time of writing a bespoke plug-in.😉
  12. Thank you Vagabondi! - for posting the images and ongoing interest in my effects. Much appreciated!😉 Love the sunset one but what is the bird in the first image? Little Egret, Heron, Stork or another species completely?
  13. Djisves - Thanks for posting the image and saying thanks. What a great result, very crisp detail to the foreground sea texture, very atmospheric - well done! Icegodes - thanks for posting your image and sorry for late reply too. I'm glad you found the technique useful for the background with some surreal structures growing in the foreground. Great imagination! Maximilian & Vagabondi - thanks for the positive comments about using 'Aardvark' for tilting the sea and sky textures. Welshblue - thanks for posting the Excalibur image and suggestion to use 'Furblur' for water
  14. Try this This isn't really the correct section to ask for this... but you are a new user... welcome! Perhaps a moderator can move the thread?
  15. Did you click 'finish' after image 1? (I couldn't see your video).
  16. The subtle paper texture on the burning butterfly works really well! That one is my favourite but they are all good.😉 Your ideas have always been strong and your range of techniques to express them is expanding.
  17. It may be easier to install 'custom brushes mini' then create your own doubled brush. eg. Two opaque dots on a 500px transparent .png - saved in Documents/Paint.NET user files/Custom Brushes.
  18. ^ Probably asking for prettier earrings 😊
  19. Stay safe and keep creating! That cake does look good.😉
  20. Reptillian, lynxster4, Vagabondi, Eli, welshblue, Pixey, Remake - Thanks all for taking a look and for the comments and reps.😊 @Eli - The figure on the left is a stylized 'plague doctor'. During the plagues of the middle ages people would protect themselves by wearing a beak shaped mask filled with 'medicinal' herbs. Probably as just good as the face masks I see being worn by the public. Onions!... now there's a new fetish!😁 @Pixey - seems it's just me then... I've probably seen too many Hans Bellmer drawings.
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