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:wink: I entered, not exactly what I'd been working on, but the glass slipper was eluding my efforts to render properly.

large size is in under LAOTW contest. here is a wee thumb size.


here is another I worked on this weekend. I love how its turned out. larger version is in the abstract art section.

"Where do Fairies live?"


and not content to leave that Fairies on alone I just played and came up with this one


larger version on my DA. you can find link to my DA below my sig

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I'm having a lovely day. Peaceful and calm. Went for a walk this morning just to hear the songs of the birds.

"Hedge Row in the Morning"


This is closer to what I was originally after, the colors are more true to the time of my morning walk. The sense of walking from dark to light is a better indication of my overall mood at the time. I still think I'm off a bit, but have come a bit closer to capturing the feeling of hope, faith and wishfulness of that moment. I'm pleased with it at this stage, and think any more rework will be overwork.


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attempting the glass slipper

30Th or so attempt.... 1st posted in hospital


needed more shading and a postive light source. I added back side of the foot portion of the shoe to make it more 3d looking and some subtle shading in foot portion. tried to feather the back portion of shoe but it disappeared when I did so. :?:

Cinderella sure has a skinny long foot. :roll:


still not 100% pleased but at least I finally learned to do an alpha mask.

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Thanks Jannetsue and ASH. The Danger one was an exercise in textures.

and Crimson thanks for the message on my polar inversion pictures. It has been my favourite effect from the very start of using this program.

I've not posted much lately....been super busy. But I have been working away a little bit at a time in the background on this item it is a 'WORK IN PROGRESS" could use some suggestions.


added a few of the little fish from previous underwater scene I did awhile back. (Its in the galleria if you didn't see it.) now I'll work on some other type of small fish needs much more yet.

per Crimsons comment

I added the little fish very lightly in the background to suggest more cavernous depth and did a real color switch to make things jump and stand out.




:oops: just noticed some stray pixels in above around the tail will have to say I'm not 100% on this now :cry::cry: back to the work screen it goes. !!!!!!

edit again

well figured the star fish out and added the gold colored fish I'd had tucked away on the to be finished projects. :wink: the end result is below.

just added the star fish in this one and finally got the gold colored fish done correctly.

here is the latest


per @Topezia comment below

will try to work on retaining the blue of that large fish but when I do a color match since its on several layers its hard to keep separate. will work on it see if its possible.

it would take me about 50 or so cut and pastes to get the under and over portions of that fish back to blue so I'm not attempting that now.

but just because you like the blue so much Topezia I'll give you the picture before color match and photo adjustments :lol:


So I finished revamping this for those who like the blue fish but also the murky background.



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thanks Crimson I've done a bit more work and added to above post still much to go on this piece I think...but not sure what . I am now more pleased with the color and the cloudyness of the water, and the wee fish from my previous underwater picture tell me it still needs more. so off to put on my thinking cap.

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