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  1. This is a Windows bug that happens with 2nd generation Intel Core processors and NVIDIA Optimus-based GPUs. Fix:
  2. This thread is approaching 4 years old ... this topic has been explained and beaten to death enough already.
  3. This thread is really old and I've already replied to the other copy of your post -- no need to duplicate things like that
  4. Your antivirus is a broken piece of trash. I recommend getting rid of it and using Windows Defender instead. This isn't personal, it's just standard advice these days for Windows users.
  5. "In the next update..." hahahaha no, what you're asking for is an enormous project. You want something completely different than Paint.NET on mobile anyway.
  6. Just post a link to your GitHub project. Projects shouldn't be distributed by dangling forum posts. But, the thing is, if you're hacking into PDN's DLLs and such, that's not going to be okay. Those DLLs are not licensed for redistribution, for one thing.
  7. This just didn't make it in time for the 4.2.5 update, and there were other bugs with concrete fixes that needed to get out the door asap, so I couldn't delay it. Probably with the next 4.2.6 update but I don't have an ETA on that yet. There are some other important things I'm doing for this release.
  8. You might have some software installed that modifies how your keyboard works. Paint.NET hasn't changed in this area.
  9. What version did you update from? There was a bug fix for this recently if you were using centimeters. When you go to Image -> Resize, what's the Resolution? If it's a small value, text will be smalle when using "Points" for the font size metric. By default, the Text tool uses the image's DPI (aka Resolution) for mapping font sizes to pixel size ("font size metric"). You can switch this from "Points" to "Fixed (96 DPI)" if necessary.
  10. Not going to happen. Pressing Enter is a fast way to "click" the OK button
  11. Well then why would you need to save them? πŸ€” Can you elaborate?
  12. This is a pretty straightforward update, adding WebP (*.webp) support and fixing a few important bugs (like copy-paste from Firefox). If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next 24 hours. You can also force an update check by following these instructions. For the Classic release, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so. You can get the update sooner by going to βš™ Settings β†’ Updates β†’ Check Now. You can also download and install it directly from the website. Changes since 4.2.4: New: WebP images are now supported due to bundling @null54's excellent WebPFileType plugin (v1.3.0.0) Fixed: Pasting images from Firefox's "Take a Screenshot" feature was resulting in swapped red and blue channels due to mishandling of DIB_V5 clipboard data using the BI_RGB value for bV5Compression (thanks @null54 for the fix!) Fixed crash at startup (for both app and installer) on Windows "N" editions due to missing mfplat.dll (Media Foundation Platform) Updated bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to v1.9.7.0 Enjoy!