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  1. Nah. The setup UI uses .NET, therefore .NET has to be installed before even the setup UI can execute. Installing .NET beforehand isn't just convention, it's legitimately required.
  2. Rick Brewster

    Forum software upgrade?

    4.3 has lots of stuff https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-43-r1055/
  3. Glad it's working now Can't do that. Paint.NET requires .NET to install. That setup UI is written using .NET. You can't install something without the dependency. Also, I'm not going to spend a lot of time to engineer something that is only useful occasionally by someone who hasn't installed their updates. Just install your updates! The solution here is just a better way of communicating this to the user so they don't have to scratch their head and wander on to the forum for a solution.
  4. Yeah ... I didn't expect this As you say, you can start up the app by running shell:AppsFolder\dotPDNLLC.paint.net_h55e3w7q8jbva!dotPDNLLC.paint.net ... but you can't give it any command-line arguments. I'll look into this for the next update. Thanks!
  5. Have you installed all Windows Updates yet? If you've done a "fresh" Windows 10 install or upgrade then you might not be on the latest "big" update. If this is the case, then going to Windows Update and installing everything, rebooting, and then repeating until the well is dry ... and theninstalling Paint.NET, will fix things. https://blog.getpaint.net/2017/10/23/paint-net-4-0-20-and-net-4-7/ I'm planning on making this clearer in subsequent updates. Not just "oops failed" but more like "hey you need Windows 10 v1607 or newer, go get your Windows Updates installed".
  6. Rick Brewster

    Crashes on start up

    Looks like your WPF DLLs are corrupt (which is part of .NET Framework). Repairing that should help. Maybe "sfc /scannow" will be needed -- I'm not actually sure how you repair .NET when it's built-in to Windows 10 ...
  7. Also, it's not enough to tell me what's wrong the the translation. I don't know French, so I need to know what the replacement should be.
  8. Yes, that would be my preferred solution
  9. Rick Brewster

    SP1 Problem for paint.net 4

    Please make sure that you also enable the automatic installation of Windows Update.
  10. Rick Brewster

    Tablet version?

    If it runs Windows, yes. Otherwise, no.
  11. Rick Brewster

    Is it possible to increase UI text size?

    Paint.NET works very well when the DPI scaling is increased. It does _not_ work very well when only the UI font size is adjusted. Microsoft has thankfully hidden that setting deeper and deeper with each Windows release. Because it just doesn't work.
  12. Rick Brewster

    Resynthesizer for Paint.net

    I dunno, seems like a cool idea to me. I think they were just pointing out that it's still possible to achieve that specific result.
  13. If it's random, then this seems like a hardware problem
  14. Looks like you're saving as an 8-bit PNG. When the Save Configuration dialog pops up, which you can force by using File->Save As..., make sure to select "Auto" for the bit-depth.