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  1. Performance/rendering problems

    Okay thanks. This might be related (no fix though yet): https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111747-paintnet-slows-down-quickly-and-eventually-freezes/ I have a task filed to investigate performance on systems with dual core CPUs. Something may have regressed here. (paint.net's performance is mostly affected by clock speed and core count ... i3 vs i5 vs i7 is mostly about cache size on the laptop/mobile side of things)
  2. cant save 61440x48060 image

    Unfortunately GDI+/WIC just does not like saving images of this size I've tried this before too on my desktop with Dual Xeons and 64GB of RAM ... I was able to save as PDN and TGA, but definitely neither JPEG nor PNG.
  3. selecting a scanner for more than one time

    Sorry, but that scanning UI is a Windows component that I can't modify like that :-\
  4. paint.net Stuck in older version?!

  5. I'm certain it's possible in principle, there's no denying that. The question is whether GDI+ or WIC provides access to this information at all.
  6. Well, I'll file a bug to track this anyway. Who knows, it may end up being easy to fix at some point.
  7. Basic color palette

    Also, don't forget to install updates. The latest version is 4.0.17.
  8. DDS FileType Plus (2017-09-19)

    Also, please note that I am planning to integrate this in to Paint.NET soon (null54 gave me permission to do this). Hopefully within the next few months, depending on how the update scheduling goes. So if you install an update and your ".dds2" files suddenly won't open in Paint.NET, then that's why. Rename them back to ".dds" and you'll be good.
  9. DDS FileType Plus (2017-09-19)

    (I edited the description above so that the "Note that a DDS file..." is in bold and with a larger font size)
  10. DDS Files

    Avoiding the file renaming silliness (an artifact of the plugin system more than the plugin) is a big reason for integration
  11. DDS Files

    It may be a newer type of DDS file, which isn't currently supported by Paint.NET. I'm planning to integrate the following plugin into Paint.NET later this year. Until then, install it and if it works you should send a few bucks to null54 for his awesome work (there's a donate link at the top)
  12. Copying to clipboard with plugin

    You can't use the clipboard in OnRender. You can only use the clipboard from an STA thread, which includes the UI thread. This is a limitation of Windows.
  13. Copying to clipboard with plugin

    Don't forget error handling. If you don't have some kind of try/catch around your clipboard calls, you WILL cause a crash. The clipboard is a cantankerous old jerk.
  14. What were the specs on the old computer? Particularly, what CPU type, e.g. "Intel Core i5-2500K", and memory size? Your new laptop is an Intel Core i5-4302Y, which isn't actually a very fast CPU (no offense). It may be newer, lighter, use less power, and not run as hot, but I'm curious if it might actually be slower! It maxes out at only 2.3 GHz according to https://ark.intel.com/products/76613/Intel-Core-i5-4302Y-Processor-3M-Cache-up-to-2_30-GHz File saving should be mostly CPU bound, not disk bound. So either your CPU is actually slower (which I can't assert without the answer to the above question), or something else is going on that we need to figure out. Once I know what the old CPU was, that'll help me figure out if things are slower because they actually should be slower, or if maybe I made a tweak somewhere that's hurting performance on a 2C/4T CPU like your new one. Anyway, I have a dual core system that I can do some testing on. If you or someone else can get me a list of simple instructions/steps that reproduce a slowness issue like you've described, then I should be able to investigate it and hopefully find a solution.
  15. High Res Icons

    This ain't such a bad idea, but I'll be very particular about the icons I will try to organize something, maybe a github repo, but it may be a bit before I have time even for that.