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Found 9 results

  1. This effect is a result of a writing by me 'Scratch Art Style in Paint.NET' tutorial. You can find it: Effects -> Artistic -> Scratch Art (Previously downloads: 1350) This effect simulates the Scratch Art style. The result of the effect's work: Before: After:
  2. This is a plugin which helps you to create symmetric mandalas and mirrored pictures. It takes the upper right triangle(as shown in the first picture) as an input and mirrors it to the other ones. It only works for square images (image width = image height) currently! Download newest version here: Mandala To install just extract the zip and run the installer. It will be installed under effects in the subfolder Artistic. Example for 4 Mirror Option Results If you enjoyed this plugin and would like to support me, click this button:´╗┐ Thank you! Older Versions: Mandala (Version 1.0)
  3. This plugin can be used to add a texture effect to a photo. Download Examples: It can also be used to add a watermark to a picture: Original Download links: (same file in a zip) Place the file in the Paint.NET\Effects folder. Note that the plugin was tested with Paint.NET version 3.5.1. You can access the feature from the Effects | Artistic menu. Tips: It is quite easy to find usable textures via Google's image search. You can even copy-paste pictures directly from your browser to the plugin: Just right-click on the wanted texture and select Copy. Sometimes you may want to convert the texture to grayscale before using it. If the texture is not tilable (the left edge fits the right edge and the top fits the button) you should select set Fill method to Mirror. You can use a negative Amplitude to invert the 3D effect, i.e. make the texture go "in" or "out".
  4. Hi All, Here's my Mosaic effect. (A full list of my effects is here.) Mosaic - Version - 27 February 2017 ┬ęCopyright Tim Mathias 2017. All rights reserved. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Menu: Effects -> Artistic -> Mosaic... Before After The Mosaic effect converts a drawing into a mosaic pattern and uses the Secondary colour as the adhesive or grout between the tesserae. Tessera Width: 2px to 100px Tessera Height: 2px to 100px Tessera Colour: Centre spot sample or average. Tessera Shape Irregularity: 0% (square) to 50% of tessera side length. Adhesive Thickness: 0px to 50px. Antialias: On or off. Possible enhancements I might add in future: Mathematical formulae to generate the mosaic pattern; at the moment it just uses a random irregularity based on a square shape. Fully transparent Secondary colour so that the underlying image shows through the gaps between tessarae. Tip: Try using a dark semi-transparent Secondary colour for the adhesive. Version - 27 February 2017: Recompiled for .NET 4.6.1. Version - 14 May 2009: Added a lock statement to prevent multiple simultaneous renders. Version - 30 March 2009 (813 downloads): Original.
  5. Name: ArtyThing Description: Uses the 'tone gradient' (edges) of an image to render paths imitating various artistic media. Keywords: artistic, watercolour, oilpaint, pastels, pencils, crayon, sketch, outlines, craquelure, drawing, textures Menu: Effects/Artistic Original release date: 3rd February 2016 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) .dll name: ArtyThing Compatibility: tested on Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn 4.0.9 Artything is now in my new v10 pack here: Red ochre plugin pack v10 I wouldn't advise using it on images larger than 1000 pixels square and do be careful when increasing the repetitions, length and stride controls. I do advise saving all work before running it as some combinations of image and settings can cause it to take a very long time. However it is reasonably quick when used correctly. There are many examples below that will hopefully give you some ideas on how to use it. The more complex results (without the settings shown) are where I have run it on multiple copies of the original image in layers. Tip: Using the surface blur or Gaussian blur beforehand often gives good results. Please post your results in this thread... I haven't fully explored what it can do yet, so would love to see what you can come up with!
  6. MODERATORS NOTE: this plugin may not be fully compatible with v4 I'd like to introduce a new plug-in I call "Mosaic Maniac Collage Paint" This is an early release and I still know of a couple of bugs, but do let me know if you find some. I'm interested in your comments and suggestions. Peter Lukaszuk (Original text found at Did you ever want to paint using more than a single color or image? Now you can paint with whole collections of images. The plug-in creates a unique non repeatable pattern that closely tries to match the background. Image distribution is based on latest pattern recognition and image matching techniques. Shapes, colors, brightness, as well as many other factors determine where the image is placed. This is an example of pattern collage. The main image of a Jukebox is painted over with collection of music album covers. Notice how the dark images cover the dark areas, yellow cover yellow etc. Tutorial: Step 1: Select an image we will paint on. Using Magic Wand, select an area to paint on. Step 2: From Effects menus select "Artistic" and "Collage Paint" Step 3: You will see a "Mosaic Maniac Collage Paint Options" dialog. Browse for the folder containing your images. All images in the folder will be used. If you want to use only certain images you'll have to create folders and copy only the images you want to use. All images are sized down and only their thumbnails used in pattern painting. "Maximum image size in pixels" textbox specifies that size. Leave the "Rotate images" checkbox checked. All images used will be rotated randomly. Uncheck this field if you are painting a photomosaic. Step 4: Adjust Hue and Transparency for the desired result. Hue Adjustment requires reprocessing and takes some time. Step 5: Voila! Put some leaves on the road and we really managed to mess this nice picture up. Images used in the example can be downloaded from: Installation: PDN 3.5 Alpha should work now! To install Mosaic Maniac Collage Paint plugin for Paint.NET download the MosaicManiac.dll and copy it to C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects directory. Get the latest one right here. Version 1.0.0906.08
  7. I know mosaic effects have been done before, but hopefully this one is different enough that someone will find it useful. Uses path brush settings. (Found under Artistic) User Interface: Control size: Sliders determine average size of tiles in pixels. Otherwise they determine how many tiles across and down. Tesserae across & Tesserae down: will also affect image due to changes in sampling. lock: when selected, the above sliders will be locked together. Tile irregularity: variation from square tiles to more irregular. Cement Thickness: pixel width between tiles. Cement Color: color between tiles. Reseed: generates new random tile shapes Blend Factors/Positions: These affect the path brush, Something to experiment with. AntiAlias: Does what it says, hopefully Here's an example of a more abstract effect with different brush settings:
  8. I was looking for a plugin to create a box-fitting image and didn't see any, so I decided to try writing my own. And here it is. Would appreciate any suggestions on how it could be improved etc.. Controls: Max Box Size: Really the max possible size, the boxes tend to be much smaller .. Some interesting effects if size is very low. Reseed: Not that mysterious, just press to randomize the boxes until you get the effect you want. Stroke Color: The color outside the boxes. (Found under Artistic menu) New version! V1.1
  9. Download from my plugin set Effects -> Artistic -> Splatter =========================USE==================== Just click and drag the mouse on the dialog. ================================================= Previously known as Pineapple. Make splatters. Byaah! You can adjust some of the settings to make some pretty weird looking stuff. You can also enable/disable antialiasing. Just click the Options button. Examples? Examples! Download from my plugin set