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  1. 12) Do you have a laptop with an NVIDIA Quadro M1000 video card (or similar) ? If so, Microsoft and NVIDIA broke things in the latest Windows 10 Creators Update. Symptoms include crashing at startup, or not even being able to run the installer. The crash log will say something about "NoHardwareDeviceException" (which, I should add, is ridiculous because this is happening on software rendering code paths!) The fix is here: (tl;dr: configure the NVIDIA Control Panel to auto-select the Integrated (Intel) GPU instead of the NVIDIA one)
  2. Yeah there's a bug in either the Win10 Creators Update or the NVIDA driver that it comes with, but only for some laptop Quadros chips.
  3. Crashing on startup

    It will say Copyright 2015 if you haven't installed the updated builds. Notice how it says "OS Version: 10.0.10586" in the crash log. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_10_version_history The first step here is to make sure you install ALL WINDOWS UPDATES. Do not sit on old versions of Windows 10. That just leads to bad things happening. Once you've installed all of the latest updates, and your System info says "Copyright 2017" (winver will say "OS Build 15063.540"), then come back and let us know if paint.net is now working or still crashing.
  4. Crashing on startup

    crash log says 4009 MB ...
  5. paint.net 4.0.17 is now available!

    That's a Windows thing, not Paint.NET. Should be in the "Sound" control panel on the tab called "Sounds".
  6. HELP! Spontaneous crushes...

    It's crashing while trying to save a crash log to disk. It can't even call System.Environment.GetWorkingSet() just to figure out how much memory is being used. It's having trouble asking DirectX what the name of the video card is. And then at the very bottom it can't find psapi.dll which is a standard Windows component that never gives any trouble. Something is broken and it's not Paint.NET. Restarting might just help. Not restarting is, in my opinion, silly. If you don't want to restart, that's your perogative. But Paint.NET probably won't work until you do. You asked "why?" Well I don't know why it's crashing. You've got all the information we can give you and you just have to make your own decisions.
  7. HELP! Spontaneous crushes...

    Your system appears to be super broken. You will want to run chkdsk and sfc /scannow ... immediately
  8. PaintDotNet.Direct2D.. Install crash.

    I believe this should help: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111269-install-error-paintdotnetdirect2dnohardwaredeviceexception-0x8899000b/?do=findComment&comment=532844
  9. Will paint.net ever happen for Mac?

    use a VM like Parallels
  10. Hang Bug in a "Levels.." tool!

    Yup, happens for me too. Thanks for reporting this! I'll see how fast I can fix it Although I wish you'd reported it a year ago!
  11. PDN tooltips

    I've never noticed this either! I'm sure there's a way to fix it I've filed a bug. Thanks!
  12. roblox

    Okay, so? This is a paint.net forum ... are you in the right place?
  13. Transparent selection function

    Don't forget to set Tolerance to 0%. I missed that step. Then it selects only the same color as what you click on.
  14. Missing .msi File - Cannot install.

    Installing the MSI will remove your ability to use the auto-updater, btw. What version of Windows are you using? Is it Windows 10? You may be able to install the Windows Store version, which unfortunately isn't available today, but should be soon (I'm shooting for "August").