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  1. @VagabondiOnce again those planets with rings are my favorite. That last entry is amazing! I love the blue color and how you incorporated the same blue from the rings onto the planet's surface.
  2. @BoltBait I really like the last entries where you have it in both transparent and black background. That grey surface is very unique.
  3. @Pixey, each time I look at this it reminds me of cream cheese and blueberries.
  4. Oooh, I am loving Honey Gold and of course Space Sheep. I ran out of entries too, good idea using the gallery to make more! I am a newbie so I have no gallery but I do get into a zone and keep getting ideas for contest entries even after I ran out of allowed entries. The one time I had left over entries was the paint.net contest and I had not read properly that it was more than 3 entries, DOH! I have to keep on practicing how to make planet rings as my rings don't turn out as cool as yours and @Drydareelin.
  5. That would be great @Drydareelin. Been having fun learning new techniques by following the tutorials on here.
  6. WOW @Drydareelin that planet with the rings is amazing. Fantastic artistry! My rings now look like dust bunnies compared to your Bugs Bunny lol.
  7. Thanks @Vagabondi! Good luck to you and all who are taking part in the competition. These are fun
  8. Thanks 😁. I have been learning a lot from the tutorials on here. I followed a tutorial on Gas Giants that is a pdf on here. I hope I posted the link to the tutorial correctly.
  9. Thanks @Pixey. Will have to try that.
  10. @Pixey Those owls are so cute I could hug them! I really like how you make such soft fur on your images. Been trying to follow tutorials but my fur never turns out right.
  11. @Vagabondi I really like your craters on your moon entry. Have been trying to do this but no luck yet. Any pointers? Thanks.
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