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  1. Plugins I have not tried before: Effects/Render/TRs StrangeAtrractor by @TechnoRobbo Effects/Blurs/Gradient Blocks by @pyrochild Plugins used that nonetheless deserve recognition: Adjustments/Gradient Mapping by @pyrochild Effects/Color/Metallize by @dpy Effects/Render/Spiral by @MadJik
  2. @Pixey, that is what I understood it to be. I looked at the file to edit it but I did not have to edit it since I have my 8bf files in the directory that was already there (C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects). I still ran it anyway just in case.
  3. @Pixey I installed the Genesis VFX plugin and tried running it but it also gave me an error. I then looked at my PSFilterPdn.dll and it was dated 2016. I downloaded the new version and now Genesis works great. Not sure if this can be of help to you.
  4. Very pretty @Pixey. The pearl really does pull the image together well.
  5. Congrats to all! As soon as I saw @MJW's entry I knew he would get first place. The texture of the egg is so realistic, I was astounded 😲. @MJW turned in that entry, dropped the mic and walked away lol. Great job.
  6. That is absolutely gorgeous @lynxster4! Never tried that plugin either. Your design has somewhat of a Fortress of Solitude vibe to it.
  7. Plugin I have not tried before: Effects/Render/StickMan by @Ego Eram Reputo Plugins used that nonetheless deserve recognition: Effects/Render/Shape3D by @MKT Effects/Object/AA’s_Assistant by @dpy ImAGif.FileType by @midora
  8. Plugins I have not tried before: Effects/Render/TR’s FireWorks by @TechnoRobbo Effects/Blurs/Bidirectional Blur by @Tanel Other plugins used that nonetheless deserve recognition: Effects/Object/Outline Object by @pyrochild Effects/Render/Frames by @MadJik Effects/Render/CellMaker by @Ego Eram Reputo Effects/Object/Object Bevel by @Red ochre
  9. Yes, thank you @barbieq25 for clarifying it. I was going "yikes" if it had to be all new lol. And shame on you @lynxster4 for sleeping! Next time use toothpicks like in the cartoons to stay awake 🤣,
  10. @lynxster4, @barbieq25 Can we use previously used plugins in addition to the new one we are trying or is the sig supposed to be entirely only new plugins?
  11. Well done to everyone 🎵🎵!
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