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  1. High Res Icons

    Also, just wanted to say these look great and I'm pretty excited about them. Zagna, would you be willing to license them for use in the actual Paint.NET app? I think a good "next step" for this would be for me to create a little script of some kind that packages these SVGs into PNGs that the main app can load. Then you could see how it looks in the app itself without any guessing games. And then I'll need to do some coding work so that these can be loaded at high-DPI as well. I would not be packaging these as SVGs -- they would be "compiled" down to PNGs at various resolutions. SVG (rather, vector art in general) is too CPU intensive to use directly
  2. High Res Icons

    The icon for Dents was just whatever looked the "most" appropriate from the icons I had to choose from. Don't feel like you need to replicate the existing icon
  3. High Res Icons

    Yeah those are actually pretty great!
  4. Have you thought about just uninstalling Webroot? Unless someone proves it to me otherwise, I have to assume it's a bunch of snakeoil security theater.
  5. Suggested Changes (eraser)

    Turn off antialiasing in the toolbar Different shapes (and major brush system upgrades in general) are coming in a future update. It's on the short list of stuff I've got queued up.
  6. Send me a message and we can probably figure something out.
  7. Unresponsive brush width selection

    Oh interesting. I've filed a bug. Thanks for reporting this! I also noticed that if you type 16 and then click the dropdown arrow that the value changes to 1600. Something's not right with the event handling here. Until I can fix this ... umm, don't do that
  8. And make sure you're using a 64-bit edition of Windows. Running a 32-bit OS these days gets you really cramped for memory.
  9. Glad to hear it's been sorted out Looks like paint.net also doesn't work well if you turn on Windows Defender's "Controlled folder access" feature. So watch out for that as well!
  10. Crash after Windows Update

    You're on the Creators Update (OS version 1703). Try installing the new Fall Creators Update (OS version 1709). I'm curious if they fixed it there.
  11. Repairing broken files

    I gotta ask ... why on Earth would you do this? Especially without making a backup? And what does "PDN area" even mean? The whole file is a PDN ...
  12. BMP's support for transparency is unofficial. The problem with BMP is that you can have an alpha channel but you can't specify what format the alpha channel is in. Is it ignored, straight alpha, or premultiplied alpha? There's a huge difference between the three, and it's why I've decided against adding support for it in Paint.NET. If you want alpha, you don't use BMP -- you use PNG.
  13. Thanks for the crash log -- that'll help me to at least detect this and notify the user about which program is causing this. You'll need to report this to the Dolphin SuperNova folks so that they can fix it on their side. This is not a bug in Paint.NET, nor is it fixable on my side. They're injecting themselves into the Paint.NET process (and probably all other programs) and doing stuff.
  14. It's in the title bar at the top left