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  1. No; however, you can use Edit -> Copy Selection and Edit -> Paste Selection -> Replace to make this much easier than it used to be. You can even paste the selection into Notepad if you need to hold on to it (it's just numbers).
  2. Rick Brewster

    Paint.net Crashes on start up

    We need the crash log itself, not a screenshot of the crash. Otherwise we're all just guessing and flying blind. Please click the "Copy to Clipboard" button and then paste that into this thread.
  3. Those registry settings look correct to me. Are you using portable mode by any chance? If so, settings will be placed into a JSON file next to the PaintDotNet.exe, and will not be in the registry
  4. It's not even an unsolved Windows bug -- it's an unsolveable Windows design flaw. The clipboard can take data in many formats, including bitmaps, sometimes called DIBs (Device Independent Bitmap). One of the properties for a bitmap is the pixel format, e.g. 8-bit indexed, 24-bit RGB, or of course 32-bit RGBA. The flaw is that the DIB format does not include any way to specify the format of the alpha channel: is it premultiplied, or straight? Some apps put content on there as premultiplied, others as straight, and apps like Paint.NET kinda just have to guess or infer. If there's also a PNG on the clipboard then it's unambiguous and things work fine, but DIBs are just flawed and will never work 100% of the time. As @null54 pointed out, Firefox needs to put a PNG on the clipboard, or a link to a file containing a PNG. Also, as a corollary, DIB is the same binary format used by BMP files. This is why Paint.NET does not support 32-bit BMPs with alpha: because there's no information to tell it how to interpret the alpha channel.
  5. Rick Brewster

    (null) error

    Windows 8.1 does not have the Store The error does look like a missing/corrupt .NET Framework kind of thing, so I'd start by installing/repairing that. Getting all of the Windows Updates installed may be right remedy, in fact
  6. Nothing I said would change how the program behaves for you as the user. It would all be ... *wait for it* ... transparent.
  7. There is a way, and I even know what to do and (mostly) how to do. It just hasn't been implemented yet, and it'll be a rather large project. Parts of this have already been completed with each major update to Paint.NET. For example, the version 4.0 release finished what was necessary for the "back end" of the rendering engine (4.0 was a 5 year project). Now the "front end" needs to be updated, which is where the layers are stored. Each layer is currently stored as 1 monolithic bitmap allocation, and the final work will be the break this into tiles. So for each (e.g.) 128x128 pixel region, if it's empty (or just homogenous -- same thing) then only a few bytes of memory will be needed. Storage isn't even the difficult part. It's making sure all of the other parts of the various rendering systems are able to deal with this. There's already quite a lot of work queued up for 2019, so don't expect this soon. However, as you can see in my blog post, development velocity is greatly accelerated now.
  8. Also, you can't bundle Paint.NET with your software. If the user already has it installed, great, go ahead and link up to it -- but you cannot bundle. But yeah you'll only be able to save to a temporary file on disk and have Paint.NET open that. There's no IPC or other mechanism for getting an image into Paint.NET.
  9. Not a bad idea. It wouldn't be hard to implement, although the exact UI gesture would need some work because Ctrl+Click at any time is a bit too overreaching. Discoverability would be an issue, but that's always going to be hard.
  10. What about adding more memory to your laptop? 16GB will probably help a lot
  11. Then Firefox must've changed how they do this. I'd report the bug to them.
  12. Rick Brewster

    Dark Theme

    If you don't have the Dark theme then you're using a very old version. Install the latest version, problem solved.
  13. Rick Brewster

    Text is too small on some images

    You can also adjust the dpi (aka resolution) from Image -> Resize. A higher value will result in larger text (in terms of pixels).
  14. Edit -> Erase Selection, whose keyboard shortcut key is .......... Delete. Please make sure to explore the menus before claiming functionality is missing. You'll find all sorts of great stuff!
  15. Thanks for the info Maybe it'll be helpful, we'll see I also see this behavior when using a mouse on a desktop PC, so the problem may be beyond what you describe. Or it may be in conjunction with it. We'll see ... hopefully there's a reasonable fix.