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  1. That's just where things have to go, stan. Especially if a plugin also wants to be compatible with the Windows Store version of Paint.NET.
  2. Paint.net Discord

    Which is a little hilarious because the Discord Overlay currently causes Paint.NET to crash when you zoom
  3. Add DIB file extension

    What exactly do you need DIB for? Are you just asking for completeness or do you have some task that makes use of it? And why would you need it built-in if there's already a plugin for it?
  4. I know the answer to this one but I'll let the "scanner" do its job
  5. The shortcut keys for tools aren't toggles, they're "chords." So the shortcut key for Shapes isn't 'o', but rather 'o o'. The second 'o' must be within a second or so of the first one. It doesn't matter which tool you have active. It's done this way so that the chord is context-free: it doesn't change depending on which tool you have active, it's always the same.
  6. /auto prompts for .NET

    You need to install .NET first. It has its own command-line parameters for automation. Paint.NET's /auto has never auto-installed .NET.
  7. Increase pointer size

    Hrumph. That's not how it's supposed to work. But if you're switching between monitors with different DPI settings, that may explain it. Paint.NET does not handle that. I've filed a bug in any event.
  8. Increase pointer size

    Mouse pointers should already scale with the system DPI setting, no? It should use the floor of the integer of the scaling. That is, 125% is 1.25x which gives 1.0x scaling for cursors, but 200% DPI will give you 2x larger cursors
  9. Glitches and hangs

    If your UI turns into red crosses, you need to save and quit IMMEDIATELY. Red crosses means it's running into errors internally just trying to load UI icons and is staving off a crash that should've happened earlier but will still happen soon. And yes, 32-bit is bad. You should reinstall a 64-bit version of Windows, and get more than 2GB of RAM.
  10. There might actually be an option for this sometime soon. Enough folks have been gathering pitchforks for me to look into it ... (example: )
  11. Go Patriots!!!

    go football!
  12. CodeLab versions

    Yes, like BB says, please upgrade to Windows 10 ... XP is just a security nightmare. It's really irresponsible to be using it these days
  13. Hi

    Are you a spam robot?
  14. Yikes ... this shouldn't _crash_ at least. Bug filed, thanks!
  15. This is not a bug. Paint.NET needed to allocate memory and it couldn't, so it told you instead of crashing. Are you using a 64-bit edition of Windows? If not, I recommend you switch to that.