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  1. Thanks Maximilian and Eli! I've got a cold at the moment and my gas central heating has broken down too!... so the little dragons were inspired by the thought of a real log fire and imagining the tiny sparks and embers as creatures. The triple spiral is a nod to the neolithic carving at the Newgrave tomb where the Sun hits the back wall at winter solstice. Modern art ;-)
  2. I would imagine the GDI+ doesn't like trying to draw a line or an arc of zero length? I've had similar problems before (eg.Cobweb). Try enclosing the g.DrawLine and g.DrawArc in an 'if' statement, so it doesn't try to draw something below a minimum size?
  3. Yes - please do vote and prove democracy is not quite dead ... or do I send my crown straight to Donald! As BoltBait is taking the time to run this show the least we can do is complete some (or most) of the categories and return the template.
  4. 1. Change the red lines to transparent. There are many ways to do this, the magic wand in global mode will do it but I used a plugin (Recolour choice), there are many other good colour removing plugins. Make sure you get all the red. 1.a If you can't get rid of the red edges, try the AAassistant plugin (once you have transparent 'holes' for it to work on).dpys pack with AAassistant 2. Use MJW's .Edge Expander Not perfect but relatively quick.
  5. 2016? I believe ShapeMaker (previously DHShapemaker) qualifies as a major update by Toe_Head and the Horde. Also, my own Object Bevel (previously Bevel Object) was rewritten in 2016. Downloading the template now - thanks BoltBait
  6. Hope you're enjoying Christmas in that well decorated log cabin.
  7. Reminds me of old B/W cowboy films - must have been a lot of work, looks great, well done! Glad Vanishing Point helped.
  8. Merry Christmas D.S. - no snow here yet, unseasonably mild. Merry Christmas all.
  9. No problem - good to have consistency. The example screen shot explaining the U.I. is very clever, self referencing... a plugin with the purpose of explaining itself.
  10. Well deserved Galleria promotion, Eli.
  11. Downloading - thanks NomBot - the examples look great!
  12. Good work toe_head and fellow Dwarves! Many thanks for testing Lynxster4
  13. Pyrochild's idea I believe (right click on the background in Liquify). It also makes more sense in Pdn4 because we now have 'copy merged'.
  14. Well done Max! Congratulations to MJW, Nitenurse and Pixey too. Thanks Drew!
  15. This is excellent as it is - thank you for sharing! An option to show the clipboard image as background instead of the checkerboard would be very useful.
  16. Aardvark has a higher (super) sampling rate. Used repeatedly as per E.E.R.'s suggested method. I've had thoughts about a plugin like this for a very long time but have not done anything. The more I think about it the more complex it seems as the sampling should increase towards the vanishing point, options for 2 or ideally 3 point perspective?, trailing outwards option? etc... If no-one has written it in a few months, I'll take a shot at it.