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@007 Nab thanks I'm very pleased with my progress on this one. Like all of my art it still could be improved. I will have to work on matching my skill level to my expectations of myself in next picture. But it is nice to get back into really working on something challenging again. I do beleive I can actually see my improvement within this picture from past pictures..

thanks for looking and leaving a comment.


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The camel is excellent. The textures must have taken you ages :roll:

If you mean the plaster textures.... not too long I added a brief explination in near the bottom of my post on previous page the actual walls are clouds two layers and releif and I think it was color burn or overlay low transparency. depends on the colors.

Just standing in awe in front of your pics, oma. *speechless*


Thanks Kat glad you found these pics to your taste. makes my work worth while.


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What I love most, besides the camel that is excellent, are the textures you gave to the walls and house, the palms, and the shadows that really look like shadows! The color is great, it gives the house and walls that look of "eaten by the sun" which at those latitudes houses do really have! Awesome!

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something new

A lovely Jungle bird

here are the work in progress shots.




I had this version and thought I was finished , but something didn't seem correct.


so I stepped away for a couple of hours and realized that beak still wasn't cutting it. and the face wasn't expressive enough.

close up of face before and after !


so I think I'm done any more changes ?

after reviewing topezia's remarks about white in the eye, I had a look at quite a few bird pictures.

correction was done using pixel painting as this portion was already flattened on my PDN. had to wiggle with the feathers around the eye portion as well .... but definietly agree it is much much better ....Good eye Topezia! :lol:


so now here is final version ..... I hope!


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Just an other masterpiece from Oma! I keep repeating you should start to work for book illustrations!

One thing only: The eyes i.m.o. looked more "realistic" without the white of the eye, as per your first image (cause I think the white lowers the depth/roundness of the orbits, and I also think cause birds do not have the white of the eye, anyway that is just my opinion)

That tortoise color you gave to the beak also is beautiful just like the whole image!

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@starrueyed thankyou for the nice words about my art work. My favourite pieces of mine are also my abstract forms and shapes. This one you mentioned "Inner Peace" was one I did when I was quite ill. It was a calming to my soul picture. I've a few others of this nature on the go at the present and they will eventually find their way into this gallery. glad you enjoyed that one.

@heythere..... love that name.... Thanks for looking thru my gallery and leaving a comment.

@topezia....well what can I say. your remarks are always spot on. You force me to be a better artist all the time. Love the constructive critique...keep it coming....if I can fix the picture you comment on I will, if its impossible because I've flattened the PDN or deleted it, well I make note for next picture.

you will see I tried to fix those eyes in the jungle bird. (above) hope I did well!

ciao everyone off to work on another picture........

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And now when Oma sees one of my posts runs to takeoggetti-mazza.gif:lol:

Though my little remark was more pointed on the aesthetic side rather than the realistic aspect (artists can modify reality as much as they like I think) cause the eyes of the bird in the first image you posted were more popping out, standing out or shiny if you know what I mean, They look much better now and I am sorry if I gave some more work to do!

b.t.w. isn't there an other way to make that correction besides pixel painting? (I do not know, I am thinking may be to two layers, one with the original bird, the other with the final version, cutting out the eyes on an other layer with selection tool lowering transparency of final image and then adjusting the jaggyes with clone stamp? Or am I just mumbling nonsense?) but, before you run to take the oggetti-mazza.gif I bid you the good night :lol: (well it is night here)


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ha ha ha funny yes it would be easier the way you mentioned but I slipped in a white layer under the original and flattened by mistake. yes I do make those... often. so the fix from old picture to new meant bigger eyes..... more area to cover not a lot of work at all just cover up with more feathers and tell you all it needed a more fierce expression LOL!


sending you angel kisses from OMA now this is no mean old club hammer.


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@Thanks Welshblue

:lol::lol::lol: quote from Crimson in the abstract forum.

Wow, Oma! That looks AWESOME. :shock: Sorry to say, but personally I believe that it looks likes it's laced with poison, what with all the spikes and sharp edges. :lol:

so I'm working right this min. on a variation of this one called

" Girl " ... "Your Kiss is like poison"


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for Crimson and anyone else that wants to make this flower

once again if you have any questions let me know .... I know I'm not much of a tut writer.

open new file and add a transparent layer now get rid of your white layer (I left it here so you can see what I'm doing.) you should be working on a checkered background. If you are not then you need to review how to get rid of the white background hint...make sure your white background layer is the one shaded blue in your layers window and hit the little x along the bottom of the layers window.


so you have transparent layer. you are ready to work.

using oval tool draw a filled shape in medium purple color

click anywhere outside of this purple oval and control I

add another transparent layer and use a darker shade of purple and a white paint brush something like this.


leaving selection active (marching ants) gassiaun blur at 55 merge it down over top of the medium purple layer. its now 2d made 3d looking.


make 3 layers the same way changing the angles on each. (medium purple oval add layer do shading and merge)


I like to put in a drop shadow on each of these three sets , when I do a drop shadow I usually make another copy of the layer and apply the drop shadow plugin with the save image box unchecked. this gives a black image then I adjust the transparency down using BoltBaits transparency plug in (in his pkg) then I merge the drop shadow and the picture together. This way gives me a bit more control over the way the shadow looks.

now merge the three sets of three ovals and their drop shadows together


use the move tool click anywhere on the picture. take the bottom nub and just pull it straight upwards squishing that bunch of grape shapes into long flower shape


duplicate the layer and under layer> use flip layer then just use your move tool and rotate each of these two bunches into a semi sideways v shape leave a bit of room in the middle. for darker shaded layers latter.

you need to make two duplicates of this layer now. (3 in total)


so now we are ready for a stem add another transparent layer

use the line tool around 15 pixels wide or so use the plug in bevel under selection (this one is also in Bolt Baits plugin pkg.)

clik and drag the layers to the size you want. position your 3 flowers along stem

making them smaller and smaller along the stem.


I found that it looked a bit skimpy so I just duplicated the flowers again and made them darker using contrast.


if you like how it looks go ahead and merge it all together. and add a drop shadow


it will be a flower on a transparent background just use save as and make it a .png.

hope you could follow that

PS if you go look at that bird I did again you will see this is much the same way I did the chest feathers. (loads more shading of course but same method)

PSS I'm looking at this flower now and thinking it wouldn't take much to turn it into wheat?

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<<< Stands back in amazement at 'Semi Realistic'

'Girl ... your kiss is like poison' reminds me so much of my ex - wife. ... Actually it doesn't because I like oma's version :D

glad you liked those.

I want to do something more with "Semi Realistic" it has much more potential than just being used as a sig background but I'm just not getting the inspiration on extending this one at the moment. I've slotted it for the now in my future use file.

ex -wife well let me think... I've got to have a vision of "kiss of the x" somewhere in my mind. That's something I'd like to work on. Requires a totally different attitude . Rips and spikes I'm thinking and the color of sadness at things gone wrong...now would that be done in shades of grey? and also green for serenity of things not being so disfunctional any longer. this will be one that is a hard one to get from my mind to the screen.

ciao thanks for looking


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