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  1. Rick Brewster

    Most Basic Question

    File -> Open
  2. Rick Brewster

    Cannot Start Paint.net after Install

    I can guarantee you that MSVCR120_CLR0400.dll is part of the .NET Framework. "CLR" is Common Language Runtime, which is a foundational part of the .NET Framework. Repair your .NET Framework and you should be good. No need to download and swap around the DLL yourself -- that's actually very dangerous.
  3. tl;dr yes A lot of people actually asked for it to be added to the Store. So finally I found the time and did it.
  4. I wasn't "going all defensive" ... I was responding. Normally. Not all responses are defensive or offensive. This isn't football. Like I said, your opinion. Mine's different. Your feedback was received and listened to. That doesn't mean it was agreed to and accepted. I gave you a solution to get what you want, so now you can stop being so pushy, and I'm closing this thread.
  5. @null54, that won't affect Edit -> Paste Selection
  6. If you want fast access to this, you can use the keyboard chord: Alt+E, N, A That should speed things up quite a bit for you.
  7. Otherwise it'd look like this, completely flushed to the left, which I felt just looked bad: You can also resize it to the wide tile, which I rather like: You can also use the small or large tiles: Also, it's not true that it's not like "every single other app in [your] Start menu". Netflix, for instance ... There are going to be differences of style and opinion on this type of thing. I like the styling this way and I haven't had complaints other than yours. You can, however, make a shortcut that uses paintdotnet: as its location (yes, with the colon), which will launch the Store version of Paint.NET. (Just be aware that due to a bug in 4.1.1 it will launch and then give an error that you can just dismiss -- it's fixed in the next update, coming shortly!) You can then copy that shortcut "LNK" file to C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs, and then open the start menu and pin that. Give the shortcut whatever name you want.
  8. You don't need to hold shift when using the magic wand. When you hold shift, it does a "global" selection, which ignores the boundaries between objects/colors. You probably just want to do a regular click. This is also configurable within the toolbar.
  9. Rick Brewster

    picture configuration

    Ha, that's a new one I've filed a bug, thanks! It may or may not be possible to fix, however, if Windows is auto-handling this.
  10. Rick Brewster

    Crazy Lag With New Paint.net Update

    Would you be able to send me a performance trace?
  11. Rick Brewster

    Feature requests

    It's not a half bad idea; I'd probably call it "Paste into Selection" or something (rough draft...). You can still do this though it just takes a few extra steps.
  12. Rick Brewster

    Feature requests

    This. It just isn't a high enough priority right now compared to literally everything else on the list that's above it. You (MXI) are currently the only one requesting (well, demanding really) this functionality. That isn't enough yet. Nothing personal, no offense intended, that's just reality. It's not like I'm sitting idly and smirking at everyone requesting stuff ... if you saw the github commits you'd realize how much code is being added and refined, how many fixes are going in, etc. But unless you have a cloning machine and can make 10 copies of me, it's gonna be awhile.
  13. Rick Brewster

    Paint.net no longer loads

    Paint.NET verifies the versions for its DLLs at startup. So, this would be caught. The exception in the screenshot above is from the Setup Wizard, so things haven't even installed yet ?
  14. Rick Brewster

    Paint.net no longer loads

    You should make sure you're caught up on all Windows Updates. The 0x8007045A error code is DLL_INIT_FAILED, so it looks like UIAnimation.dll isn't able to load. I'd also run sfc /scannow at an elevated command prompt, because a system file (e.g. UIAnimation.dll or one of its dependencies) may be corrupted.