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  1. Rick Brewster

    Levelling destroys image

    You can't create a new image that is larger than 65,535 pixels in either dimension. You can load images of that size but things won't work in a bunch of situations.
  2. Rick Brewster

    DDS files not available

    Did you try looking in Settings -> Plugin Load Errors? I'm not sure if anything will be there, but it's worth a look
  3. I'm focusing on the RAM amount because you said you're opening a lot of images. That uses up a lot of RAM, which can cause crashes. More RAM helps, and ensuring you're on a 64-bit edition of Windows is basically mandatory.
  4. There is no reason to use Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is a free update. Not even Microsoft supports Windows 8 anymore.
  5. Same as issue as this one, so I'll merge the threads: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/112846-crashes-immediately-on-startup-after-later-windows-update-0x8876017c/
  6. Paint.NET no longer runs on Windows 8, although 8.1 is fine. The technical details: https://blog.getpaint.net/2017/10/23/paint-net-4-0-20-and-net-4-7/
  7. Rick Brewster

    Happy Birthday Rick Brewster!

    Thanks everyone 😄
  8. Rick Brewster

    DDS files not available

    Paint.NET does support DDS but it's out-of-date, hence the plugin. I'm planning on upgrading the built-in functionality sometime this year, and hopefully the plugin will no longer be necessary.
  9. Rick Brewster

    Levelling destroys image

    Paint.NET won't work very well, or at all, with an image that is 272K pixels wide. It's really limited to 65,535 pixels in either dimension.
  10. Rick Brewster

    Paint.net crashes when i want to zoom

    It's the Discord Overlay.
  11. Rick Brewster

    Levelling destroys image

    Yeah Paint.NET falls apart at those image sizes. I do try to fix things as they come up, but it's not the safest space to play in. I'll file a bug and see if this can get a fix for the next release. Thanks for the bug report! And thanks for the detailed repro information, @Zagna
  12. Rick Brewster

    WHAT IS THIS (NoHardwareDeviceException)

    A simple search would've found it 😂
  13. Rick Brewster

    Levelling destroys image

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by "destroys" ? Screenshots would help, and maybe even a video. If you could provide one of these images that cause this to happen, that would really help too.
  14. Rick Brewster

    Antialiased selection for plugins?

    Effects only have access to the selection via the PdnRegion (which is just a wrapped GDI+ Region), which unfortunately doesn't give you access to the polygon. Internally the selection is a GeometryList which is basically just a PointF[][] (a "poly-polygon"). Having access to that would make it (relatively...) straightforward to determine the outline (I'm not sure how you treat "holes" for your algorithm), and then render a mesh, instead of doing per-pixel IsVisible testing. If that sounds useful I can look into providing access in the next update.
  15. Rick Brewster

    Antialiased selection for plugins?

    The selection is stored as a polygon, and then rasterized to an 8-bit alpha mask for the purposes of rendering. The 8-bit mask is essentially a cache, however, and there's no per-pixel manipulation. What are you trying to do?