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  1. Is F: a removable drive? If so, you can't install to it.
  2. Okay thanks for the video and the image! I'll look into this for 4.1.7, and I'll reply to this post when it's resolved
  3. I'm planning to add HEIC support in 4.1.7. It will require that you have Windows 10 v1809+ installed, as it has the HEIC codec built-in. I'm currently migrating many of the other file types from GDI+ to WIC, and once that's done it shouldn't be too difficult to add HEIC support. Saving HEIC files may need to wait for Windows 10 v19H1 or whatever the next big update is. And, just to be clear, Windows 7 and 8.1 will not be able to work with HEIC files in 4.1.7. They do not have the WIC codec for HEIC.
  4. If you can make a video to show this, that would help a lot. You won't necessarily get the same results with Image->Resize vs. Move Selected Pixels if what you're selecting and transforming is not the entire image.
  5. I'm sure your readers can figure things out from your screenshots with the old icons. Update if someone expresses frustration. Until then, have faith in your readers' abilities. Maybe include a note saying the icons were updated in March 2019 and you're still updating the screenshots. I'm not going to hold back because of a book/tutorial, especially one that nobody told me about. There is no contract that says the icons will remain static. Software changes, y'all should know that by now. Anyway this topic is done. It's been answered. Any further posts on this will be closed.
  6. Make sure to look for PaintDotNet.exe in the Details tab of Task Manager.
  7. You cannot remove this dialog. If you want "open the image" (not archive), that's the default option, so just press enter.
  8. Yes, I'm fully aware of all of this. "Extracting" the source code isn't actually that simple. You can study it in a disassembly with dotPeek or Reflector, but you won't really be able to make changes and rebuild it. Even if you tell it to emit a directory structure full of .CS files.
  9. I've got an idea for something that may be able to fix this... no promises, it's speculative, but it would be in 4.1.7 if it does work since it should be easy.
  10. You can use ClipSpy ( https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/168/ClipSpy ) to check out what's actually on the clipboard It's an ooooooollllllllddddddddd tool but still totally works. I can supply binaries if you need, it might only have the source code up at that link. From there, I can tell you whether the black is turning into transparent because of normal clipboard ambiguity (a Windows design flaw), or because of something Paint.NET is doing wrong.
  11. I'll look into this for the next update ... you may get blurrier cursors in 4.1.7 but at least they'll be the right size.
  12. Scaling the pointers is actually very easy for to do in the code. However, they would be blurry. It may be better than being tiny though ... The reason they're tiny at 175% is that I've code them to scale with respect to the integer floor of the scaling. This avoids blurring (via bilinear resampling) or objective ugliness (via nearest neighbor). The floor of 1.75 is 1.0, so you get the original size. If you were at 200% then the cursors would be doubled in size (with respect to pixels).
  13. There are some bugs with the error handling here that I'm planning to address in 4.1.7. If it's stuck at "Finishing..." for a really long time, and it's not using any CPU in Task Manager, nor any disk, then ... it's a zombie. Seems to happen more on low-memory systems, or if the disk is bad or out of space.
  14. Well, we can see how it goes I do get requests for a Mac version on occasion and I just say "sorry but you can use Parallels/VMWhatever". This gives me a more concrete tutorial to link to.